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It was unexpected. Yuuri's eyes widened as the portal appeared, but it was too late as his old classmates were sucked into the portal.

"Yuuri!" Conrad called, trying to reach Yuuri. The demon king did his best to fight the portal, but knew that his old friends' lives were at stake. It was with a resigned, but determined face that Yuuri let himself be sucked into the portal, smiling slightly as his protector for many years grabbed hold of him. Yozak did the same for Ken, and the portal sucked the four of them in, they being the last before the portal closed off.

Yuuri would have broken a bone or two if it weren't for Conrad, but that didn't stop him from banging his head on the ground and twisting his angle as he hit the ground. He knew as soon as it happened, and pulled in the moan of pain that was about to escape; if Conrad knew that he was injured, he wouldn't be able to walk for days without the Weller breathing down his neck.

As it were, Conrad only allowed Yuuri to sit up against a tree, allowing him to observe the group of graduates looked around in bewilderment as the pain in his head started to pulse.

"Where are we?" Hijiri asked, the question that seemed to sum up the feelings of everyone there.

"I'm not sure, but-" Yumisaka stopped in mid-sentence as the sound of hooves and footsteps reached the ears of the group, approaching them at a quick rate. The graduates all tensed, wondering if they were going to be found. It appeared to be the case, as the rustling of leaves showed a large amount of soldiers finding them in their clearing, all of them menacing in appearance as their armors shined sharply in the sunlight.

One figure stepped through the crowd of men, different from the others yet equally, if not more so, intimidating. With long black hair tied in a low ponytail, the man had on a green trench coat that seemed to help his piercing eyes glow. Yuuri knew who it was immediately, but the throbbing in his head started to grow more painful. Yuuri moaned internally; it would be his luck to have his head bounced off a boulder, wasn't it?

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" Gwendal von Voltaire asked, though it was in the tongue of the demons, and thus, not one of the graduates, save Yuuri, Conrad, Ken and Yozak could understand.

"Answer me!" Gwendal's voice boomed, making the group of graduates to flinch. Yuuri, on the other hand, couldn't suppress the quiet, but pained moan that escaped him as Gwendal's voice acted as a steel hammer to his brain. As soon as it escaped, Conrad was by his side, slightly tilting Yuuri's head to look the boy in the eyes.

"Yuuri, are you in pain?" Conrad asked softly, but not softly enough as Gwendal heard them.

"Stop whispering!" Gwendal boomed, and Yuuri flinched, letting out another, more pained, moaned.

"Cease your shrieking, Gwendal." A quiet, but dangerous voice cut through the air, making Gwendal snap his head towards the voice. The words came from Ken, the man's eyes a cold void as he stared at Gwendal.

"Eminence?" Gwendal questioned, looking at him in confusion and surprise.

"Murata, what's going on?" Hijiri asked, looking between the black-haired man and his old classmate. "How do you understand him? Can Shibuya speak it too?"

Gwendal froze as he heard the boy's question. He had learned Japanese so that he would be able to communicate with his King, should the need for privacy arrive.

"Eminence," Gwendal began, his voice softer, as it usually was, "is Heika here with you as well?"

Ken nodded to Gwendal's question, ignoring his former classmates as he looked in his best friend's direction, worry on his face. Everyone followed Ken's gaze, all the eyes landing on the still-seated Yuuri and the kneeling Conrad.

While Ken had been conversing with Gwendal, Yuuri was being questioned by Conrad, who was becoming increasingly worried for his charge.

"Are you in pain Yuuri?" Conrad asked gently, moving slightly so that the sun wouldn't get into his charge's eyes, causing him further pain.

"Mmm," Yuuri responded, knowing that lying would cause him further pain. He would have been able to deal with it if it had only been his ankle, but with his head throbbing at a constant pace, Yuuri knew he would not have made it far before collapsing.

"Where?" Conrad asked, and Yuuri pointed to his left ankle and his head. Conrad examined his left ankle first, gently lifting it, watching Yuuri's expression the entire time. As soon as Conrad had started to twist it, Yuuri hissed in pain, finding he had a serious sprain in his ankle.

Conrad, who already knew of his King's head wound, became even more worried as he found Yuuri's ankle to be seriously sprained.

"What do you need, Conrad?" A voice, one which Conrad identified as his older brother Gwendal's, questioned gently, kneeling down right next to him. Conrad heard the quiet intake of air next to him, knowing the Gwendal was becoming slightly distraught at causing his King to be in pain.

"We need to get Yuuri somewhere secure; he needs medical attention as well, his ankle being seriously twisted, and he banged it when we landed."

"Landed?" Gwendal questioned, his brow furrowing slightly.

"A portal opened at a reunion party that Yuuri was attending," Conrad explained, watching as Yuuri, who had closed his eyes to stem the pain, opened them again.

"Gwendal…?" Yuuri asked, his voice very quiet. The trio could hear Ken explaining the situation to the non-demon speakers, but the two older men stayed focused on the young (at least in their eyes) man.

"I apologize, Heika, if I caused you unnecessary pain," the regret was clear in Gwendal's voice, and Yuuri smiled a pained smile.

"What have I told you about calling me 'Heika', Gwendal?" Yuuri teased, but winced as the movements made his head throb again.

"Not to, Yuuri," Gwendal sighed; he believed that his King should be treated with the respect of a king, and that included titles, though Yuuri wouldn't have it. The black-haired demon king was particularly adamant about the Voltaire using his given name.

"Good," Yuuri replied, his eyes fluttering closed again.

"Yuuri, you can't fall asleep; it would be bad if you went into a coma," Conrad said gently.

"It hurts," Yuuri moaned quietly, the pain somehow seeping into his words.

"I know, Yuuri," this time it was Gwendal speaking, "but you need to stay awake until we can get you medical assistance." As he was speaking, Gwendal took off his green trench coat and placed it over Yuuri before gently lifting him, making sure his motions were slow and careful so he would not jostle his King. Yuuri's old classmates looked at Yuuri worriedly, but Ken brought their attention back to him.

"All of you need to go to a soldier on a horse," Ken explained to his old classmates, "They have orders to lead you back to the castle."

"Castle?" Many questioned. Ken only smiled, gesturing for them to make a move on. As the group went to the horses, Ken made his way towards his best friend, laying a comforting hand on Yuuri's shoulder.

"Don't worry Yuuri," Ken murmured quietly, placing a black handkerchief over Yuuri's eyes to block the sun better, "we'll get back to the castle soon. Hang in there."

Yuuri made a noise that was between a sigh and a moan, and Gwendal nodded to Ken.

"Do not worry, Eminence," Gwendal assured the Sage, "we will do our best to get him there as quickly as possible."

Ken gave the two men a warm, but slightly weary smile before finding a horse to situate himself on.

"I will go on ahead and warn Gisela," Conrad said before making his way to a horse that had been prepared for him. Gwendal nodded, and swung himself onto his horse swiftly, yet softly, so not to jostle the pained Demon King. The tactician placed Yuuri in front of him, the King's head placed on his shoulder so he could block the sunlight better.

Gwendal could hear the pounding of the hooves as Conrad sped out of the clearing, the group of non-speakers following him at a slower pace, most of them wobbly as they had never ridden a horse before.

Gwendal looked down at his king before clicking the reins for his horse to move. It was time for his King to come home.


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