Hell To Pay


''The hardest part is letting go of your dreams

A drink for the horror that I'm in
For the good guys, and the bad guys
For the monsters that I've been
Three cheers for tyranny
Unapologetic apathy
Cause there ain't no way that I'm coming back again"

- My Chemical Romance, Sleep

Chapter Four.

Fuck. Apparently, the water in Hell is an amorphous swirl of silver and black. Good for adding an ominous aura to the place but not so convenient when one wants to find his reflection and see what the hell that god-damned demon did to his fucking eye.

That insane blond freak that had pounced on him before and spouted a heap of words about birds or some shit had been pretty intrigued once he'd seen something on Ciel's eye. At east the freak hadn't stuck around for long, but he could have at least given Ciel a hint of some sort. And know everyone who had looked at him had immediately averted their eyes or turned in the opposite direction.

Ciel sighed: what did it matter, really? He was stuck in Hell and he couldn't remember how he'd died or even his own age.

"You wont wipe out your existence if you jump in there, kid. Trust me, I've tried." A humorless voice sounded from behind him.

Ciel considered jumping in the river he was leaning over anyway, just so he didn't have to face the distinctly feminine voice that had spoken. He really did want to have to face anything else today. Instead he settled for rolling his eyes and turning to her.

She could have been Sebastian's ridiculously hot half-sister. Black, voluminous curly hair and a kind of dark beauty that one could only pull off in Hell. Her black, tight leather attire barely covered her voluptuous curves.

"I wasn't trying to kill myself, I just wanted to find my reflection."

She scoffed, "You're in Hell, your hair hardly matters."

Ciel scowled, "Well if someone would just tell me what's wrong with my eye instead of pissing off once they noticed it, I wouldn't need a mirror."

The woman seemed to hesitate for a second before gesturing for him to approach her. "I'll give it a look for you. You didn't get shot in the head, did you? We keep the wound that kills us off even in the afterlife."

Ciel lifted up his hair so she could see it, and heard a sharp intake of breath.

She took a step back, her spine going rigid and a sort of horror filling the air.

"Where did you get that, that thing?"

Ciel growled. "I don't know what that thing even is!"

She took a shaky breath, "It's the mark, on your eye. The mark of Lucifer. The bastard branded you."

"Sebastian that fu-"

The woman fell to her knees and grabbed Ciel's hand tightly. "Look, boy, you can't trust Sebastian. He might use such pretty words and look so beautiful, but he's a monster. He'll toss you aside as soon as he thinks he has you and you – you'll be nothing."

"How would you know anything?" Ciel asked, frustration leaking into his tone as he realised he sounded almost defensive of Sebastian. As if.

"Because he did it to me!" She shouted, "I had everything! I had my title as Chastity - I was one of the seven virtues of heaven, and I had my friends and my love. My Joker. Even though Joker never treated me different from the others it was okay, because I loved him so much.

"Then Sebastian came along and told me all these pretty things. He said that he loved me, that I deserved better than what my Darling could ever give me and I believed him. I believed the demon. I was even happy when he touched me and I lost my Chastity to him. I fell from the holiest place for him and I was barely here a month before he cast me aside. Too bad, honey, he told me, I guess we'll never know how it could have been.

"After all I did for him and he left me here. The heavenly ones will never take me back, I never get to see my Darling again, and now they've given me a nickname. They call me the Beast. Beast!"

The woman had gotten positively tearful and Ciel watched her awkwardly. So the Prince of Hell was a bastard – Big Surprise there.

Ciel cleared his throat awkwardly, "If they call you a beast, then you should show them. Beasts are strong and independent, to be feared or revered not mocked. Let them see you as strong. Let them beg for you to go back. Don't cry about something you have no bother changing."

Beast looked up at him, a spark of something lightening her formerly dreary expression. "What's your name?" She asked.


"Ciel," she repeated, her voice cracked as it pronounced his name.

The tone was oddly familiar.

Ciel, No! Please don't die. You can't leave me. Ciel. Ciel.


You Bastard! You killed him! You killed Ciel!

It felt as if all the air had left his chest, Ciel gasped and struggled to breathe. Why could he hear it – her voice? She sounded so alone and troubled, he realised. With another shuddering gasp Ciel could feel his chest wrack.

Beast looked up at him in surprise before a look of understanding crossed her features. "Ah," she murmured, "Looks like you died from a chest injury. They reopen when people get overly emotional."

Ciel shakily looked down to see that blood had course through an unfelt wound in his chest and stained a deathly scarlet. But that didn't matter. He didn't care how he'd died anymore. Only the fact that he'd done it unable to protect Lizzie.

"I left her," he choked.

"Left who?" Beast asked.

"L-Lizzie. I was meant to protect and I just died. I left her, alone. What if she'd dead too? She trusted me and I killed her."

Beast stood slowly, gracefully and brushed herself down. "Look, what you said to me, before, it was... well, it was what I needed to hear. So if it helps, you seem to be momentarily on Sebastian's good side and he has the book of death in his mansion. He can tell you if your friend is alive or not."

"Sebastian," Ciel repeated with a moment of clarity. He had to find out if his death had been for a reason, if he had protected Lizzie like he'd been trusted to. Even if that meant he had to go see Sebastian. The mark on his eye, the contracting of his bleeding chest – none of that matter in comparison to whether she was okay.

"Be careful, Ciel," Beast told him as he stumbled away.

"Well, well. Look who's turned up on my doorstep." Ciel didn't exactly know how he'd made it to the front of Sebastian's elaborate mansion, but once he had decided he needed to be there he had somehow known the way. As if it were an instinct.

"Sebastian, I need-"

"Sorry, what was that?" the blasted demon interrupted.

Ciel bristled. "I said, Sebastian-"

"It would appear, little ghost, that you seem to think you can address me however you please."

If he hadn't been on a mission, Ciel would have stalked off by now."Look, I'm not here to have a debate over your proper title with you-"

"Why are you so angry, my little ghost?" Sebastian asked innocently.

You're an infuriating, arrogant bastard who manages to get on my nerves with just a look you're so distasteful and I've only met you today, Ciel thought. Although he settled for merely stating, "You just rub me the wrong way, I guess."

Sebastian chuckled, "Well, if that's the problem, you could always let me rub you the right way."

Maybe it wasn't too late to run away.

Ciel cleared his throat and looked away. "Look, I'm hear because I want to know something, that's all."

"Hm, well perhaps if you voice your request respectfully, Ciel, I'll be more inclined to listen to it."

Ciel sighed, as if to exaggerate how childish the demon was being. "Of course, your Majesty," he began mockingly, "I just wanted to ask if you knew whether... someone died with me?"

He looked surprised. "What is this someone's name?"

"Elizabeth," Ciel murmured, before adding, "Middleford."

Sebastian nodded and Ciel waited.

"Well?" the boy prompted after a moment.

Sebastian smiled, "I'd have to consult my book. I don't memorise the names of everyone as they die."

"Then can you check?" Ciel asked, impatiently.

Sebastian nodded, "It is within my power to check, of course. But if I start giving out that kind of information for free then before you know it every ghost in Hell will want to know about their loved ones and I won't have much reason to refuse."

"Then don't give the information out for free. What do you want?"

"What do you have to give me?"

Ciel thought for a moment. All he had on him was his clothing and they weren't in too good condition nor was he quite willing to part with them. But if Lizzie was dead down here, he would need to find her and look after her as he'd done all his life. "Anything you want that I have the power to give you."

Sebastian pretended to ponder this for a moment before he smirked. "Well then, tomorrow morning I'll look up the fate of your little friend, as long as you go through on your side of the deal."

"And what exactly is my side of the deal?"

"The only thing you possess to give me. Your time. You must spend the night here, in my mansion, with me."


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