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Chapter 15 : ending

Adam was very uneasy during the flight toward Eternia. He, his wife , bow and Glimmer had take flight to Eternia because during the past year a lot of ship who belonged to the horde were destroyed around this planet. At first, Adam had thought that it was just a coincidence, but he don't think so anymore. For him, it was clear that the king of Eternia had ordered the destruction of their ship, and Adam can't let it pass. At first he had wanted to go alone, like he had done the first time, but his wife had convinced him otherwise. So, that's why the four of them where now in a ship who belonged to the kingdom of Brightmoon and looking at Eternia who become bigger and bigger by the minute.

Bow was also worried but for a different reason than his best friend. He was well aware that Castaspella had seek refuge to planet Eternia, and he was worried to face her again. He feared to fall under her spell again and attack Adam. He knows that his friend had forgive him for what he had done a long time ago, but Bow can't forgive himself for what he had almost done. In a way he wished that Hordak had take his life because he would have spare him to live a guilty life. But like always, Hordak had followed his son's wish and let Bow live, it always amazed Bow how Adam is capable to make his father change his mind. Bow wondered for a minute if he must had said to Adam what he had heard before they left Etheria, but he don't think so. If he was the one who would be executed by the order of Hordak, he would gladly accept it.

Teela too was worried. It was the first time for her to return to her birth planet since her abduction by the prince of the horde. So much thing have changed since then, she was no longer the dutyful soldier she once was. She looked at the long rang radar and felt some peace at seeing the ship who transported her husband's men. It was her idea for them to follow them from afar. She don't have said a word about it to Adam but she don't doubted that he was aware of it. And he don't had said anything against it, so she guessed that he approved her. Teela was worried to face her father again. She no longer feel any anger against him because she knows that he had just follow his duty, but she still can't forgive him for choosing Adora's happiness other hers. She hoped that her father would heard the reason, but if he don't then she know which side she will chose.

Glimmer was the only one who was not worried. She had come as representative of the peace, but she really doubted it will work. By attacking the horde's ship, king Randor had chose his fate. Glimmer can't understand how a king can place his planet in danger when it was not needed. the horde had abandoned the idea of making of Eternia one of their planet, so if the king had continued to ignore the Horde, then Eternia would have live in peace. This king must be a big fool, thought Glimmer. Hopefully, Etheria would have a wise leader soon. Glimmer can't wait for Adam to become the king of the horde.


In the planet of the horde, Horde prime was waiting for his most precious spy to come. He had send her to work under Hordak's order a long time ago, and she almost had never disappointed him. The king had thought about it for a long time, and now he knows what was needed to do. He had spared his nephew's life since the failed attempt to kill him when he was a child, but he can't do this anymore. Adam had become too loved by the horde's men. A lot of his general wanted to follow his example and Horde prime can't let do it. So, he had decided to order to his spy to kill Hordak, Adam and his wife. It was for the best for the horde.

The spy entered the throne room. She was familiar with the place. Once upon a time she was there by Horde prime's side as one of his wife. But horde prime one day had not found her attractive anymore and he had chose to make of her a sorceress. She had never forgive him for it. She had hid her feelings for a very long time and played the act of the good spy. When the king had ordered her to kill Adam and his mother she had obeyed without any regret. She was surprised when the boy had survived, but she was even more surprised when Hordak had confronted her about what she had done. She had thought that he would kill her at this time, but no. He had let her life until he ordered her to kill the responsible of this. And the time had come. The prince don't need her protection anymore, because his wife can protect him with her magic, so she gladly accept her fate.

Horde prime was surprised when Shadow weather cut his throat with a knife. He can feel his life escape him without being able to do something to prevent it. " Why ?" Does he finally was able to say. " The king is dead, long life to king Adam" Said the sorceress before she cut her own throat. Their body were found an hour later, and a mail was send to Hordak, saying he was the new king of the horde. Much to the surprise of everyone, Hordak refused and declared that his son would be the rightful king. A smile found his way to hordak's face when he heard the cheer of the horde men. The time for the change had come.


Since he had decided to attack the horde's ship, king Randor had made sure to be informed about every ship who landed to Eternia. That's why it don't take him more than a few hours before he was aware that a strange ship had landed in the mountain in the north of the kingdom of Eternos. He decided to send the masters to the place were the ship had landed. After that he looked at his grand son who was playing in the garden with his mother. He loved very much his grand son and he was happy to see that his son-in-law was not only a better captain of the royal guard than Teela once was, but also that he can make his precious daughter so happy. He wished for the horde to dissapear totally and left them and all of the planet under their rule live in peace.

It was Bow's idea for landing in the mountain near by a small village. The night had almost fall when they finally had reached Eternia, so it was not wise to wander around. Bow had told that he had meet a nice old woman in this village and he don't doubted that she will gladly let them spend the night at her house. It turned out that Bow was right, and the old woman was more than happy to let them in. And if she looked a little more longer at Teela than at the others, no one told anything about it. They spend their night in the same room because the old woman had just one bedroom and none of them wanted for her to leave it. It was during the breakfast that the old woman give a locket to the princess of the horde. The old woman claimed that it belong to the princess and Teela don't have the heart to tell her no. So, she accepted gladly the gift and thanked the old woman profusely. But when Adam wanted to pay for her hospitality, the old woman see red and began to yell at him. Most to the surprise of his friend, the prince only laugh at this. After that he also thanked the woman and was not surprise when she thanked him in return. He hoped when everything was finished they can come and visit Teela's relative again, because for him there is no doubt that the two woman are from the same family. But for now they have a mission, so he left the old woman's house and began their journey to the palace of Eternos.

It was in the afternoon that the masters found them. Adam and his friends have seen them coming a long time ago, and they have decided to let them take them to the palace. after all it would spare them a lot of time this way. Adam and Teela, both wear some mask and they wore an attire with the crest of the horde clearly visible on their chest. So, that's why the master took their weapon out, but the four traveller come to the wind rider without any fight. All of them stayed silent during the trip. The master because they were very uneasy with their prisoners, and the people of the horde because they have nothing to say.

As soon as they landed the four travellers were send to the king. Randor was waiting in the throne room with his daughter and her husband, the man-at-arm, and surprisingly queen Marlena by his side. The king felt a great anger at seeing the crest in the chest of two of the four people.

" What are you doing here ?" He asked with a harsh voice." The horde had nothing to do in Eternia."

" You must have thought of this before you attacked and destroyed our ship." Said the man with the mask in a very cold voice. " I'm here to order you to stop it, or else the horde will take upon your planet."

" As if you can." Said Li with a voice full of disgust.

" He can, and he will." Said the voice of the masked woman.

At these words, Duncan lift his head. He had heard this voice a long time ago. But it was not possible. his daughter would not have betrayed them. She would never had leave them to work for the horde !

" Who are you ?" Asked for the first time the queen.

Adam felt something warm in his chest. It was like if he had known this voice all his life, but can't remember it until now. He felt very troubled by it, and he was very grateful when his wife took his hand.

" I am the prince of the horde. This is my wife and my friends."

" We can't have your name ? Are you too proud to told us ?" Asked Adora with disdain in her face.

" I don't give my name to stranger." Answered Adam with the same disdain.

Unnoticed by them, the prince Li had left his wife's side and go to the prince of the horde's back with a knife in his hand. He don't know why, but he can't fight his mistress wish. Castaspella wanted this prince dead, and it was what he would do. Unfortunately for him, Teela turned her head a few second before Li can stab Adam in the back. She acted without thinking.

" Adam !" She yelled. " Watch out !"

teela take her sword out and without any hesitation she cut the hand who had the knife in. In her sudden movement she lost her mask, but she was far beyond that. She look at Li's severed hand without any feeling of guilt. The captain of the royal guard Teela was dead a long time ago, and this was proof enough of it.

" Don't you dare to touch my husband." She said with a voice full of venom. " The next time you will lost more than just a hand."

Adora was in shock. She never had expected for her husband to act like this. But she was even more shocked at seeing Teela in front of her wearing the attire of the horde and claiming that she was the wife of the prince of the horde. All of them were shocked, but the one who was more shocked was Duncan. Not only he had found that indeed his beloved daughter had turned her back to what once was her life, but he also was shocked to hear her calling the prince Adam. Which chance is there for two prince to share the same name ? The dead baby who was send was beyond recognizable, and the queen had always claimed that this baby was not hers. Is it possible that the prince was really their Adam ? And if so, what can they do about it ?

" I think you must take care of him." Said Adam calmly." Before he bled all around and die."

At these words, Adora run to her husband side and help him to go to the infirmary.

" Now, king Randor. What is your answer ?"

" I will never bow before a man of the horde !" Exclaimed the king.

" Like you wish." Said Adam.

He began to leave the throne room when the voice of the queen stopped him again.

" Please." She said." Show me your face. I want to see the face of my son."

" Marlena !" Exclaimed the king

Adam turned around and let his mask fall.

" I am Hordak's son." He said.

" Do you love him ?" Asked the queen. " Was he a good father to you ?"

" Yes. I'm proud to be his son."

" I'm glad." Said the queen. " That's all I have wanted for you. Take care of him Teela."

" I will your majesty." Answered Teela. " Goodbye father. I regret that the king was so blinded by his anger to see the truth. Please make him understand that he had no chance against the horde. We are far more powerful than you."

The four of them left the room after that, and no one dared to stop them.


The battle for Eternia lasted a couple of months. Like Teela had said Eternia was easily defeated, even with the help of the sorceress of greyskull and She-ra. The prince of the horde ordered to kill Skelettor and his minion first, then after that he go after the kingdom of Eternos. As the king of the horde, Adam had a lot of ship and soldiers under his rule, never before had Eternia fight so much opponent. The masters were the first to fall, and even She-ra was defeated. Castaspella had tried to escape when it was clear that king Randor would lost the battle. It was Bow who shoot the little ship she had used to escape. A few hours after, king Randor and his family were under arrest.

Eternia had become one of the planet of the horde. And like for the other planet Adam chose a ruler for it. This ruler would answer only to him and can lost his power if he don't applied Adam's order. Much to the surprise of the inhabitant of Eternia, the prince of the horde chose to make queen Marlena the new ruler. He was well aware that king Randor would rule the planet too, but he no longer would be able to order an attack. The princess Adora and her family were send to duc li's estate with the order to stay there. For the time being it would be the best. Maybe, if thing would go better, Adam would let them to return to Adora's parents side, but for now it would be the best. Adam confirmed Duncan in his position of man-at-arm and he ordered him to protect the new ruler at all cost.

Ten years later

Adam was playing with his eldest daughter. The fright zone was no longer the dreadful place it once was. Now there was flower all around. As the king of the horde he had a lot of duty, but he always found time for playing with his children. His only pain during this time was when his father had die eight years ago. Hordak was very ill for a long time, but he was happy to see his first grand daughter before he passed. Teela was a marvelous queen and all of the horde's people loved her. Things have changed since it was his uncle the ruler of the horde. Now, all of the planet who once were under the rule of the horde worked with them now. No one complained about the way they were ruled, not even Eternia.

Adam and teela have become very close of the queen of Eternia, and even if Adam can't found himself to call her mom, he loved her as much. With time the king had recognized his error and had asked for forgiveness, which Adam had agree wholeheartedly. now, they both work together, but for Adam randor would never be his father. Hordak was and will stay the only father he would have. Adam and Teela stayed away from princess Adora and her husband, none of them loved the princess anymore. And if Teela had patched some thing with her father, she was well aware that her heart and duty would lie by Adam's side forever.

" You know," she said. " My father was right. Nothing is more important than the family. I love you Adam."

" I love you too, my queen. Don't ever leave my side."

" Never." She agree.


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