Disclaimer: I do not claim to own anything in this fan fiction. They belong to their respected owners. If you think I do own this, then I will have Kunsel stab you in the ass. :]

Pairing: Kunsel/Cissnei, but not really?

Warning: Slightly AU.

Summary: Cissnei wanted to know for so long what was under that helmet.



"What…" Kunsel seemed entirely shocked—surprised even—as his helmet hit the floor with a clang. His mako-infused-eyes moved down to the metal object.

"Kunsel…" She could only find herself gawking at his appearance, wondering why he hide behind that helmet. She was equally as surprised by his appearance as she was with the fact that she, one of the great turks, was gawking over a SOLDIER.

He swallowed hard before over coming his surprise and kneeling down, grabbing up his helmet and sliding it back on. "What the hell was that about?"

Though he tried to hide the surprise in his tone, she could still sense it. Her eyes blinked a few times before reaching back over to him. "I just—"

"Oh, shut up."

Author's Note: It was just something that came to me at work of all places. I was sitting there, bored, and this came to me. I had to come home and write it. I hope you all enjoy it.