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Harry Potter's Odd Behavior

To the guardians of a Mr. Harry James Potter;

Harry has been acting very strangely lately. He is usually on time to class and with his work, but has been letting his grade go into disregard lately.

For example, the other day he came into my Transfiguration class 20 minutes late with his tie crooked, his robes wrinkled, and his hair messed up more than usual! His enemy in the school, Draco Malfoy, came in the same way.

Finally coming up for air, Draco gaped at Harry in the dim closet. "Merlin, Potter. What is up with you today? We're going to be late for McGonagall!" Harry grinned cheekily then pounced back onto Draco's lips.

I had to give them detentions for being late, fighting, and uniform infringement. For some reason, they didn't seem at all unhappy with a triple detention to be served together. It is the oddest thing.

He has also been treating his Quidditch oddly. Every time his gets on a broom stick, he starts giggling by the natural vibration of it!

During last week's match against Slytherin, he and the Slytherin seeker flew next to each other for over 15 minutes! One student even saw them holding hands!

"It's a gorgeous day out today, isn't it Draco?" Harry said contently. He readjusted himself on the broom stick and giggled loudly. Draco smiled at the dark haired boy. "The perfect day for a rival Quidditch match."

The biggest reason that I am writing you today is the most recent event. I was just heading down to the kitchens for a cup of tea when Mr. Potter passed me.

He was holding a tray with two mugs of hot chocolate, two éclairs, and a large vase of flowers! It was 11 PM!

"Thanks Dobby. I have to get going because Draco is waiting for me in the Room of Requirement. I wonder how I'm going to wear the cloak carrying this tray… Ah well. It's not like Professor McGonagall is going to find me."

I don't know if you've ever talked to him about girls, but this would be the time. I believe he may be acting out because of a young woman.

It of course would be inappropriate for me to speak with him, but if you wish, you could send a letter to him with this owl. Thank you for your time.

Minerva McGonagall

Head of the Gryffindor House

Minerva tied her lengthy letter to a school owl and sent it on its way. She rubbed temple sleepily and slowly left her office.

"Draco, that tickles! Stop it!" said a familiar voice. The professor stopped in her tracks. "No! Stop! That tickles!" "Shut up! I hear someone," said another, firmer voice.

"Are there students in there?" Minerva said loudly.

The doorknob slowly turned and the closet opened. Draco Malfoy stumbled out first, his hair a mess and his robes sloppily put on.

The next to come out was Harry Potter, blushing as deeply as a summer beet.

"Good evening, Professor," Harry said awkwardly.

Professor McGonagall swiftly fainted.

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