The sky was a blend of pink, orange, and yellow. The beach was almost deserted, with the exception of a few couples who strolled quietly in the late evening breeze. Jack slid his hand from Rose's for a second to roll up the bottoms of his trousers once again and Rose watched him, amused. She turned her head to the left and gazed out to the endless blue sea which seemed to span as far as the eye could see. The sea breeze hit her face sending her curls billowing about her face and she closed her eyes relishing the moment. She clutched the bottoms of her dress tighter and turned to see Jack's eyes on her. God, he was gorgeous in the dim light of the sunset. Her face was peaceful, and it was how she felt too - peaceful and calmness. Their hands slipped into each others again as they continued their stroll across the beach. The feeling of the sand between their toes was glorious, freedom had finally come to Rose and she had found a love in Jack she thought she never knew existed.

''Do you remember Rose? On Titanic when I said I would make sure you witnessed every sunset with me?' Jack smiled. Rose closed her eyes for a moment thinking back to the magical night about the Titanic.

"What a beautiful sunset." Jack beamed as he led Rose to the railing.

"It is. I wish I could witness every sunset and sunrise."

"You will. I'll make sure of it."

Rose laughed. "How will you?"

"I don't know. We'll awake early in the small hours and watch the sunrise and bring us into a wonderful new day."

Rose opened her eyes and felt tears forming in them. 'Of course I remember Jack.' She spoke softly. She stopped for a moment to gaze out at the endless ocean. 'I was just so scared at that time that we would never see each other again.'

Jack sensed some sadness tinged in her voice and he stopped to look at her concerned. ''What's wrong?''

''Nothing Jack. I'm just so happy today.'' She confessed to him and he stroked his fingers over her hand. Her copper curls seemed to be on fire with the glow of the sunset. ''I never dreamed I could be this happy.''

Jack kissed her forehead. ''I promised you Rose, I wont ever break my promises. I want us to witness every sunset and sunrise together.''

''I know that Jack, you have helped me live.'' Rose remembered when she told Jack her dreams and what she wanted to do.

''Jack…I…I've never lived. I haven't seized the moment. I'd love to be myself, but just take another name and run and be free to roam places I never knew existed. I want to ride wild horses, dance as if no one is watching. I want to spit like a man, smoke like a man. I want to be passionate, you know? Experience passion, expose my naked body to a man and see the love in his eyes as I did so. I want to make love under a starlit sky. I've never done any of those things…"

She smiled knowing that had fulfilled most of what she wanted to do in a matter of months. Jack came to a small spot beneath the pier and he gestured for Rose to sit down on the soft sand. Her red dress matched her mood, she felt wild and free and Jack knew he could never tame her, not did he wish to. He felt his nerves flutter slightly, and Rose positioned herself so she could sit in front of him in-between his open legs and rest her head on his chest. Their fingers entwined and silence fell over them for a few moments.

''Can you also remember me saying that I wanted to marry you?'' Jack's voice was soft, it almost was inaudible from the sound of the waves lapping gently against the sand. Rose turned her head slightly, feeling her stomach knot. Jack had told her a number of times he wanted to marry her, although she had taken his name on from the moment they stepped off the Carpathia, no word on how soon they would marry was ever mentioned.

''I remember Jack.'' She turned her head back and glanced out at the sun which was almost set. A thin line of orange seemed to line the sky and show where the sea began in the distance.

Carefully, Jack reached his left hand into his trouser pocket and pulled out something which he had wanted to give to Rose for a long time. He had thought long and hard of how to propose, what to say and how to dress but he figured none of that mattered - she wanted a simple life and that would be how he proposed. Not saying a word, he reached round into Rose's lap and placed his hand on hers. She felt he had an object in his hand and she glanced downwards to see a small square black box. ''There's something I want to ask you Rose…but first I want you to open the box…''

Shocked she took the box from his hand with trembling hands, she twisted her body to face him and kneeled up facing him. She had an inkling of what Jack was about to ask her, she saw the boyish lopsided grin on his face and attempted to calm her breathing. Shakily, she opened the ring box to see a small but pretty diamond ring sitting inside. Jack took Rose's left hand in his and he felt her shake. He pulled the ring from inside the box and hovered it over her wedding finger. Taking a deep breathe, he asked the words he had wanted to ask for such a long time. ''Rose Dawson…will you be my wife?''

Tears had already fallen down Rose's cheeks and she nodded, words failing for her. ''Of course I will Jack.'' Grinning from ear to ear, he placed the ring on her finger and she glanced at it for a few seconds the reality of it sinking in. The ring was small but lovely, it fitted Rose perfectly and was just the ring she wanted. Rose leant forward to throw her arms around Jack but instead they ended up tumbling backwards into the sand in each others arms laughing hysterically. Rose touched Jack's lips gently as if shushing him and she became lost in his eyes. They sparkled in the darkness as the sun finally set, stars could be seen overhead and she almost stopped breathing from their beauty. Turning her attention back to Jack, he crushed his mouth on hers as if he was longing to do so for a long time. He wrapped his arms around her and felt the passion within which he had had for. Jack felt Rose's body shaking and he felt her grab his left hand and place it over her right breast. He could feel himself wanting her, but they were in such a public place there was no way they could make love on the beach. Breathless, Jack pulled away from Rose with a small smile on his face.

''Rose we can't. Not here.'' He told her in-between kisses.

''Jack…do you remember what I told you I wanted to make love under a starlit sky?'' She whispered to him. He glanced up to the sky, seeing the endless stars then back to Rose. The moon highlighted her face casting a lovely glow over her face. Jack didn't think twice about it, he placed his hands on her breast and kissed her again with all of his might. He made love to his wife to be under the starlit sky on Santa Monica beach.

Rose had fulfilled all of her wishes living the Simple Kind of Life she always dreamt of…thanks to Jack Dawson.

A.N- Well after re-reading and going through this story again I realise just how cheesy it actually is especially towards the end! But I am quite proud of it. Thank you for reading, I hope you continue to enjoy.

Moment for Life

- 16th January 2014