This is the fluffy EPOV's futuretake of Loved & Lost I wrote for Fandoms4ME. Enjoy!

10th July 2016

Sat on our bench, I turned slightly and ran my finger across the brass plaque that still graced the back. I smiled at the memory of Bella, my beautiful wife, saying yes to my question. I thought that was the happiest day of my life, but since then, I've had so many more to rival it.

Our wedding day immediately sprang to mind. It was our wedding anniversary in four days and I had big plans. I still couldn't believe it had been four years since we tied the knot and started our life together. She was the reason for my existence.

I was stood at the top of the aisle fidgeting with my cuffs. Stupid things, I could never get them right.

"E, stop. You're okay. Bella will be here any moment." I stopped still. I hadn't realised until that moment Jasper pulled me out of my rambling thoughts that I was moving from one foot to another, my breathing become short and quicker; I was bordering on a full freaking out.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds and managed to slow my breathing before opening them again, "Thanks Jazz."

"Anytime E." He smiled broadly at me, "You know I'll always have your back." He patted me on the back and I smiled at him just as the music started to play.

"You ready bro?" Emmett leaned over Jazz and whispered. I nodded because I didn't want to make a fool out of myself if my voice was a squeak. "Showtime."

I took a large breath then turned to face the back of the room just in time to see the most gorgeous scene playing out. Our nephew, Benjamin walking up the aisle towards me just in front of his Mom and Aunty Alice. Rose had our niece, Poppy perched on her hip. Alice had our youngest nephew, Carter cradled in her arms. I could hear the faint sound of a camera shutter clicking which made me smile to know that I had this memory forever etched in a photograph.

Once Benjamin saw his daddy stood at the front, he started to run and shout, "Daddy, daddy! Aunty Bee is a princess!" I laughed as Emmett pulled him in his arms and I couldn't help but long for the day I could do the same with my own child ... Not long now, I smiled to myself.

Once Alice and Rose reached us, I kissed them both on the cheek. "Sorry about him, Edward. I told him to walk but would he listen?"

"Rose, don't worry. He's fine."

As Rose, Alice and the kids got in their places, the music changed again to a piece of music I knew well. It was the lullaby that I wrote for Bella on the day we found out she was pregnant, one of the happiest days of my life. My eyes were immediately drawn to the back of the room where my beautiful Bella was. She was arm in arm with both my Mom and Dad. That's what she wanted and Mom and Dad were so proud to both be asked to walk her down the aisle. I caught my Mom's eye and she looked as if she was crying, happy tears I have no doubt. My Dad looked as proud as the day he walked Alice down the aisle too. Mom and Dad always saw Bella as their own and you could tell that at this very moment.

And then our eyes locked and I was lost. Lost in utter happiness and joy. Lost in love. Bella, my Bee. She was stunning in her ivory strapless wedding dress. It fitted her to perfection with a taupe coloured simple bow tied to her waist at the left. I could help my eyes wandered to her waist which over the next seven months would swell as our child grew inside her.

As she reached me, my father gave her hand to me which I took eagerly. "You look amazing, Bee." I whispered as everyone behind us sat down. Her answering smile was magically and I knew, just knew this day would be absolutely perfect.

"Daddy! Daddy!"

I lifted my head to see my other reason for existence, our beautiful baby girl, Faith. She was the image of her mother but had my bronze hair colour. She was born in the February following our wedding and the first time I saw her, I knew that she was the reason for our journey. When we'd been thinking of names, something Shorty said on our wedding day stuck in my head, "I always had faith in you two." Faith. Since Bella had come back into my life after spending all those years apart, it was faith that brought us together so it seemed the perfect name for our daughter who would forever be with us, keeping us together and strong.

"Hey baby girl. Are you okay?"

"Carter pushed me!"

I looked over at Faith who was in the sandpit with her cousin, Carter.

"No I didn't! Don't lie Faith, it's not nice!"

I smiled at myself, these two were always arguing then within seconds, they were the best of friends again. "Come on you two, play nice. You don't want me to tell your moms do you?"

They looked at each other with raised eyebrows then started to shake their heads frantically from side to side. They were a pair of funny kids. I laughed at their antics, shaking my own head. They reminded me of Shorty, Bella and me when we were younger.

I looked around to see if I could see Bella and Shorty who had gone for a walk. Faith and Carter were more interested in the sandpit; not that I blamed them!

Sighing again, I looked back up towards the clouds above us, closing my eyes slightly, having my idea to surprise my beautiful wife for our anniversary going round and round in my head. I had it all booked, I just had to think of a way to get her there without her being suspicious which to be fair, wasn't going to happen. She knew I had something planned … I always do. I smiled to myself as I thought back to the surprise I gave Bella on our honeymoon; well the location of the honeymoon.

Bella had always thought we were going to Florida which she was looking forward to but I couldn't keep the secret any longer when I steered her to the gate to board our flight to the Caribbean, St Lucia to be exact.

"Edward, why are we here? The flight to Florida is at the next gate, not this one to ." She took a long look at the board as I stared at her profile, biting my lip and hoping to God she was going to be okay with my white lie about our honeymoon destination.

"Edward? St Lucia?"

I nodded, keeping my eyes on her as I saw them fill with tears. She flung herself at me, hugging me tightly, almost knocking me off my feet with the luggage I was carrying.

"Oh God, Edward! I love you." She kissed me enough to make my toes curl, gripping onto my shoulders. She pulled back to look at me again, a large grin on her face.

"I take this as a good sign. You don't hate me for me not telling you the truth about where we were going?"

"No Edward, I don't hate you." Her lips hovered at my ear as she leaned close, "I think you're the best husband in the world. And I'm so hot for you right now." I gulped. Since we had found out Bella was pregnant, she had been wanting me any chance she could get anywhere she could get me, including my mom and dad's bathroom not that I'm proud we weren't caught after making Bella scream my name no, not at all.

"Bella," I whispered, "we can't, not here. Plus we're boarding soon."

"I wasn't thinking about the airport." She nuzzled my ear before licking it, "I was thinking about joining the mile high club."

I smiled knowing I wouldn't be able to resist her, "Where do we sign up?"

"Daddy!" I was pulled out of my filthy thoughts of having Bella against that aeroplane's bathroom wall by my daughter's screech.

"Faith, what's a matter now?"

"I see Mommy!" She frantically pointed towards the pathway leading up the hill to where we were. I was on my feet seconds later, rushing to my panting wife as she struggled up the hill.

"Bee! What did I tell you? A gentle stroll around the park! Why didn't you stick to the flat ground over there! And you!" I pointed at Shorty as I got between them to take one of each of their arms to support them, "You should be taking it easy too!"

"Oh Edward. We're pregnant, not ill. Stop with this over protective crap!"

"Don't start Shorty. I prefer my new niece not to be delivered in the middle of the park by me. I really don't want that job."

"Rest big little brother. I still have two weeks before this one's coming."

"Alice, you're due date is tomorrow!"

She chuckled, "Edward, believe me, this kid isn't going anywhere yet… your wife on the other hand..."

I whipped my head around to see Bella biting her lip, her hands rubbing her swollen stomach as she nodded slightly. "It's started Edward."

"Shit, shit, shit… right okay… don't panic Bee. I'll get you to the hospital and-"

"Edward! Stop! We've done this before remember..." She cradled my cheek and smiled which calmed me instantly.

"Oh Lord, he's not like this with his patients is he?" Shorty turned to Bella.

"No just me." Bella grinned again before her expression fell into one of worry and pain. I hated seeing her in pain, there's nothing I hated more.

"It's okay, baby. I got you."

I helped Bella back to the sandpit, "Come on Faith, Carter. We need to get going." After a few grumbles, I managed to get everyone to the car and loaded up. I was so thankful that we had picked Alice and Carter up now so we had the car at the park because we usually just walked there with it being so close to our home.

Once we pulled into Alice and Jasper's driveway, I glanced around to Bella who looked to be trying her hardest to cover her discomfort. I jumped out and rounded the car to get Faith.

"Faith honey, I need you to be a really big girl for mommy and daddy, can you do that?" She gave me a confused look before glancing at Bella who gave her a soft smile.

"Faith, Daddy needs to take Mommy to the hospital."

Faith's eye went wide, "Is it time for the baby to come out?"

I smiled at my girl, cupping her cheeks in my hands, "Yes it is baby girl. You're going to be a big sister soon." Her face lit up like Christmas before she squealed with delight.

"Daddy, we need to go." Bella said in a too calm tone.

"Faith, I need you to stay with Aunty Ali until later, okay? Uncle Jazz will be home soon so you can play tickle monsters with him, okay?" She nodded with a grin. She loved her Uncle Jazz so much, I knew that would seal the deal.

She hopped out of the car. "Okay sweetheart. Be a good girl." I kissed her forehead, "Love you."

"Love you too, Daddy." I looked at Bella to make sure she wasn't having a contraction. That would only scare Faith. She saw what I was doing and nodded at me. I opened Bella's car door so Faith could say goodbye to her mommy.

"I love you sweetheart. Be a good girl and Aunty Ali will bring you over to the hospital when you have a new brother or sister to look at." Bella kissed her hand and placed in on Faith's head.

"Okay. Love you too, Mommy."

I jumped back in the car and peeled out of the drive heading towards the hospital. "You okay Bee?" I was a little scared to ask... I remember the last time...

"Push Bee! You can do it!"

Bella spoke through her gritted teeth, "Edward, if you ever come near me again with your dick, I'll cut it off. Do you hear meeee! ARGH!"

"I'm so sorry, baby." I held onto her hand as she squeezed the shit out of it and brushed her hair back off her face.

"Don't fucking touch me, Cullen! Never ever again."

I chuckled at the situation. Here we were about to do it all again. "Edward, don't laugh at me. I'm in serious pain!"

"I'm sorry baby. I wasn't laughing at you, just remembering the last time. Just please don't break my hand again." Yep, she actually managed to fracture a couple of bones in my hand last time but it was worth it. The extra time off work to be with my new family worked in our favour in the end.

"Just... don't laugh at me and I promise not to knock you out cold!" And I believed her so I wiped the smile off my face. Bella was feisty when she was pregnant and in pain.

Jasper was waiting for us as we walked through the door with a wheelchair for Bella. "Hey Bella, how you doing?"

"Been better Jazz, thanks for asking." See what I mean ... feisty.

"Okay... well Alice called ahead so anything's set up. Doctor Greene is waiting for you in delivery suite eighteen. I have half an hour before my shift ends. I'll pop in before I leave to see how you're doing."

"Thanks Jazz."

An hour later, we were in the delivery room and Bella was calm and relaxed. Her spinal block was in place and she was happy, sitting up chatting away like she wasn't about to have a baby. This is so different from last time. Doctor Greene was examining for progress.

"Good news Bella, you're full dilated so it's time to push this baby into the world." I kissed Bella's hand I was holding and smiled at her. "It's time." She grinned back at me, "I'm so ready for this. This is so much more relaxed than with Faith. Drugs are great."

"Right Bella... you can still feel the contractions right?" She nodded. "Good. Next time you feel one, I want you to push, okay?"


After twenty minutes of pushing, I got to see my baby's head for the first time. I see babies being born on a weekly basis but there's nothing that can describe the feeling of seeing your own child being brought into this world. Nothing.

"Almost there Bella. One more big push should do it." Bella took a couple of deep breaths before pushing again for the final time.

And just like that, our second child was born. That first cry out made both our eyes fill with happy tears.

"Well done Mommy! Now let's see what we have..." I looked down to see for myself. "It's a boy." I announced, "a beautiful baby boy." I blinked away the tears as I cut the cord. He was quickly whisked away for initial checks.

I turned back to my beautiful wife and kissed her. "I love you, Bee."

She smiled and blinked after her own tears, "I love you too Edward. So much."

"Here he is Mommy." Wrapped in a blue blanket, he was passed to Bella. She cradled him in her arms and lightly traced his nose with the tip of her finger. "He's gorgeous, just like his daddy." She lifted her eyes to meet mine and grinned.

"He is." Bella chuckled then looked back down at our son and kissed his head. "I think daddy wants a snuggle, little man."

Bella passed him to me. He was so small in my arms as he was a week early. His little hand gripped my little finger so tightly.

I looked back at Bella who was crying again with a smile on her face, "God I'm so emotional." She wiped her cheeks.

"I think it's allowed, Mommy. So are we really going to let Faith pick his first name? You do realise she'll want to call him Woody or something."

Bella giggled, "Yes, she can choose until we like it too." I grinned at her.


Faith burst through the door of Bella's private room just over an hour later. "Mommy! Daddy! Where's the baby?"

"Shhhhh princess, you need to be a little quieter than that here." She ran to me and I hugged her, picking her up from the floor. When she turned her head to look at her mommy, she must have seen her new brother because she gasped.

"Is that my new baby?" She pointed her finger at her brother who was fast asleep in his mommy's arms after his first feed.

"It is sweetheart. Faith, meet your little brother."

Faith's head turned back to me, "Brother?" I nodded. She turned to face her brother again as we perched at the edge of Bella's bed.

Faith tentatively reached out with her finger. "It's okay, baby. You're okay to touch him." Faith looked at her mom, "He's so small Mommy."

"That's because he needs his big sister to look after him so he can grow up to be big, like you." She grinned as her finger found his hand.

"What's his name?"

I looked at Bella and she smiled. "Well Faith, he doesn't have one yet. Mommy and Daddy want you to choose a name for him."

She turned to face me, her eyes wide with disbelief, "Really?"

"Yes really." I chuckled.

"Jazz." Uncle Jazz... of course.

"I think we may get a little muddled if we have two Jazz's baby girl. Any other names you like?"

"Hmmm..." She looked deep in thought before her whole face lit up.


"Jack." I looked at Bella who was smiling, "Yes, Jack Charlie Cullen. It has a ring to it."

We had decided that if we were to have a boy, his middle name would be shared with his Grampy Charlie just as Faith's middle name was Renee after her Granny who was in heaven.

"That's a great name, Faith."

"Yes it is. Like Jack and the Beanstalk." She smiled up at me and I had to hug her close, she was just so God damn gorgeous.

"Do you want to hold him Faith?" She bit her lip, a habit she got from her mom and nodded.

I sat her in one of the large chairs with cushions all around her. I picked Jack up and kissed his nose before placing him gently on Faith's little arms. I quickly reached for my cell to take a picture.

"Smile Faith." I clicked a few shots of the two of them together before sending the one of them to all our family and friends with the message, 'Faith with her new brother, Jack.'

I smiled back at Bella who wiped yet more tears from her cheeks before I heard the softest voice. It was Faith talking to her brother.

"Jack, I'm your big sister Faith. I'm going to look after you with Mommy and Daddy. I hope we get to go home soon. I need to show you your new room. I helped. It's got loads of animals on the walls. Do you like animals? I do so I bet you do too."

I moved to sit next to Bella on the bed and pulled my arm around her shoulders as we both watched our children together.

"Thank you Bee." I whispered, not wanting to interrupt Faith's list of animals she was reeling off, "Thank you so much."

Bella's answered in the same hushed tone, "I love you Edward."

"I love you Bee. Always and forever."

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