A AkuRoku, SoRiku, Zemyx, Xemnsai(...Well... KH parings simply) fanfic
New part again! First Castle of Hearts, then Heart Overboard and now people, Know your Heart! Hope you like it Seriously I wonder when I will stop

"Sir, I don't know what to do..."
Saix hided his face into Xemnas' neck and hugged him tightly.
"Shh... Saix... It will be alright..."
"No it won't..."
"Shhh... It will..."

Axel almost kissed the ground when they were finally back.
"Oh dear solid ground!"
"Get up already Axel!"
Roxas laughed as Axel stood up again and hugged him, kissing his cheek.

"Ax, not in front of everybody!"
"Come on Rox~ It's not that dangerous. No-one will kill us just because of a little kiss"
Axel smiled and took Roxas hand and started to walk back home.
"Home sweet home!"
Axel opened the door and let Roxas go in first. Roxas laid down in the bed and yawned.
"Are you tired?"
"I'm exhausted"
Roxas laughed and closed his eyes.
"I can finally sniff out the smell of sea and in with the smell of your house"
Axel smiled at him and sat down on the edge of the bed, stroking Roxas' hair.
"Sleep well Roxas..."
Roxas opened one of his eyes to take a look at the red haired man before closing it again and fell asleep. Axel bend over and kissed Roxas' cheek in a butterfly kiss.
"Love you Roxas..."
He whispered in his ear and smiled. He stood up and was going to get out to buy some food, but just when he left the bedroom, the door got shut, and when he turned around he saw Ansem.
"Aren't you suppose to be dead!"
"I was going to say the same about you... Betrayer"
Axel grabbed his iron rod that he used when he lit the lamps in the village.
"Out from my house..."
"Hah! You think I'm scared for you?"
"What are you doing here..."
"I'm here to pick you up"
"You're what?"
Axel soon felt how everything went black and the next second he was laying on the floor.
"You shall be thankful that I'm not taking your little friend with me... But he's useless until his powers are awaking..."

Riku and Sora was living in a small room in the castle. They were sitting in the bed, thinking of what to do, or talk about. Riku though about when Sora had kissed him. Was it just to make him shut up or was it because Sora really liked him? Well, if he wanted him to shut up he could just have put his hand in front of his mouth or something. He looked at the brown haired boy that looked at absolutely nothing but air. Riku kissing his cheek and Sora jumped a bit of surprising.
"What was that for!"
"You kissed me before. You didn't like it?"
Sora blushed even more.
"W-w-well... I-it...No, I mean yes! No!"
Sora hided his face in his hands while Riku grinned. He grabbed Sora's wrists and removed Sora's hands from his face and kissed him again.
"You like it!"
Riku kissed Sora before he could protest, holding Sora's hands down and watched how the brown haired boy's eyes went wide before they got shut. Riku kept pressing his lips against Sora's for a little while before he pulled away.
"Still don't like it?"
"Maybe... A little..."

Namine sat in her small house and drew. To be honest it was like a room. She had no parents, she didn't remember for how long she have been living along. She heard someone knocking on the door. She laid the drawing book on the table and went to open the door. There outside, there was two soldiers.
"Hello. Can I help you with something...?"
She asked the taller males. Xigbar looked at Luxord uncertainly.
"Are you sure it's her?"
"King Xemnas said it was here"
Namine looked at them wonderingly.
"What are you talking about?"
Luxord looked at the blond girl.
"King Xemnas told us that you're not a normal kid and that you have to help a girl on a uninhabited island, 'cause he thinks you can save her. We're suppose to take you to that island"
Namine just looked at them for awhile.
"Can I talk to Xemnas?"
"No. King don't want to be bothered for the moment. But he offers to give you something in return"
"I guess... I can help. Exactly what am I going to help you with?"
"He said something about a curse"
"And when are we going?"
"Tomorrow, in the morning"
Xigbar looked doubtful and looked at Luxord.
"Don't you think it's wrong house? I mean, look at her. She's just a kid! King said he couldn't break curses, why would she be able to do that"
Namine glared at Xigbar with her innocent blue eyes.
"Oh Xigbar, I think you made her upset"
"Like she would be able to do someth-..."
Xigbar screamed and fell down on his knees, throwing off the helmet and held into his head.
"Stop it!"
He begged and Luxord didn't know what was going on.
"Say you're sorry!"
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Stop it now, please!"
Namine stopped glaring at him and Xigbar laid there panting.
"How... How did you do that? What did you do?"
Xigbar stood up again, holding one hand against his head and the other on Luxord's shoulder to keep his balance.
"Don't underestimate people. See you tomorrow"
Namine closed the door and Xigbar looked at Luxord.
"That kid is freaking me out"

Sora was laying in his bed sleeping. He dreamed... Of something he had almost forgot. When he was small.
He stood there in the harbor with his mother. He was around 5 years or something, with another boy that was the same age but blond. It was night and quiet. A man stood on a small boat and the mother helped the man to get the blond boy on the boat.
"Mum... Where are we going?"
"Ssh Sora... Go on the boat fast"
"Aren't you coming with us?"
She sat down on her knees hugged him.
"I'm sorry..."
He heard men running.
"Fast, go on the boat with your brother now Sora, they're coming"
"Who's coming?"
He heard someone screaming. The man started to row.
"Wait! You most take Sora with you!"
The blond kid in the boat reached out his small hand for Sora and his mother even if he was way too far away.
"I'm sorry madam, if I waste more time we all will be killed"
"But you most take Sora with you!"
She cried, and Sora just stood there and held her hand and looked at the small boat that disappeared into the foggy night. He heard the men coming closer and his mum started to run with him along the harbor. Sora was young and couldn't run too fast. He heard the men that was after them. Soon his mother pushed him so he fell into the water. Sora couldn't swim that good either so he had to cling to one of the poles that held the harbor up. He heard his mum and men above him.
"Where's the boys?"
"I won't let you have them!"
"In that case..."
Sora heard his own mother's scream and looked at the blood that ran down harbor.
"Go search for them!"
"But sir Xaldin, what does they look like?"
"I don't know! Kill every boy around 5 years. Now go!"
It took a long while before Sora was sure it was safe for him to crawl up on land again. He was all wet and cold, and tired. He looked around.
It was still foggy, but he soon saw the dead body that was laying there. They had just left it there to the rats that was nibbling on the corpse. Sora felt sick and somone soon covered his eyes.
"Don't look. It's not a pleasant sigh"
"Who are you?"
"Riku. Come with me, you need dry clothes"
"I'm Sora..."

Sora woke up an blinked a few times.
"Wait... Right... My mum got killed... And then I met Riku and we was able to hid form the soldiers. And I had a brother... But... Why were they haunting us?"
Sora looked around. Riku's bed was on the other side of the room.
"And we met Kairi. We were best friends. When we went older, me and Riku tried to fight Ansem and Riku almost died and got sealed inside Ansem in order to... to..."
Sora had forgot. Why was Riku sealed inside Ansem? Who's fault was it? It was totally gone. Sora went up and walked to Riku's bed.
"Riku? Could you... Riku?"
Sora felt with his hands on the bed and lifted the blanket.
Riku was gone. Maybe he had woken up and went to get some water or something. Sora crawled down in his bed again.
"I ask him in the morning instead..."