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(Special Edition)

From the pages of Sasuke's Diary

Dear Diary,

I am planning to surprise Itachi...

He has been bugging me to attend the Halloween party at the office...

I will surprise him at the party...

I will give a dramatic entrance...

Just wait Itachi-kun... you'll be more excited to go home than the party...

I'll keep you updated my dear diary...



October 31st... 6:00 am

"Sasuke!" Itachi called out loudly. Sasuke groaned as he got up from bed "Coming... coming..." he yelled back. Itachi started chuckling for he knew that tone... Sasuke was not in the mood... no, change that thought... Sasuke wasn't interested. It was around 6 in the morning and Itachi was at the attic opening boxes for almost an hour now. He was looking for something to wear at the party the office was having tonight. Sasuke opened the attic door and found a dusty Itachi seated among the piles of opened boxes. Itachi looked up and grinned at Sasuke "Koibito... you should really come with me tonight..." the elder raven commented.

Sasuke frowned, he knew Itachi knows he was not really into Halloween eversince. "Hey... it was just a suggestion..." Itachi said defensively as he raised his arm and motioned Sasuke to come closer. Sasuke sighed and walked towards Itachi. Itachi yanked Sasuke and the young raven fell on top of Itachi with a thud. Itachi let out a loud 'Oooff' and Sasuke scrambled to get off Itachi. Itachi just chuckled and held on to Sasuke "Are you mad at me koibito?" he asked. Sasuke shook his head "Nii-san... I'm not mad at you... I just don't want to go..." he whined.

Itachi sighed "Come on koibito, just this once... we won't stay that long..." Itachi cooed as Sasuke pouted. "Give me one good reason why you don't want to go..." Itachi asked Sasuke, his voice turned somewhat firm. "I... I don't want to dress up... I... just don't want to nii-san..." Sasuke frowned. Itachi was sad, but he gave up... he can't force Sasuke if he doesn't want to. "Fine, koibito... I just wish you'd come..." he said with a heavy sigh. Sasuke rolled off Itachi and stood up. He dusted his shirt off and walked out of the attic silently.

Itachi sat up and watched Sasuke leave... he wondered why the young raven was in a foul mood and he had been extremely quiet these past few days. Maybe he was so persistent that he hurt Sasuke's ego somehow. He finally found the hat he was looking for and placed it on top of the costume he was meaning to wear tonight. He closed the boxes and headed downstairs. He glanced at Sasuke who was glaring at the tv set. He sighed and went outside to wash the costume. As soon as Itachi was out of sight, Sasuke grabbed his diary and started to make a few scribbles and grinned.

'Itachi is in for a surprise...' he thought to himself as he stashed the diary back to it's hiding place. Little did Itachi know, Sasuke had a secret... Sasuke went to Suna to visit Naruto a week ago and did something wild. He had his tongue pierced. He did everything he can not to have any torrid kissing with session with Itachi as the wound healed. He was thankful Itachi became persistent with the Halloween party, he had reasons to act like a prima donna and to prevent them from kissing... as well as making love. The tongue healed perfectly and it was ready for testing tonight.

Sasuke carefully spied on Itachi, looking at the costume the elder raven was hanging up to dry... 'So nii-san will be wearing a ship captain's outfit... how cute...' Sasuke thought wickedly. He then realised that Itachi was on his way in.. he quickly jumped to his bed and covered his face with a pillow. Itachi came up and saw Sasuke covering his face. Itachi frowned, he didn't want Sasuke to be mad. He went in the room and sat by Sasuke's feet "Koibito... are you still mad at me?" he asked, his voice low. Sasuke's eye peeked from the pillow and shook his head "No... I'm fine..." he said muffled by the pillow he was holding.

Itachi sighed "Koibito... I'm sorry... this won't happen again... I promise..." Itachi said worriedly. Sasuke sat up and threw the pillow, exposing his face to Itachi. He pulled Itachi closer and wrapped his arms around Itachi's neck "Hey.. hey... I'm not mad.. okay?" he said as he gently planted a small kiss on Itachi's lips as he cupped his face. Itachi looked sad... Sasuke sighed, it was difficult to plan surprises to someone as sensitive and as observant as Itachi. "I just don't want you to be upset... If you want, I won't go to the party... we can stay here and..." Sasuke stopped him by placing a finger on his lips "Hush... you talk too much..." he whispered with a smile.

Itachi smiled sadly. Sasuke felt guilty "Nii-san... I'm really sorry... I was unfair earlier... what can I do to make it up to you?" he asked sweetly. A glint of blackmail sparkled on Itachi's dark eyes. "Come with me to the party tonight..." he said. Sasuke had a counter attack for that request, he was expecting that request anyway. "Sure..." he said casually. Itachi was surprised "You will?" he asked. Sasuke nodded "Yup... but I will be arriving a bit later than you..." he said. Itachi nodded "... promise?... don't take it back..." he said and Sasuke raised his right hand "I promise..." he vowed. Itachi happily hugged him after he heard that.

Itachi finally went to the bathroom to get ready for work. Sasuke smiled evily as he watched his brother walk away. 'Itachi... Itachi...let's see how long you can stay at that party...' he smiled as his mind played the things he was planning to do tonight. Minutes later Itachi was ready "I'll be going koibito... I need to check with the party set-up..." he called out. "Bye nii-san..." he called out in a sing-song manner. He locked the door and ran to the attic. He was so relieved Itachi didn't open the box he labeled 'books'. He grinned as he opened the box... in it lay his costume for tonight... all washed up and ready.

He then rushed downstairs and decided to pay the supermarket a visit. He got his keys and wallet and started his black Ferrari up. He then zoomed to the supermarket located 5 blocks away. He arrived and parked the car. He pulled a shopping cart and went directly to the sweets section. He grabbed a big jar of honey... a bottle of chocolate syrup and a large bag of confectioner sugar. He started chuckling to himself as he pushed the cart. He grabbed a bottle of cherries and some flavored whipped cream. He went to the fresh fruits section and grabbed a bunch of seedless grapes as well.

Sasuke trotted along the wine section and picked a bottle of champagne... he then thought it wouldn't fit his plan, so he returned the bottle back. He then took 2 bottles of rum. He smiled... this was perfect... he just wished Itachi would cooperate. It has been a long time since he planned something like this for his lover. He felt wicked and excited. He then went to the toiletries section... he needed a strong kind of toothpaste... all the sweets in the cart were threatening his teeth and gums as of the moment... he grabbed a large tube... some bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner.

He walked towards the counter to pay for the items. As he stacked the items, he remembered that he needed candles "Uh... miss... I'll be back..." he said as he quickly ran and turned left. He grabbed 2 packs of red floatable candles and went back to the waiting cashier breathlessly... "Here... sorry..." he grinned and the woman smiled. He paid for the items and went to his car. He passed by the flower shop and bought 3 dozens of roses... Soon, a bunch of red, white and pink long-stemmed roses were neatly wrapped and handed to Sasuke's waiting arms. Sasuke paid for the items and left the shop.

When he arrived home, he hid the items in the linen closet.. he was sure Itachi wouldn't bother with this area. He cleaned the house and arranged the area. Everything had to be perfect. Around 5 pm, Itachi arrived. "Koibito... I'm home..." he called out. Sasuke sat by the couch watching tv with a book on his lap. He looked up at Itachi "Hello nii-san... how was your day?" he asked as he smiled. Itachi smiled back and went towards him and kissed his forehead "Good... excited, knowing that you will be with me at the party tonight..." he grinned. Sasuke smirked "Really? Why don't you rest a bit before you prepare..." he commented.

Itachi went to the bedroom and stretched his body on the softness of the bed. Sasuke already ironed Itachi's costume and it was already hanging by the door. 30 minutes later he heard a gush of water... Itachi was already showering, he looked at the wall clock by the displayed china at the corner... it was almost 6 in he evening.. the party was supposed to begin at 7. Itachi was already drying his hair as Sasuke went up the room "Let me help you dress up nii-san..." he offered. Itachi was already wearing white pants with maroon lining. Sasuke threw Itachi a white fitted A-shirt... which the long-haired raven gracefully caught.

Itachi was soon dressed... his long dark hair was loose and curtained his back beautifully. Sasuke braided a couple of strands and added styling cream to it... "take the rubber off nii-san... maybe after an hour so your hair will have waves..." Itachi nodded. Sasuke arranged the buckles and the belts on Itachi's front jacket. He looked like a real ship captain... the dark red color of the jacket contrasted the pale skin with perfection. Itachi even had a sword on his side. Sasuke laughed "Planning to slice up some pirates later nii-san?" he joked and Itachi laughed. Itachi was ready to leave.

"Koibito... you... you will catch up with me, right?" he asked thoughtfully. Sasuke nodded as he adjusted Itachi's collar "I will be there... I promised you, didn't I?" he asked as he planted a kiss on Itachi's lips "Go now... you will be late..." he ordered Itachi. Itachi nodded and grabbed his car keys "I'll be waiting for you..." he said softly as he left the house. Sasuke smiled and waved. Itachi left and the house was quiet again. Sasuke looked at the clock... he needed to move fast. He ran upstairs and changed the bed covers... and the pillow covers as well. Sasuke notice Itachi forgot his captain's hat. He made a mental note to bring it with him later.

Soon the bedroom had a warm, dark red glow... since he covered the lampshade with dark red and black acetate paper. The bed was now sporting black satin sheets with maroon pillows scattered around. Sasuke began picking the rose petals and scattered them all over the bed and the floor. He pulled a small wooden coffee table beside the bed and placed a couple of empty bowls. He poured the honey, the chocolate syrup, the whipped cream and the powdered sugar on the bowls. He then placed the cherries and grapes on another bowl and placed the rhum in a chiller on the side.

He then filled the bathtub with water and threw the remaining petals there. He then scattered the floating candles and decided to light them once he was ready to leave the house. As soon as he finished, he looked around and enjoyed his handiwork. He then took a shower downstairs in the guestroom and started to ready himself. It was already almost 9. Sasuke made some final adjustments to his attire. He looked at the mirror and snickered 'Nii-san... let's see if you still wanna stay in that party all night...' he grinned wickedly as he locked the door and hailed a cab.


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