Here's a story based on an idea I had in my head. There are a couple of twists and the characters may be OOC to an extent.


Internal Affairs – WHOOP style

Chapter 1: And so it begins...

"Curse you spies for meddling in my plans once again. I'll see you next time!" Tim Scam growled as he got into his getaway plane. He made sure to flash a cheeky smile at one particular spy as he flew off.

"Ooh I hate that guy." Samantha screamed in frustration.

"Don't worry Sammie. We'll get him next time." Alex tried to calm her best friend down. She knew any case involving Tim Scam always got personal to Sam.

"Yeah, take a chill pill Sam. Scam got away but we get him next time." Clover added.

"You girls are right. There's always next time. Let's drop this dirt bag at WHOOP first and then we'll grab smoothie."

"YEAH!" Clover and Alex exclaimed in unison.

The spies had just finished a tough mission, tougher than usual in fact. Their biggest Tim Scam had teamed up once again, this time to take over a state of the art battle cruiser to attack WHOOP with. The spies had stopped them from succeeding but in the ensuing confrontation Tim Scam had escaped yet again. Thankfully, no harm was done to the battle cruiser or WHOOP or their manicures (which Clover so helpfully pointed out).

Three months later...

The spies were in their civilian attire and enjoying a nice day out shopping. They had popped by the new cafe for some Lattes when some weird old guy behind a newspaper called to them.

"Psst! Girls! Over here!"

The girls turned around to see who was calling on them. Clover, for one, was not pleased. "Oh gross. Why is some old man hitting on us? Why couldn't it be that new hottie who just moved into town. Hello, tall, dark, handsome, rich and perfect!" Clover sighed dreamily.

The others rolled their eyes at her comment and decided to simply smile at the old man, until they noticed that he was vaguely familiar.


"Shhh! Not so loud. I don't want anyone to know I'm here."

"Oh, sorry Jer. But if you've got a mission for us why didn't you WHOOP us? Not that we're complaining or anything"

"Girls listen closely. My sources tell me that there is a mole in WHOOP. The only thing I know about the mole for sure is that he works for Tim Scam. The only ones I trust to be above suspicion are you three. I need you to investigate WHOOP from top to bottom for me. Look around. Tail the others on missions if you have to. Report to me any suspicious activity. I'm counting on you. The future of WHOOP is in your hands."

The girls were momentarily stunned. A mole in WHOOP was unheard of, but then again Tim Scam always had a knack for pulling out the unexpected. The girls hastily agreed as Jerry informed them to start the next day.

That night, the girls were in their individual rooms thinking about who could be the mole. They hoped it wasn't Dean or Britney. That would kill them.

Meanwhile in an undisclosed location...

"Hello?" an unknown figure in a dark room picked up a secret phone.

"Good evening my little friend. It looks like the spies know about you." Tim Scam cackled into the line.

The figure smiled. "You mean they THINK they knows about me."

"Correct. Continue with the plan. I don't anticipate the girls being much trouble to you."

"My pleasure. WHOOP will soon be always." The figure let out a silent laugh and put down the phone.

Tim Scam put down his phone as well and look evilly at his display screen showing cameras on all the spies and Jerry.

"The fun is just about to start! Bwa ha ha ha!"

Tim Scam's maniacal laughter filled the air as thunder and lightning roared overhead.

Who is the mole? It's not as straightforward as you think.

Tune in next chapter.

Note: Updates may not be as constant but rest assured I will complete the story in time.