Gentle Hearts

Author: I'm back! And I return with a second Swat Kat fic. I don't own Megakat City, Jake or Chance. I just wish I owned
those two amazingly hot toms. But I do own Selena, Riza, Jake's dad (mentioned) & Riza's dad. Hopefully this will be
Beta'd for me by Ulyferal who beta'd my other Swat Kat fic. Slash & nude toms. Riza is pronounced: Rez (z like in zipper)-uh

The rain beat down around the she-kat as she walked down the streets and she was never more grateful for her umbrella. It was just after dark in Megakat city but she carried no worries because her claws were sharp, instincts were keen and she was quick as a whip crack. It was those instincts that told her something was wrong before she heard the crash in the alley behind her. She spun towards the alley, dropping her umbrella, unsheathing her claws and hissed loudly. Her fur puffed out to where she looked almost twice her normal size and her tail stood straight up. A soft groan drifted from the alley which made her fur drop and claws sheath. The groan was a sound she knew all too well: one of a pained, frightened or upset kat. Slowly she picked up her umbrella and stepped into the alley.

Laying on the ground, curled up in a ball, was a she-kat. Her fur was dirty and she smelled of blood. "Poor thing, are you alright?" she whispered, kneeling down. The she-kat's eyes snapped open and she took a swipe at the other. "Easy." she said.

"What do you want?" the dirty kat asked.

"To help you." she said. The other she-kat rose to all fours which allowed her to see that she had a heavier built and several cuts on her. "Listen, I live nearby with my dad. If you'll let me I can take you there and you can get cleaned up." she told her. The heavier kat forced herself to her feet and stumbled. The smaller she-kat grabbed her and said, "That's you're coming home with me. Got a name?"

"Selena." she whispered.

"Dad I'm home." the she-kat called softly. An exotic looking tom stepped into the hall.

"Who is this?" he asked.

"Selena, I found her in an alley on the way home. She's hurt."

The tom shook his head and said, "You have a kind heart Riza and many would try to take advantage of that."

"You taught me to help people, how to tell when people mean me harm and you also taught me how to defend myself." she reminded him.

"Yes I did. But I still fear for your safety kitten." he whispered.

Riza smiled and said, "Help me get her upstairs so I can clean her up." Her father slid an arm gently around the unconscious she-kat's waist and helped his daughter take her to her room.

Jake glanced sleepily over at the clock that read roughly 9am and cocked an ear. The storm that had started the afternoon before was still raging.

"You okay?" a deep voice purred in his ear.

"Yeah." he muttered, rolling onto his back. His long time friend and mate, Chance, rubbed his cheek against his shoulder. Instinctively their tails intertwined and Jake rolled over to bury himself in Chance's chest.

"Sure you're alright?" his lover asked.

"I just didn't sleep well." Jake said.

"Are you still having nightmares? Chance muttered.

"Sometimes but not too often." he admitted.

Chance scratched one of his mate's ears and asked, "Wanna go watch some cartoons?" Jake laughed and got up.

"Need to shower first, I'm sticky." he said. Chance purred loudly as his mate left for the bathroom. Jake glanced back and called, "Come on, we won't both be able to watch Scaredy-Kat if one of us is in the shower." The bigger tom got up and followed him into the shower.

Jake hissed as Chance nipped his shoulder. "Can't leave me alone to can ya?" he teased.

"Yeah I can." his mate laughed. The russet tom smiled and crouched to turn on the water while Chance settled on the toilet seat. "Isn't today the day we go visit your dad?" the ginger tom asked.

"Yeah." Jake said.

Chance hesitated a few minutes before asking, "What's he like?"

"He's pretty decent, a little odd but he's really nice. Why?" the cinnamon tom asked his mate.

"I don't know I guess I'm just a little... worried." he admitted, rubbing the back of his neck. Jake turned to look at him before getting up.

"You're scared of meeting him." he said, making it more of a statement and less of a question. Chance nodded meekly. "He's not gonna turn you away or disown me because we're together. He was extremely happy for me when I told him I had finally found my mate, even if I had been living with him for the past several years." he whispered, running his paw through the ginger tom's hair.

"My parents would freak out if they found out." the big tom whispered.

"Come on let's get cleaned up." Jake told him, pulling his mate up and into the shower.

Chance tilted his head back into the hot water. "Stand still." Jake whispered in his ear and the ginger tom nodded. The cinnamon tom ran his claws gently through his mates fur to untangle any of it that might be clumped together. He envied the bigger tom for his thick heavy coat and often joked that he'd gladly trade his own thinner coat for it. "You've got oil or something in your fur." he muttered, picking at a patch of fur on his mate's arm.

"Probably from the Turbo Kat." Chance admitted. Jake shook his head and grabbed the shampoo. One thing both toms loved more than flying together was showering together because they were guaranteed a very thorough cleaning. Jake worked a rich lather into Chance's fur, making sure to get every inch of him from ears to paws. He ran his claws gently down his mate's chest before working his way to his hips. "I thought you said I was the one who couldn't leave you alone, not the other way around." the ginger tom laughed. Jake purred deep in his throat as he pressed against the bigger kat. "You're never sated." Chance teased. Jake laughed as he began to alternate scrubbing and running his claws through the fur on his mate's thighs to get rid of the sticky film there.

"Hang out under the water." the slender tom told him after several minutes.

Chance tilted his head back to let the water rinse the shampoo for his fur. Unsheathing his claws he ran them through the fur on his arm, checking for any oil that might be left there. "Clean?" Jake asked.

"Yeah, thanks love." he said. The smaller tom smiled and handed his lover another bottle of shampoo. The ginger kat poured some into his paws and began to work it into Jake's thinner coat. A small shudder ran through his heavy frame when his paw brushed one of the many scars on his slender mates body.

"Chance?" the smaller tom asked.

"Sorry I'm just not used to feeling all these scars on you." he muttered.

"You've got some scars too love." Jake reminded him.

"I know." Chance whispered.