Hello. I have come back with a story very different from the others I have
written about He-man. For one, there will be no He-man at all in this fic,
only Adam. If the idea doesn't please you, then don't read it. It will be a
very AU story as most of my characters would be OOC. Now that you have been
warned, I wish you good reading.


The royal soldiers were all around but it didn't stop Hordak and one of his
men getting to the nursery. The evil ones took the babies in their arms and
they were about to escape when the queen opened the door and rushed to
Skeletor. Hordak saw the queen retrieving the baby from the arm of his
unconscious servant. He swore at this, but his grip on the second baby
tightened. Fortunately for him the window was very close and he could escape
from the man-at-arm. Hordak flew to the portal that would helped him return
home. The baby was still asleep in his arm, and Hordak couldn't help but be
proud of him. He didn't know if he had the prince or the princess in his arm,
but one thing he was sure of : this child would be one of a kind.

Hordak was hurt by one of the spells of the damn sorceress, but he didn't show
it to his minion. He went to his room with the baby still in his arm. It was
only when he felt safe that he let go of his precious charge. He looked for
the first time at the baby. He had taken the boy, and for some strange reason
he was happy for this. The little boy had blond hair and stunning blue eyes.
But it was not what attracted Hordak's attention. It was the stunning
resemblance to his own dead son that made Hordak speechless. The baby was so
alike to his own Adam that Hordak wondered for a minute if he could be
dreaming. It was the sound of a door that cut him from his stunned state.

The woman who entered was very beautiful. She was Hordak's slave, but in fact
she was his lover. Never before her had Hordak looked at a human woman like
this, with love in his eyes. She had given him a son who was perfect to their
eyes. At first she had fought Hordak,but she had finally give up and let him
have what he wanted. In a way she was in love with him, but she had loved her
son unconditionally. His death had broke her, and now she only wished for
death to come for her. She looked like nothing could touch her now, but the
cry of a baby seemed to startle her. She looked around frantically and when
her eyes fall upon the baby, they showed feeling for the first time since long

When Shadow weaver came to Hordak's room to take the baby, she couldn't
believe her own eyes. Hordak was there with his wife and the baby was laughing
with them. The witch came to the center of the room and tried to take the
baby. But the human woman was faster than the witch. She took the baby to her
chest and hid behind Hordak.

" Give me the baby." Said the witch with a cold voice. " I have to teach him
his place in the horde."

" No !" Exclaimed the slave. " Don't take my Adam from me again." She

Hordak was torn. In one hand he knew that the witch was right. The baby would
become one of their soldiers, and it would be for the best if he was trained
as young as possible. But on the other hand he didn't like to see his wife so
sad. He wanted her to smile again like she had done after their son was born.
No one had power over his heart like she had. So he made up his mind.

" Enough Weaver !" He exclaimed. " You can't have the boy."

" Why not master ? Your brother will not be pleased by this."

" The son of king Randor is dead ! This boy is my son. My Adam. That's what my
brother will know."

"But, you can't !" Exclaimed the witch.

" I can and I will. Beware Weaver, if I hear anything about this baby not
being my son, I will know who has talked. And believe me you would regret

" Understood master."

" Now go. I will let you tell the horde that my son was finally cured. We will
send back the son of king Randor to his family for them to hold a funeral.
It's the least we can do. Made sure that the king understands our message."

" He will. " Chuckled the witch.

" Now, bow before your prince. Prince Adam of the horde !"

To be continued.

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