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"Alec!" Izzy yelled, running to him. How she ran in those damned heels he'll never know. "Alec, have you seen the new guy?"

"What? What new guy?""His name is Magnus I think. Ya! Magnus Bane! He's totally hot! And-" She leaned in so no one but Alec could hear- "I hear he's gay!" Then louder "You should totally go for it!"

"Izzy!" He said, blushing and pushing her away, "How the hell did you find all this out already anyway? Classes haven't even started yet!"

"Oh" She said with a devilish grin as she walked away "I have my ways."

Alec sighed and started for his first class of the day, math. He was a little distracted by what Isabelle had said about this new guy. Alec thought about who this Magnus guy was and what Izzy had meant by hot. Knowing Izzy it could mean anything. He thought about Magnus all the way to class, which was probably why he ran face-first into someone in the doorway.

"Ow! Sorry! I wasn't watching were I was going." Was Alec's quickly mumbled apology. "Don't worry about it. I'm Magnus by the way."

Alec looked up at the stranger who was bending down to help collect his fallen supplies. He saw black spikes of hair surrounding the boys deliciously sexy face with amazing green eyes and brightly colored clothes covering the thin frame of a body. This boy looked like he would be more at home in a bar or wild party than in a dull school building attending a sleep-inducing math class. He was none other than the "totally hot" Magnus Bane he had been told about but moments before by his hyperactive sister.

"You all right?" Magnus asked, one eye brow raised, jerking him from his musings.

"Y-ya. I-I'm fine" He said, blushing deaply when he realized he had been staring.

"Well, class is about to start, isn't it? We better get inside." Magnus said gifting him with a seductive grin.

"Ya. Class." Alec mumbled as he followed Magnus into the room.

"Turn to page 272." the teacher droned, "And do problems 14-52."

Alec picked up his book which resulted in a piece of paper falling to the floor. Curious, he picked it up. 555-4324 it said. Alec wondered where this came from. The only person whose touched his math book today was him and...

"Magnus!" He said under his breath. He must have slipped it there when he dropped his stuff. Alec glanced around the room for Magnus and jumped a little when he relized he was in the seat directly to the right of him. Magnus saw him looking and grinned. He made the 'call me' sign to him and Alec blushed deeply and turned back to his math book, still un-opened.

Later, Alec was on his way to his locker after the last bell of the day. Magnus had been in all of his classes, suprizingly, and had sat next to Alec whenever he could, and used any excuse to talk to him. "Can I borrow a pencil?" "Where are we?" and "What page did he say?" were just a few of the lines he used.

It blew Alec's mind.

This incredibly sexy guy was actually hitting on him! This had never happened before. Not even girls hit on him! He was still thinking of Magnus when he was shoved backwards by a large fellow senior.

"Move it, Pipsqueak!" He growled over his shoulder.

Alec fell back and felt thin arms rap around him. He looked up to thank whoever had caught him and froze.

"Funny meeting you here, Alexander."


"The one and only." He said setting Alec back on his feet. "Oh, and by the way," he called over his shoulder as he walked away, "Don't you dare 'forget' about calling me or I'll be forced to sick my cat on you!" And he was gone.

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