Where she lived it was just another Sunday. She could hear birds cry, the waves sing, and smell. Smell the scent of the ocean, of the sky, of the clouds, and the people around her. She walked past them, as usual, not wanting to be too close. It wouldn't do to be close to them. Not when they were likely to throw something at her. Well, not so much the adults as the children. Children could be so cruel after all.

Though she would find out later that adults could be crueler still, never saying what they truly feel, and always being evasive. She sighed to that. Then looked around. No one. Not a single person was around. She wondered why. They should be here. Someone should be here. It was her birthday. Didn't anyone want to celebrate her birthday? She was older. Well, older than she was last year.

She was a good person, she never hurt anyone, and always studied. She had just passed something, or at least she thought she had passed something. So why wasn't anyone celebrating with her? A day ago she had visited the Ohara library and they had celebrated her birthday, but it wasn't the same as having a celebration with the rest of her family. She wondered for a second if there was something wrong with her. What made her so hated, so despised, and isolated from the rest of her family?

Well, that wasn't so much a mystery to be honest. She wasn't their child. She was the child of a cousin, the child of an aunt, and the child of a sister. This was her adopted family, and even if they didn't truly despise her, they didn't particularly like her. Sure, her uncle wasn't so bad, but her aunt wanted her dead. Well, as near dead without her actually being a corpse. Which was a step from being what she would be if she was fed any less. She sighed at that, and grumbled. Even if she was hungry she wasn't going to complain.

She pushed her books away, and looked at the sky. For a second it happened. She could see it, and then she blinked and it was gone. The girl looked down at her hand. It was shaking. This was unusual. Reaction. That's what was happening. She was reacting to something, but what.. What could she be reacting to? As far as she knew devil fruit power did not react to anything. Or from what she read about them they shouldn't react to anything. Maybe she was just imagining.

Her hands shaking, trembling, and feeling something. Reaching out ever closer. This wasn't right. Imagination that's what was going on. She shook her head, and looked at her hand, then smiled. Good. This was normal. Nothing bad was happening. Nothing at all.

She stood up and dusted off her dress. It wasn't a particularly clean dress but it would do. Her aunt was generous enough to at least buy her more than one pair. Something she did not expect from the stingy old lady. Thoughts of her aunt made her slightly angry, but then she remembered that it was her birthday and those thoughts of anger was covered by thoughts of sadness. Why didn't they like her? It wasn't fair. She was a good person.

She sighed again and put the books away. Slowly she took steps towards the ocean. She stood on top of a cliff overlooking the sea and sniffed in the breeze. Smelled wonderful. Like the sky, only floating, in water, in the ground, above the ground, everywhere. So vast, giant, majestic. It was there, here, now, and she was...What was that? She looked. Something was out there. And she saw.

The girl stepped a little, a careful one, and took another one. Then another, and another, and another. Until she was at the edge of the cliff, and near a set of stairs. Looking down she saw something. Interesting, but also somewhat scary. She wondered if she should call someone, or could she see this person herself? No. She would have to be careful. Her professor had taught her to be careful. Clover would be angry if she did something rash.

But could she just leave this person behind? He or she might die if she, Nico Robin, did not do something. She made a decision and hoped she wouldn't regret it. Hitching up her dress she walked down the set of stairs and tried not to trip. She was only eight, eight year old girls did not have the best balance. If anything the chances of her falling was tremendously high and the last thing she wanted was to fall to the ground and die, not when she was trying to help someone.

That would be truly ironic, sad, and probably somewhat funny to the villagers behind her. Not that she would ever say this out load. Nico Robin was not the kind to voice out her feeling out load, it would only give the others more ammo to use against her, hurt her, and ultimately destroy her.

She reached him. It was a him. There was no her, or it. This was clearly male. Partly because it had the shape of a male, and mostly because he was naked and Robin could easily see him. She wondered if she should find something for him to wear, and sighed when she realized she had nothing. What could she give him? All she had were the clothes on her, and they weren't exactly the best set.

So then what? What could she do to help him. She knew. The reality was she couldn't do anything, and perhaps that was okay. If she could save his life that was fine. She stood there and took a look at his cuts. Deep, like some kind of wild animal had had his way with him. The thought put a frown on the girl's face. What kind of beast would do this to a man and let him live? Judging from the deep wounds it looked like some kind of giant tiger.

But tigers did not live around here, and by the giant cut on the middle of his back, there was no way it was a normal tiger. Perhaps a magical one? Devil fruit tiger? Magic tiger? Who knew. She certainly didn't. What to do. What to do. How did she help someone who was just mauled by a giant beast. She decided to just drag him to the shore. That was the first step. So she did, and it worked. Robin panted, but she had a smile on her face. She had helped someone and it felt good. When the person opened his eyes he would thank her and this would be worth it.

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