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Chapter 1

Tori POV

It is my second day at Hollywood Arts. So I think I can say I have five friends here, maybe six. Trina, Beck, Cat, Andre, Robbie and maybe Jade. But she is still pissed of because I let him kiss me yesterday. I couldn't stop thinking of him. I mean he's handsome. He has beautiful eyes. When we kissed I really felt sparks fly. But maybe it's just me.

'Heey Tori'. I jumped

'Sorry didn't meant to scare you'. I turned around to see Beck standing.

'Yeah uhh it doesn't matters'.

'Is something wrong you sound so distracted'?

'No just thinking about things.'

'O okay, if you ever want to talk, him here' he said while pointing at himself.

'Thanks Beck, I will later.'

'Alright. Hee can I have your number?'

'Yeah sure.' He gave me his cell and I gave mine to him. We put each others numbers in it and took a picture of ourselves. The bell rang.

'I'll see you later' He said and gave me an hug.

'Yeah see you later.'

The lesson was boring. I don't know in what lesson I am, but the only nice lessons are theater, music and acting. And it's none of that. I kept thinking about Beck and Jade. I mean Jade acts like he's here property.

I don't think they really like each other. And all those nerds are hanging over Jade. But I don't know why. She always insults them and is always mad. I wouldn't like a guy if he did that. But Beck, he's always sweet and caring. When Jade dropped the coffee all over me, he tried to stop her. Well and Andre did too. I think Andre is my best friend here. I know him the best. And he's always there for me. Robbie is just weird, with that doll, Rex right? Well Cat is very nice, but she is confusing sometimes. Well Trina is my sister and she's just crazy. And what I think of Jade.. I already spoke enough of her. The bell rang to let you know it's the end of the lesson.

I went to my locker, got my books for the next two lessons and went outside. I sit by a table alone. I was humming 'Make it Shine' when I felt hands on my shoulders. I jumped again.

'Jeez, I do let you scare a lot' I heard Beck say

'Yeah, I guess you just interrupt me every time when I'm in some deep thoughts.'

'Yeah sorry about that.'

'It doesn't matters.'

'Hee Babe' I heard Jade's voice.

'I think I must go, bye Beck, Jade.'

I just walked away. I didn't want any problems with Jade. I heard them

argue for a moment. Then I heard some running footsteps toward me. I turned around to see Beck.

'Did you go away because of Jade?'

'Yeah, I don't any problems with her, I already have problems with her for kissing you so...'

'Yeah your probably right, we will text, right?'

'Of course'

The rest of the school day was boring. I didn't have any nice classes in it, so yeah then it is boring. I was thinking about some things when I heard my phone buzz.

Heey, are you busy? XxBeck

No not really, why? X' ~T

Come over to my place. The rest is here too. XxBeck

Uhm so Jade too uh? X' ~T

Yeah... But just ignore her. XxBeck

Alright... but only for you. X' ~T

Yeeyy, what time you're coming? XxBeck

Well, I don't know where you live, so if you can pick me up? :$ X' ~T

I'm on my way! XxBeck

I went in my room to put some other clothes on. I decided to wear my new dress (link on profile) with new white ballerina's. After I did my mascara and eye pencil again I heard my bell. I run downstairs and opened the door.

'Hee uhhuh Tori' I saw him looking at me.

'Hee Beck.'

'Come my car is there' he said while pointing to his car. We walked to his car and he opened the door for me. I thanked him.

'So did Jade agree with me coming?' I asked

'Well, I asked the rest and they were okay, so Jade doesn't really matters.'

'Okay, thank you'.

'Why thank you? You're one of us now, so you can come anytime you want and what Jade thinks, I don't care. You're my friend now and if she can't live with that, then I guess she's not my girlfriend anymore.'

'Wow what? No you can't break up with her because of me. Beck drive me back to home, now'.

'Tori, no, like I said before, if she can't live with the fact that you're my friend, she's not my girlfriend anymore. Nothing you can do about it. End of it'.

'Okay... You live in here?' I saw an RV

'Yeah... my parents said our roof, our rules, soo my roof, my rules'.

'Aaah Smart Boy'.

'I guess I can take that as an compliment.'

'Yeah you can take that as an compliment.' He walked around the car and opened my door for me. He's really an gentleman. We walked to the RV. Once inside, I felt all people on me. I got an huge hug from Cat, Robbie, Andre and Beck.


'Thank you that you came, we couldn't hold it any longer with Jade' I heard Andre whisper.

'No thanks, I love to be with my friends'.

So we hang out till ten pm. Jade already left at nine. I guess she coudn't stand me.

'So Tori, should I take you home?' Andre asked. I looked at Beck, in his eyes I saw that I should say no.

'No thanks Andre, Beck already take me home'

'Okay, well I'm going see you guys tomorrow.'

'See you' Beck and I both said on the same time.

'So, why did you say no?'

'I could see in your eyes you still wanted to talk to me'.

'Well you're good. I just wanted to talk some more, we just don't get the chance when Jade's here'.

'I get you so what you wanna talk about?'

'Let's do 20 questions'

'Alright, favorite colour'



'Best Friends?' he asked

'Uhmm Cat, Andre and.. you'

'Well thank you, my best friends are Cat, Andre and you'

'Thank you too, favorite movie?'

'Camp Rock yours?'

'Camp Rock too' I said with a smile.

'Well, boyfriend?'

'Nope' But I want you as mine, I thought after it.

'Well I don't have an boyfriend, but I do have an girlfriend'

We laughed and talked for a while. At eleven pm, he took me home. We hugged goodbye at the front door. I ran upstairs, went in the bathroom and changed into my nightgown. I updated my Slap.

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