They're on opposite sides of the world - Jacob is in his little Quileute area, while Leah is in Australia, having craved the feeling of freedom. However, though they were on opposite sides of the world, they each wrote a journal entry to eachother, although they never show them to eachother...

Night One.

Dear Jacob,

Billy tells me you got accepted into a University for engineering? Well done! It's been crazy here, Jake. It's not cold! I want to stay here forever! I met one of the lifeguards today. He reminds me of you, accept instead of your bronze coloured skin, his is more of a red tan and he had huge blue eyes instead of your black orbs. I miss you Jacob. Come live with me? The beaches are so warm... I know what you're going to say Jacob.

Bella, Bella, Bella.

Did you ever think she wasn't right for you? Just maybe? I've always been here Jacob, always been waiting silently. Always longing for you to get it through your thick skull. Perhaps you never will.

I'm listening to Back to December by Taylor Swift. I know, Taylor Swift: shoot me now. However, those lyrics match you so perfectly Jake. I miss your tanned skin and your sweet smile. It can be our song until we meet again. Did you know they actually have a Big Banana here? It reminds me of when we attempted to make a fruit smoothie. You remember? We got banana and strawberry everywhere. Billy wouldn't let us out until every spot of fruit was gone. I miss you Jake, I have to admit that.

I'll write tomorrow, and even though you'll probably never read this, since I'm too much of a wuss to give it to you, I love you Jacob.

- Leah.

Dear Leah,

I got accepted into UWA! That's in Australia, Lee! God, I can't wait to go there! The only thing holding me back is, is, well Bella. I know you hate me talking about her, but she is the only thing holding me back. She makes me feel used, yet loved at the same time. Is that bad? God, this shit gives me a headache. Let's get this topic off me. How are you? Sue told me you got a job? As a model? Wow! I can see the headlines now, 'who is this mysterious girl?' You'll be amazing Lee.

I believe in you.

So, you do miss me right? I really want to talk to you, but I'm too much of a coward, and Bella- Urg, stuff it. I'm going to call. Promise.

I don't know if its stupid or not, but I was thinking of fixing you up a car for when you get back. I know Sue thought you should buy your own when you're older, so maybe as a welcome home present. Don't worry about the costs, I've got it. I'm going to be an engineer, remember? Move out of the way Brad Pitt, Jacob Black is here!

Love you Lee,


Night Two.

Dear Jacob,

Billy tells me you've started building a new car? That's cool Jake! Got bored of your Rabbit already? Haha. I listed to a new song today. It's called Lucky. The original version is pretty shitty, but the Glee version - yeah, I know we hate Glee - is better. Lucky I'm in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I've been. Lucky to be coming home again. You heard right Jacob! I might come home for the holidays! Yeah, I know my holidays are different to yours. Here, it's December the eleventh. Fourteen days until Christmas; what will I be getting my precious Jacob, hmm?

You remember that lifeguard I was talking about? He asked me out. Oh-my-god Jacob, he is hot! I know, nobody can replace you, but you're on the other side of the world, remember? His name's Jack O'Malley, and he asked me to go to Sienna's. Oh right, half way around the world... It's this sort of fancy Italian restaurant that has pretty good food. Anyway, we went on our first date tonight. It was amazing Jacob! He reminds me so much of you! He loves cars, except he loves swimming more, that's why he became a lifeguard. And he knows my boss for my modelling job - did I tell you about that? - and he got me a raise! I know, more money, more money I can spend on my Jakey! (:

Anyhow, the date went well. No sappy stuff, promise. I miss you Jake. I wish you were here.

Love you,


To the owner of my heart,

Where art thou are you? Oh god, that sucked didn't it? Shakespeare just can't win me over, sorry. Remember Mrs Puckleberry? Yeah, that evil brute of a math teacher? She actually got married. Who would marry that wart? Anyway. Sue tells me you got a raise? Way to go, Lee! I wish I could tell you about Bella, Lee. She's been really nice lately. Hasn't mentioned that leech once. I wish I didn't love her - honestly I do. But I don't want to stop loving you either, so. I don't know.

So how's life Lee? I've started your car, by the way. I know how much you hate your hair getting messed up, so I'm trying to make a convertible with a cover just in case. Hope you like sky blue, Lee! Well, Quil imprinted on a little baby, to keep you up to date on the pack's latest deal. Emily's pregnant. Yeah, I know Lee. Don't worry about it; just get over it. Sam's an idiot, whether he helped me or not. Anybody who hurts you is an idiot.

I'll talk soon, okay? Bella's here.

Love you,