latley my papa kizno is a bit angry bcuz its the famly confernece soon and then evryone comes to the islsnd and he haets his real childrn itsa bit sad ): but he sed they wer meanies to its problably bettr that way

and i now that auntie rosa is a meanie becuz she hit me! so the otrhers cant be better, and i know tat karuss is usles bcuz kizno told me lol he is bad at bisness and only wastest money

aunt nastushi always had a headacvhe i feel kinda bad for her but she isnt kinzos child so he dosnt reli care

then ther is uncle rudofl, papa sed that he sleeps wit lots of women but i dont reli understand its just ab bad thinh XD

and hes marrid to kryie she is reli smart but a bit scary lol, and she loves chess a bit too much but kizno likes chess too so they shuld play somrtime

aunt eva is reli scary and she always has her fan she brings it everywher and if someon tried to take ti i tihnk she wuld beat them up D: and her husband is kinda nice but hes reli fat ugh and i keep forgetin his name becuz it's dificult lol

i tihnk it was hime somethin but tats odd bcuz hime means princes in japanese and he dosnt look like one at all and he is a guy xD

and tehn there are my cosins ballter an marira an geroge

marira maeks a lot of noise all the time so i can understnand that rosa hits her bcuz she isnt a good kid like i am

so then geijini walkd in and sed "evryone is here so lets start the conference" and then he bowed deeply bcuz he is a pro butler and alwsys tris to look good

first we ate lots of gret food made by the cook godha, he put stuf like roses on it its a bit crazy but it tastes okay stil but i kinda wondr if he is hitting on aunt nastushi

den sudnly lamada aperd on the table and she kickd all the food down and tat wash bad becuz i hadnt finishd eatin yet and evryone was angry and lokd at her and eva shouted at her that she shud stop but den lamade sumond some girls

but they had buny eatrs an tails and i realizd tat it were the sista sisters, fouty fhahce and fourhundradnten an doubl zero, so i shoutd tath aunt eva should get down but i was too slow an tehn the sistas shot her in hte head oh god i coulndt look D:

an tehn they shot more ppl they shot karus an nastushi an himesomethin an rosa an kryie it was horribl ):

and tehn lamada stompd on the table and sed "ahahahahah taht wre the sacrtifices for the first tiwhlight and i will kill you all an becom the strongest witch ever ahahahahaha" and tehn she disapprd in a flash

i realizd taht if i did nothing evryone wuld die and lamada wuld win but i didnt want my papa or anyone else to die so i transfrndned into my kawaii withtch form and followed lamada

and tehn we ended up fightin in the air above the islknand and it was a hug magic battl and lamada tried usin lots of dirty tricks ugh .

and tehn she usmond me bcuz im still her funirtu and told me to kill marira but i turbned back itno a withc and she sumonds me and told me geroge but i turned into a withc again and tehsn she told me to kill ballter but i turnend into a frog

oh oops that was wrong lolz i sed and turned back into a wihtc and used my super attakc to blast lamada away and tehn bren apperd and she clapped

"you beat lamada good job hikari you savd evryoine on this ilsnad"

it was kinda sad that som pple died but then bren an i used out powers to revive tehm and evryon was happy ^_^

good end (it dosnt hav a bad end becuz hikari wuld never allow taht!)