Castle of Hearts part 1

A AkuRoku, Zemyx and Xemsai fanfic

"Remember the plan Axel... Don't let us down..."

Roxas shivered and held the cloak tighter. Soon they would light the lamps and Roxas had nowhere to sleep as usually. If he wanted somewhere to sleep he had to sneak into peoples house and take money and he really didn't want to do that. He didn't want to be caught in action but tonight was cold and he had a bigger change to not be seen now when the lamps was still unlighted. Walked on the street he tried to found a good house. He found a house where no lights shined and he looked around. There were a few people walking on the old street so Roxas had to sneak to the backside of the house before he took of one if his kunais and smashed one window with it. When he tried to lock up the window he got glasses in his arms, made him whine but he got the window up and jumped inside the house. He looked around in the room. Looking for money and maybe some clothes. It was cold to go around in just pants and cloak. He found a shirt and a small leather bag of money. He jumped out the window and heard one of the villagers talking with one of the soldiers
"I heard a window got smashed from that house!"
"Thanks madam, we will check it" soldier Xigbar said started to walk around the house.
Roxas got panic and ran, hoped that the soldier didn't got the chance to see him.
"You! Stop right there!"
'Shit' Roxas thought as he kept running. He held the shirt and bag tight as he ran. Good thing was that the soldier didn't saw his face but the soldier ran after him.
"You little thief! Just wait 'til I get you!"
Roxas was a little bit faster then the solider but the shirt stuck in a fence so Roxas had to let it go so he could keep running. By accident the ran into a man with the hood up and soon Roxas got shoved into a alley by the man. The soldier stopped in front of the man and had apparently not seen when Roxas got shoved.
"Where did that running kid went!"
"Running kid? Aren't there a lot of running kids in this village?"
The man pulled the hood down and his red spikes showed up. Just like Roxas he had just cloak and pants, but he didn't looks like he was freezing.
"Aren't you the one that lights the lamps?"
"That right soldier"
"Then go do your work! Because of you I couldn't see what the thief looked like!"
The soldier kept running and Axel turned his head to the alley and held in his little shining lamp.
"It's safe now..."
Roxas looked at the man and carefully walked out the alley to the red haired man.
"Thanks... But... Why did you save me?"
"Kids shouldn't sit in jails"
He patted Roxas' head and grinned.
"I'm not a kid! But thanks anyway..."
Axel saw Roxas' arm that was bleeding heavily and took Roxas hand and started to walk with him.
"W-where are we going! Let go off me!"
"I'm taking you to my place, we need to fix your arm kiddo"
"Stop calling me kid! It's Roxas!"
"Roxas? Heh, cute"
He smirked. Roxas blushed and not very far away from the king's castle was Axel's house. It wasn't too big. Axel put Roxas on the edge of his bed.
"Stay here and I will soon be back"
"Wait! Before you go... You know my name... But I still don't know yours"
Axel grinned at him and Roxas just blushed.
"It's Axel. A-X-E-L. Got it memorized?"
Axel went off and Roxas looked around in the room. It was a warm easy room with floor and walls of wood. A door, a window, bed, a small table, wardrobe and... A harmonica? Axel entered the room with a small box in his hand. He sat on knees in front of Roxas, pulling up things like bandage, compress and another stuffs from the box and started to with Roxas arm. Roxas didn't know how to thank the man then he remembered the small bag of money he had. To picked it up from his pocket and handed Axel it.
"Here! As thanks! It may not be so much but it's what I have"
Axel smiled and shook his head, giving the bag back to Roxas.
"You don't need to thank me. Keep it, it looks like you need them more then me"
Axel put his finger in front of Roxas mouth.
Roxas looked at the tattoos under Axels eyes. There wasn't many people that had tattoos and specially not on their faces. Axel put away his finger from Roxas mouth and smiled.
"Tell me, where do you come from?"
"Well... I have... live here whole my life"
Axel raised one eyebrow.
"In with part on the village?"
"Well... That... Changes kinda often..."
"With another words you're homeless?"
Roxas sighed.
"You can live here if you want? I wouldn't mind some company"
Roxas looked at Axel shocked.
"Really? Would you really let me do that?"
"Why not?"
Axel grinned at patted Roxas' head again.
"It's no big deal really"
Roxas was quite for a minute before he wrapped his arms around Axel, and hugged him tight.
"Thanks! Thank you so much, Axel!"
Axel looked down at the smaller boy confused but then smiled and hugged him back. Because both of them were shirtless Roxas felt the heat from Axels body. He was so warm.
"I haven't had a place to stay since 2 years ago! I'm so happy!"
Roxas almost cried of happiness.
"Hey, take it easy. Have you been homeless in two years! No wonder if you steal things. You're probably too young to get a real job"
Roxel looked down but Axel lifted his cheek.
"Hey... Don't put that face now. You have a home... Don't worry"
Roxas looked at Axel and smiled again.
"Thanks Axel... I own you one"

Xemnas was sitting in the castle and didn't look happy when he read one of his letters.
"Is something wrong?"
Saix asked, looking at his master.
"This doesn't looks good at all... We may have to hid the the stone of Seidh..."
"Why do you think that?"
Xemnas handed Saix the latter and Saix read it silently.
"Oh my..."
Saix looked at Xemnas worried.
"It's to dangerous to have it here. We'll have to hide it on a safe place. That's our only chanse to defeat Ansem... And if he got it... We have no chance"
Saix laid his hands on Xemnas shoulders.
"Clam down sir... We bury it down somewhere so we can go and get it when the time comes"
Saix started to massage Xemnas shoulder and Xemnas smiled pleasured.
"You have right Saix... I need to relax a bit. All those letters are to much for me. I need to think of something else... But not right now"
Xemnas looked serious again. He stood up and walked to the door.
"Would you like to follow me?"
"Yes sir..."
Xemnas walked to the basement. Door after door Xemnas opened them 'til they come to a blue shining stone. Xemnas picked it up and wrapped it in leather and gave it to Saix.
"Saix. You know you're the one I trust the most. I don't want you to hide the stone, cause I don't want you to be in danger. But I want you to give this to someone you can trust. Beg that person to hide it... When the time comes that person have to help us..."
"Yes sir..."
Saix took the wrapped stone and laid it in his pocket.
"And remember... Peoples lives in in danger. Even yours. And I don't want you dead Saix..."
"Yes sir"
"Please Saix. My name"
Saix went off. Xemnas looked at the empty place where the stone laid before and made a fake stone to lay there.
"Good luck Saix..."

Axel sat on the edge of his bed, playing the harmonica while Roxas sat next to him and listened. Leaning against Axel and closed his eyes.
"It sounds good..." Axel kept playing for a while before he laid the harmonica back on the table.
"Are you tired?"
Roxas nodded and Axel laid Roxas down in the bed.
"But where are you going to sleep?"
Axel laid down beside him and grinned.
"Right here"
Roxas blushed but didn't say anything. He closed his eyes again and soon fell asleep. Axel smiled at the blond boy and kissed his forehead carefully.
"Night Roxas..."