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Bella is a independent woman, she has the life she wants, the friends. She loves her best friend, literally. He knows this but does nothing about it. Edward is a therapist/escort. Horrible summery.


Edward took his hand and slid it across my back, pulling me close to him. I could not hear the music anymore, my body was filled with his scent and the feel of his body so close to mine. He pushed and pulled swaying to the music, never looking away from my eyes, holding me there intently. It was as if the world has suddenly fallen away around us and it was just him and myself. His cocky smile spread across his face, he knew what he was doing to me. I could see in his eyes what he was trying to hide in his pants. He wants me and he knows that I want him. The only problem that I know with Edward is that he is stubborn and he knows that I will give in before he does. I leaned in farther for a kiss and he granted me my wish. No matter how many men I kissed, Mike, Tyler. None of them stood up to Edwards warm, soft wanting lips. Edwards lips spread open and I could feel the soft hum of a moan escape. He took my bottom lip into his mouth and bit down, I gasped in pleasure. I could feel his hands start to roam my body, I accepted him and let him do as he pleased. Edwards kiss became deeper, more urgent. I could feel at this point that all he wanted to do was take me and fuck me some where and there was nothing else I wanted in the world more than that in that moment. I was surprised that Edward could not feel how wet and hot he made me. If he did know he made no point in showing me that he knew. I grabbed Edward, willing my body to cover his, letting my cunt press hard against his erect penis he had been trying to keep from me. I withered and he moaned. Edward backed away and looked at me. His eyes hooded with lust screamed 'Fuck me' and I was willing to gladly oblige. I reached for him again. I wanted nothing then to feel that hard cock once more. Edward backed away from my grasp. He smiled at me than looked away,

"Uh, this was fun Bella but I have to go. I got plans. I'm sure you can call up one of your… friends."

He said friends as if it was acid on his tongue. I did not want any of my 'friends' I wanted him. Couldn't he see that? Apparently not because he walked away before I had a chance to reply. I did what any sensible girl did. I watched his ass sway back and forth as he walked until he vanished out of my sight. As soon as he did I grabbed the closest piece of meat to fill the gaping whole he left.

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