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Chapter 7: Checkmate

Clover tried to turn around to see who the ominously familiar voice belonged to but before she could do so the room was filled with knockout gas. Clover and the others all crumpled to the ground leaving only Tim Scam and his mole standing.

Sometime later

"Ow. My head hurts. Feels like someone whacked me on the head with one of Clover's handbags. What does she keep in there anyways? A bowling ball?" Alex groaned to no one in particular as she woke up. She realized instantly that she had been immobilized by the super sticky bubble gum gadget. As she tried to search her pockets, she made another dreadful discovery, Scam had removed all her gadgets except for the spy suit and the gadget immobilizing her. As Alex pondered her situation another, more sickening discovery came to her.

"I'm certain my eyes are open. Why can't I see anything or anyone? Don't tell me... HELP I've gone blind!" She cried and sobbed.

"Pull yourself together Alex. You're not blind. Someone just turned out the lights." A voice that sounded very much like Dean called out.

"Speaking of lights, did you get the number of that truck? Man my head hurts. At least I hope my hairdo isn't ruined." Clover moaned as she awoke.

"That was no truck. That was a treacherous little minx using an upgraded knockout gas. The same one I used on Jerry." a voice that sounded like Terence expounded from somewhere in the room.

"What's going on?" another voice called out, this one sounding more like Britney.

"Apparently Tim Scam used knock out gas on us." Dean explained. "Is everyone OK? Brit?"



"Sore but fine."


"If you call being knocked out, wrapped in this gross super sticky bubble gum goop and stuffed in a dark room fine, then yes I am very fine."


Dean got no reply and tried again. The other spies tried to feel beside them for an unconscious body but found none.

"Sam?" Dean called again.

Suddenly the door opened and a figure entered in and switched on the lights. As the lights flickered on, the group blinked as they tried to tell who the person was.

"Someone call me?" a familiar green clad spy smirked.

"SAM!" the others shouted at once.

"Well, well, looks like you guys are awake now. About time too." Another voice from behind Sam spoke. This voice was cold and menacing, and one the spies knew all too well. The spies and Terence all gasped as Tim Scam walked through the door behind Sam, came beside her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

The stunned look on everyone's faces drew laughter from Sam, evil laughter that is.

"Guess you guys didn't see that one coming did you?"

Dean was the first one to recognize the implications. "You were the mole all along. You lied to us!"

"Looks like we have a genius here." Sam remarked sarcastically. "Of course it was me all along. Who else would have the brains and beauty to team up with Tim Scam?" Sam added with a flourish of her hair as Tim Scam laughed.

"Scam! What did you do to our Sammie?" demanded an angry Alex.

"Yeah! Did you use some evil shampoo on her?" Clover added.

"Tim didn't do anything to me, except sweep me of my feet." To emphasize her point, Sam captured Scam in a sizzling kiss.

Shock turned into hurt and hurt turned into anger as the spies realized one of their own really was the traitor and had played them all for fools.

"How? Why? When?" the spies all asked at once amidst a flurry of angry accusations.

Tim Scam let out another laugh before Sam continued. "Tim and I had always had a thing for each other. I just was too scared to act on it, too worried about what people would say if they knew goody-good Samantha had fallen for the biggest bad boy of them all. Thankfully, Tim wasn't. He'd been secretly wooing me for months before I finally gave in. Remember that one week vacation we each took on our own?"

Alex and Clover nodded remembered the vacation, that at Sam's behest, they all took. She had specifically insisted on separate vacations so each could have some alone time.

"That week was the week Scam and I got married and had our honeymoon." Sam continued.

The sound of jaws dropping in the room was deafening. No one could believe what they just heard, even as Sam took out her wedding ring from a chain around her neck. The same chain Clover had merely dismissed as a grody little trinket Sam picked up from her one week vacation.

"It was fun being a covert couple. But we both realized that to secure our future, we needed to destroy WHOOP. So we came up with a nice little plan." Sam held Tim's hand in hers firmly and leant on his shoulder as a signal for him to take over the gloating.

"First, Sam secretly sabotaged the jail cell Terence was in so that he could escape."

Terence grew red-faced as he remembered the incident and how he had thought it was the fates finally working in his favour.

"I then recruited him to be my mole. Of course he wasn't the real mole but I needed him in position. While I pretended to take the battle cruiser, Terence snuck into WHOOP. It wasn't so hard seeing as Sam had disabled most of the key security components. Terence then reprogrammed GLADIS according to my instructions and then used the knock out gas to take out Jerry. I had planned to let him kill Jerry there and then but Sam knew he wouldn't go for it so she suggested a more poetic approach."

"I had always loved 'The man in the iron mask' and thought that it would be poetic for Jerry to be taken out by his favourite spies. You have no idea how hard it was not to laugh even as we were helping Britney lock him in the cryogenic chamber." Sam added.

This earned hate-filled glares from everyone, even Terence.

"Basically after that, I got Terence to do some simple sabotage to keep up appearances of a mole. I also instructed him to send the superspies on a mole hunt so that he could continue to do what I need him to do 'undistracted'." Tim Scam laughed.

"The mole hunt was meant as a way for me to make sure Jerry was put on ice. It was also designed so that I could gain access to the two secret WHOOP facilities not previously accessible to me – the Superspy training facility and the arctic prison facility." Sam continued on.

"While we were searching for the 'mole', I used the chance to plant Tim's special bombs all around those facilities. Tim had also done the same to our Europe facility, thus completing the destruction of all WHOOP facilities except for the HQ." She added.

"I detonated the ones in the arctic facility early to make sure Jerry would not escape. I also wanted to see the look on Terence's face when it happened." Tim smirked as Terence growled. Samantha then continued on.

"I then played the most important card of all – the double bluff. I knew all along that Terence was masquerading as Jerry and that Tim would not alert him to my activities. I just had to 'pretend to be the mole' such that you guys would be on to me and follow me here to WHOOP. I would then convince you that I was innocent by unmasking Terence, letting you drop your guard..."

"...and fall right into our little trap." Tim Scam finished.

"Oh, and if you're wondering about my hacking? That actually was a necessary step. I uploaded a virus into the WHOOP database and erased both Tim's and my record. I also switched GLADIS off and linked the self-destruct command to a disposable phone." Sam smiled as Dean stared daggers at her.

"The same disposable phone I am going to use to blow up this place." Tim Scam added with a maniacal laugh.

Try as they might, the superspies couldn't escape from the trap. It was too perfect.

"But why Sammie?" Alex cried

"If you're wondering why Tim and I had to trap you lot here, it's because we had to make sure we not only took out WHOOP but all the superspies as well and this was the only way to get you all in one place. If you're wondering why I fell for Tim...there's no why in love Alex. Of course, you'll never live long enough to experience it for yourself." Sam finished solemnly as she and Scam walked out the door.

The villainous couple went out onto the helipad where Tim's stolen WHOOP jet was waiting. Tim clicked a button on his remote and the door opened.

"After you, my lady." Tim smirked as he stepped aside for Sam.

"Funny, I don't remember you being a gentleman." Teased Sam.

"What can I say? I'm in an unusually good mood today." He laughed.

As the jet took off, Tim took out the disposable phone and dialled the call that would destroy WHOOP once and for all. He didn't press the 'call' button however.

"I think you should have the honour my dear. I couldn't have done this without you." He smirked.

"As you wish. Let's make one last call to WHOOP." Sam laughed evilly as she hit the 'call' button and tossed the phone out of the jet.

The jet flew off into the sunset whilst the WHOOP HQ building disintegrated into a pile of burning rubble, taking the lives of all in it, including its former superspies.


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