A/N: This is how I expect the November Two-Parter to go in my mind, without any reference to any of the current spoilers. This is my first Tiva/NCIS fiction and my first time to write in third person, so, be kind to me – I'm new to this. I love feedback and how to improve my writing, especially since writing this was kind of my preparation for my English exam. This may not be exciting but I promise to make it as better as the story goes further – it is a four/fiveshot. I'll title each chapter by a song that influenced me while writing.

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Song: Innocent by Taylor Swift.

Chapter 1: Innocent.

It was a cold Friday night where the moon hung in the sky which illuminated the city, accompanied by the stars and the city lights. The trees swayed silently but they generated a fresh, summer breeze. There Ziva sat on the bench, motionless, like a statue. She saw her a dark, shadowy figure that approached her and her 'ninja-Mossad-skills' came into place as her eyes focused on a face that suddenly sat next to her and wrapped it's arm around her petite figure.

"Ziva! Is that you? Wait, I hope it's you, I hope I'm not hugging a total stranger because you know... that would be totally strange. Not that I don't like stra-"squealed Abby,
Ziva interrupted Abby's random babble by smiling reassuringly and saying, "Abby, Abby, Abby. I am fine and yes, it is me – Ziva. What are you doing here? Are you meeting up with someone?"
"No. Ton-, I mean, everyone has been worried sick about you. McGee and I are meeting up for drinks later at this new indie restaurant but I wanted to invite the rest of the pack along."
Ziva replied with "I don't know if I can come, it is getting a bit late"...

And before Ziva knew it, she was sitting inside Valentino's with Abby, McGee, Jimmy and Brina only waiting for Tony to arrive. While Ziva was looking ever so radiant, they all looked wonderful: With Abby sporting her usual high ponytails with a little black dress, McGee looking handsome in an Armani suit, Jimmy in adorable outfit that complemented Brina's daffodil summer dress.

Long, brown curls covered her bare shoulders while a satin, red dress clung to her skin – as Ziva stared quietly into the distance observing her surroundings. It was only a matter of time before she was startled by a familiar, flirtatious voice that sported an overpriced suit – only to make her heart skip a beat, multiple times.

As Ziva sat between Abby and Brina whom sat across for McGee and Palmer, the seat in front was now occupied by Tony who was grinning goofily with his eyes focused on her.
"Well, Hello Zeee-vah. Don't you look beautiful" purred Tony into her ear, only to make her shiver.
"Thank you, Tony", replied Ziva as she chuckled, "Well, You look... attractive".
He winked at her with a typical DiNozzo smile that only radiated the room, before their attention was forced to focus on the group conversation that ranged from last nights' baseball game to the new redhead that seemingly caught Gibbs attention.

The night passed slowly, it was filled with laughter and dishes of pasta only satisfied them more. It was only until dessert when Tony was able to talk to Ziva.
"We should do this more often, these group dates are fun" said Ziva.
"So, This is a date now?" Tony said as he raised his eyebrow.
She just rolled her eyes playfully and Tony decided it was time to finally talk about what she had been avoiding the whole evening. Tony's hand reached out across the table to touch Ziva's telling her that he wanted to talk about it, Ziva hesitated slightly.
"Listen, Z, I know you don't want to talk about it but your father..."
"Your right, I do not want to talk about it" whispered Ziva hastily.
"Come on, Ziva" said Tony with a hint of worry in his eyes.
"Tony, just drip it".
"Drop it".

Suddenly, Ziva spotted a little red dot appear on Tony's chest to the sound of a gunshot ringing through the distance...

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