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Chapter one: Online Game and A date


Motto hatena darake de ikou!

Fushigi he no tobira wa me no mae ni aru

Kono sekaijuu ga WONDERLAND

Bokura wa mou sude ni WONDER ringu!

Dokidoki ga wakuwaku ni nattara

WONDER furu jan!

Erza Scarlett, Fiore High School student and member of the delinquent anti-gang, Fairytail, ran out out of the bedroom and digs thru her bag before finally finding her phone.

"Moshi-moshi, Lucy?"

"Er-chan!" Lucy Heartphilia or known as Lucy-chan wailed loudly. "Help me!"

"Lucy? What happened? Don't tell me Natsu..."

"No, it's not Natsu. It's worse." Lucy's wailing became louder. "Eh, not Natsu? Then, did the Phantom Gang do anything to you?"

"It's not them too."

"What is it then?"

"Someone fought me and took my stellar spirit keys online!" Erza's brown eyes popped open. "Seriously! Erza, help me please?"

"Ok, wait for a moment, I'll log on." Erza opens her red Mac Air.

"Ok. I'm already logged in. I'm at the Guild, Erza-san." Lucy said, ending the phone conversation as she logged into her Fairytail account. The screen clears up and a red-head female character appears on the screen wearing a long dark dress with armor standing in a room.

Outside her bedroom, about ¾ of the people online all over Magnolia groaned. "No! Titania is online." ' Are people really that scared of me?' On screen, the character Erza was playing went out of the room and headed toward the tavern. She sees HoshinoHime at one of the corners. Erza's character approaches Lucy's character. Lucy's character was wearing a white jacket which matched her white short-shorts.

Titania taps HoshinoHime's shoulder, alerting she was there. "Ok, who's the asshole that did it?"

HoshinoHime silently points behind Titania. The scarlet knight turns back and finally understands why Lucy didn't ask for Ice Alchemist or Salamander's help.

Mystogan. Another S-class mage in Fairytail Guild, the namesake of her group. A recluse masked-mage that uses staffs as his primary attacks, it is no-brainer why Lucy could lose her stellar keys despite of her increasing level.

"Wait here." Titania walked toward Mystogan; HoshinoHime looked hopefully at Fairytail's strongest mage.

On the screen, Erza's character requiped into her favorite armor, Heavens Wheel Armor, the armor that gave her nickname the knight. She charged towards the masked mage who had her back facing Erza's and her unsheathed sword, other mages dives out of the way. For Erza, it was going to be a sure hit. I mean, with the back of your enemy facing you, it would be a surprise attack especially if you don't shout when you're going to attack and that is exactly what Erza's character did. Sadly, it was unsuccessful. As Erza's character was about to strike Mystogan from behind, Mystogan turns around and blocks her with his newly activated magic staff. Erza, having her sneak attack destroyed, backs away as quickly as possible. She is about to dash again at Mystogan when a chat box appears at the bottom left of the screen making Erza stop her attack. On the chat box was written,

"So you're Titania… Nice sneak attack to bad it failed. :P"

Erza types back. "Well, it wouldn't have if you just stayed still."

"But then that wouldn't be any fun if I was hit right away." The unknown user of Mystogan replied.

"Actually, it would have been lots of fun. I mean, the player EVERYONE is scared of, losing. :)"

"Too bad though. I just love competition. :))"

Erza was about to reply back when she sees Mystogan charging at her character on screen. Erza presses the space bar, which makes her character jump upward just in time to avoid the attack. Erza's character back flips over Mystogan and the moment she hits the ground, she turn around to face Mystogan. She was about to hit Mystogan at the head, but Mystogan ducks and kicks Erza's character at the abdomen, sending her flying. Erza's character lands on its back but gets back up quickly to see Mystogan in front of him giving him the opportunity to cut Mystogan's right arm. Mystogan jumps back after this a checks the wound.

"Good job. You were able to inflict an injury on me, but I don't think it'll be enough. : P"

Erza looks at the health bar of Mystogan, which is only 1/16th gone, unlike his which is 1/10th gone. Erza types.

"Small difference."

Erza attacks head on while activating the Circle Sword. Mystogan jumps to avoid it, but proves to be ineffective because twirling swords just kept following him. This prompted him to summon Three-Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water, which reflects the swords back to the Erza, who easily cancels the magic, sending more swords back at him. Mystogan was to preoccupied with the attack that Erza attacks him from behind, thus stabbing him at the left leg. Mystogan kneels down in pain. As Erza's character is about to stab him again, Mystogan rolls over to avoid the stab.

"Stay still Mystogan. You have ½ life left, so one stab from my sword will make your life 0 and you'll have to be sent to the infirmary."

"I would lose if that happened. XD"

"That's the point you idiot."

"Too bad Titania... You're just about to lose."

On the screen the words Five-Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song appear in bold and in a yellow color. Erza's character is unable to move.

"Ah, fuck." Erza cursed as she tapped every key she knew to cancel the spell before it was too late.

Several magic circles covered in runes using magic staffs which release a concentrated beam of magical energy directly below Titania. Erza groaned, known from rumors what was going to happen next.

The screen turned white as Titania explodes from the spell. Mystogan, avoiding the explosion, jumps far away from it as the spell, which by the way destroys half of the ground-floor tavern. As the smoke clears, Erza's character is lying on the ground losing a lot of blood.

Erza looks at the screen to see her life at about 1/20th left. Just a little more and her character would have been sent to the infirmary and stay stuck there for a week, which he never liked. Her pride is destroyed. She had lost to an unknown recluse player.

On screen, Mystogan silently approaches Erza's character. You would think that he would do the final blow so Erza's character would be sent to the infirmary. The opposite happened. Mystogan helps Erza's character up and a message appears on the chat board.

"You ok?"

"You're not going to finish me off?"

No. It was a good game. Though you lost, you put one hell of a fight. In truth, I don't have fights as exciting as this one :)"

"So here's something as a prize for being able to cut my life in half."

Erza looks on the screen and sees that her inventory has one more item in it. She opens it up and sees a potion named Life Elixir. This surprises Erza because Life Elixir is a potion that restores the health back to normal no matter how much life you have left with the exception of having zero life.

"Why are you giving me this?" Erza asks.

A reply appears. "Didn't I just type a while ago my reason? Sheesh, are you stupid or something?"

Erza is taken aback by the comment. I mean, to be called stupid is just harsh, even worse it came from a person he didn't even know. She decides to ignore the reply rather than creating an online fight that might turn into a war, especially if she were to consider her temper. She was about to reply back when another chat message appears.

"Here's another item I'm sure your friend would want it back." Lucy's Stellar Spirit keys appear in her inventory.

"Anyway, since I won…"

"I knew it. What so you want?"



"Will you accompany me to Fiore High Halloween Dance this weekend?"


Another character enters the half-ruined guild, turned around surveying the damage accumulated by Titania and Mystogan fight.

"MYSTOGAN! TITANIA!" Makarov, Fairytail current Guild master screamed.

"I think it's time for me to disappear again. Here's my number. Msg me?" before Erza can reply back, Mystogan disappears into air. Titania stared at the spot before logging off or else Makarov caught her and swiped her account clean.

Erza Scarlett stared blankly at her Mac Air when her phone rang.


From: StellarKeyMage

To: armoredheart

Subject: Hey…

Er-chan, you ok? What happened?


From: Armoredheart

To: StellarKeyMage

Subject: OMG

Mystogan just asked me to the Halloween dance…


From: StellarKeyMage

To: armoredheart

Subject: Pinch me, I don't believe this



"Mystogan, the recluse mage that just beat you asked you to the dance?" the blond student asked wide-eyed as she and the red-haired senior walked up the stairs outside Fiore High.

"Hush! I don't want anyone to hear it. Yes," the girl stopped in front of her locker and started to turn her locker key. "He did." "And?"

"And what?"

"What did you say, did you reply it?" the senior turned to the blond junior, looking guiltily. "Er, no?"

"Erza! Reply now! Say yes!" Lucy jiggled her hand. "Ok, ok. Wait, ok." Erza pull out her sidekick and quickly messages Mystogan as Lucy looked from her shoulder eagerly. "There, done. Now what do I do?"

"We find you the perfect costume for you!"


Inside the student council room, a young man looks up from his physics textbook as his phone rang out loud.


From: armoredheart

To: Mystogan

Subject: Halloween Dance

Sure. What time you I meet you?


The black hair boy grinned widely, his onyx eyes sparkled brightly. He had just found himself a perfect date to the dance.

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Titania/ Armoredheart= Erza

HoshinoHime (star princess)/ StellarKeyMage= Lucy

Mystogan= everyone knows who he is...

2nd chapter: Halloween Dance

Will Erza finds out who Mystogan really is? Can Mystogan tell Titania his real feelings? Who will Lucy go to the dance with? And why is Gajeel at the dance with Levy McGarden dressing like a mass murderer on a rampage?

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