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Song: Say When by The Fray.

Chapter 5: Say When.

"I think I'll take that coffee now."

Tony and Ziva walked along the streets just outside NCIS with the sun hanging low in the sky - among the dark grey clouds, both having half-filled coffee cups at hand. The growls of thunder became more dominant as it began to sprinkle; they had been talking about the strangest things to past the afternoon. They both threw their coffee cups as they passed the trash, continuing to walk together.

"I love rain", smiled Ziva as she spun around while the drops of water hit her skin.
"Rain can make you sick, spinning around can make you dizzy", said Tony worriedly gripping her hand trying to stabilise her and then quickly withdrew his hand once she was fine.
He pulled off his jacket and handed it to her who looked bewildered by his gesture.
"Did you want me to hold your jacket, Tony?"
"Put it on, sweetcheeks, it's to keep you warm."
She laughed as she breathed in the woody scent, "I have seen this before in a movie. Never thought that this would happen in real life but I guess it would have to happen with you".
"Well, thank you for making me feeling better", he said sarcastically.
"I am sorry if I made you feel bad", she said as she hugged him subconsciously.
He held her close to his chest as he pushed a lock of hair behind her ear. She moved out of Tony's grip slightly and looked into his eyes, her lips parted as she tried to control her breathing.
"I want to kiss you, Tony", whispered Ziva.

And just like that, Tony angled his face moving in towards Ziva and finally after five or so years of being just co-workers – their lips finally met. The kiss began to start off as gentle but gradually deepened to be passionate. Both lips moving in sync, the taste of coffee on their tongues, their hair drenched in water, hands tangled around each other's waist, hearts beating rapidly, love lingering in the air, not a single thought in the world.

Breathless, their lips parted and they gazed silently into each other's eyes.
Tony was first to speak, "Wow, I feel like this is Noah and Allie's kiss in 'The Notebook' or Mary Jane and Peter's in Spiderman."
"And here we go with the movie quotes..."
"Would you rather me go with lyrics?"
"Say the word and I will be your man, your man", hummed Tony.
"Say When by The Fray. I love that song", smiled Ziva.
"Thought you would. So, where do we go on from here?"
"I need to talk with my father but I promise you, we will talk later".
"Back to NCIS, we go then?"
"Sounds like a plan."

They soon turned and headed towards NCIS, giggling and chattering, as they spotted the main gate within the distance. There, moving slowly was a taxi creeping closer and closer to the entrance. Both of their eyes diverted towards the vehicle looking suspiciously and then – BOOM! – It exploded. The sound of the explosion pierced their ears, the smell of smoke was in the air and panic was at an all the time high. There Tony and Ziva stood staring, speechless. They were in paradise, the whole world was in hysteria.

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