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Draco was immediately awoken with the sound of Hermione's muggle alarm clock, which sat on the windowsill, far away from the bed. He groggily sat up and threw the covers off him, stumbling sleepily towards the blasted muggle contraption. Hermione insisted that it should be situated somewhere away from the bed so that they would be forced to wake up and stand up to shut the bloody thing off. Worse, she charmed it so that it wouldn't be shut off with a wand. It seemed that she forgot to turn the stupid thing off the previous night, as it was a weekend today so they didn't need to wake up at 6:00 in the morning. After shutting the damned thing off, he crawled back to bed and snuggled next to the beautiful witch beside him. Careful not to wake her up, he slowly wrapped his arms around her and watched her as she slept. She woke up anyway a few minutes later, and smiled sleepily at him as she rubbed the sleep off her eyes. "Good morning," She said, seeing him staring at her with such intensity that she had to cover her face, "what time is it?"

Draco leaned down and gave her a peck on the lips before replying. "It is 6:00 in the morning; you seemed to have forgotten to shut the bugger last night. I wanted to sleep some more, but was forced to stand up to turn it off."

Hermione laughed at the cute pout that formed in his mouth. "Go back to sleep, then."

"I can't. I'm fully awake now, and I'm going to have difficulty in falling asleep again. I cannot believe you didn't wake up to that blaring sound! It's loud enough to wake the whole of Europe."

Hermione laughed and playfully smacked his bare chest. "Don't overreact." She chided. "It helps you get to work, admit it. If not for the bugger, you'd wake up late and come to work late."

Draco rolled his eyes and gave her another kiss. "Let's eat breakfast. I'm hungry."

Hermione nodded in agreement and sat up, pulling the satin sheets away from her body and heading to the bathroom to wash up. Draco sat up too, leaning his upper body against the headboard as he waited for his turn in the bathroom. Something felt…special today and it bothered him that he didn't know why. He racked his brain trying to remember what it was that made this day different from every other day.

After a few minutes of deep thinking, he suddenly lit up, remembering why, just the same time as Hermione got out of the bathroom, freshly showered and neatly dressed. Draco jumped from the bed and hurried to her.

"Change your clothes to going out clothes, we're eating breakfast outside." With a questioning expression, Hermione was about to reply when he shut her up with a finger to her lips. "I'll explain later."

With that, he entered the bathroom and took a quick shower and got dressed.

They were out of the house by 7:00, and he led her to the café a few blocks away, where they frequently visited. They took their seats and ordered their meals, and once the food was served, Hermione asked him, "What did you want to tell me?"

Draco swallowed his toast and replied, "On this very day, seven years ago, Voldemort summoned me and told me to do a very important task for him, a task that if performed well, would earn victory to the Dark side." He watched Hermione, and he continued, "He told me to marry you." He smiled at her. "Do you remember that? I told you, Dumbledore, Harry, and Ron right afterwards, in Dumbledore's office."

"Oh! Yes, I remember that night." Hermione replied.

Draco smiled and nodded. "It might not be as important as, say, our anniversary, but at that moment, my life- our lives changed forever. I felt that that was the biggest thing that ever happened to my life, that never in my entire life have I thought of marrying you, Hermione. It was a strange feeling."

Hermione smiled at him and entwined their hands on top of the table. "Its funny- I just realized now that we have Voldemort to thank for- for giving us a chance, for making us us."

Draco gripped her hand. "That's probably that only thing he did right." He laughed.

After eating their breakfast and paying the bill, they walked outside, still hand in hand, talking and reminiscing the last seven years they had been together. It wasn't smooth, and it wasn't perfect. Some days, Hermione felt like they were back to their old selves: born to hate each other, to loathe the very ground they walk on, spewing insults at each other that hurt to the core, but eventually, their fights would be resolved and they would be back to being happy. They had many imperfections, many disagreements, but that's what made them who they were today, and neither one could ask for anything more. They were happy, and they balanced each other well. They always kept one another on each other's toes, making life much more exciting and fuller. He was very protective of her, but not to the point where it irritated her, and she was concerned for him, but not to the exent where he would feel too suffocated.

As they were walking, they caught up with a group of little kids playing and talking. Hermione watched them with a small smile on her face and a loving expression. From the corner of her eye, she saw Draco looking at her with an amused expression, with his eyebrows raised and his infamous smirk in place.

"You know," he started, as he leaned to whisper in her ear, "I suddenly have the urge to go back home and to our bed. Right now."

A smirk, rivaling that of her husband's appeared on Hermione's lips as she shivered from his minty breath on her ear. "So do I, love."

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