Title: Destroyed (1/?)

Rating: M

Content: slash, violence, unpleasant things that will be revealed throughout

Characters: Raw Roster, main characters Randy Orton, Evan Bourne, John Cena

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue

Distribution: ffn, lj, anywhere else ask first

Summary: Evan has a terrible secret, Randy and John are determined to help him, but Evan knows what's at stake should anyone find out. Set around current Raw storylines (loosely).

a/n: first multi part story I've written in ages. We'll see where it goes.

"He looks exhausted," John commented to Randy as they both watched Evan on the monitor. He was stood in the ring awaiting the announcement of his opponent. They both knew this was Evan's last night on Raw for a while, as he would be having surgery the next day on an injury that had been niggling at him for months. There was something else though, for the last few weeks or so Evan had been distant, nervy and insecure. He hadn't been the Evan that everyone knew and loved, but he wouldn't let anyone close enough to find out what was really wrong.

Randy rubbed the back of his neck, strain and frustration showing on his own face, "I don't think he's been sleeping. And he won't talk to me. God knows I've tried."

"Do you think he's worried about his spot? I know he was pissed that his push got lost in the shuffle, but there are still big plans for him, I've told him that," Cena watched CM Punk enter the arena and his focus shifted to Randy.

"I don't know. We've both reassured him, I think he knows that we're always gonna have his back. There's just... I dunno, I've got this gut feeling that there's something badly wrong here." Randy took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to calm the sinking feeling in his stomach that he was missing something very obvious and very bad.

"We can't let him go without talking about it." John was as worried as Randy was now. Orton's gut instinct was rarely wrong.

"I know, I'll grab him when he's finished up and we'll wait for you in my locker room, ok? I'll try to talk to him while you have your match," Randy smiled wryly, "I'm not sure that both of us quizzing him together is going to get him talking. Remember Ted?" Their dual interrogation of DiBiase Junior as to his intentions in his relationship with Cody had almost had the man flee the state in fear.

"OK, just be gentle with him."

"Aren't I always?" Randy grinned, and both of them turned their attention back to the screen.


"Hey Ev, you sold that well, the fans are really gonna miss you," Randy jogged to catch up with the younger man and fell into step by his side.

"Yeah," Evan barely looked up at Randy, "well I can't wait to get away."

Randy's breath caught in his throat. The Evan he knew would never say something like that. His instinct was right, something was terribly wrong. He followed the high flyer to the locker rooms and noticed that Evan hesitated before entering the communal room. "Go grab your stuff, you can use my room."

Relief flooded Evan's face, and he nodded, "thanks, I'll be one minute." He was less than that, practically running out of the room clutching his bag.

Randy led the way down the corridor to his private room, pushing the door open and allowing Evan to enter first. He didn't see Evan's eyes flicking nervously from side to side, checking the room before entering, ensuring that they were alone.

Evan dropped his bag and sat down on the low wooden bench that ran the length of the room, resting his head against the cold brickwork and closing his eyes. Randy wasn't sure what to do – Evan had been so jumpy recently he didn't want to make things worse, but at the same time he wanted his young friend to know that whatever it was that was happening, he wasn't alone. He sat down next to Evan, close enough that the young man knew he was there but respecting his personal space.

"Talk to me Ev."

It wasn't an order, but a request from a worried friend, Evan recognised that. He wanted to talk, wanted to share his burden, he just didn't know how. Randy was a good friend; a good listener, despite his stoic and cool exterior, but this was beyond anything they'd ever broached before, and he didn't want to risk their friendship. Sometimes these past few weeks he'd felt like it was the only thing he had left. His job was being taken from him, his self confidence had gone, he felt like he'd lost his very self. He couldn't risk anything else.

"I'm ok," he felt Randy stiffen next to him as the lie left his lips, "I will be ok," he corrected.

"I know you'll be ok, but I'm worried about you right now."

"Don't worry about me Randy, I'll be fine as soon as I'm away from him... from here," he corrected quickly. Realising that Randy had immediately picked up on his error, he held his head in his hands, resting his elbows on his knees. He knew there was no way that Orton would give up until he knew the truth, not now that he'd let slip that someone was the problem. He couldn't tell though, as much as he wanted to share his burden.

Randy studied Evan carefully, he could see defeat and fear radiating from the smaller man. "Who is it?"

Evan just shook his head, still refusing to look at his friend.

"Please, Evan I can't fix things unless you tell me who it is that's bothering you," tentatively, Randy placed one hand on Evan's knee, hoping to offer some comfort.

Evan stood up like he'd been electrocuted, before taking a few deep breaths and walking over to the other side of the room to the sink, where he stared at himself in the mirror, hardly recognising the person staring back at him. "This isn't something you can fix Randy."

Undeterred, Randy followed Evan and stood behind him, catching his eye in the reflection in the mirror, "you look so tired Ev."

The high flyer forced a crooked grin, "gee thanks."

"You know what I mean," Randy returned the smile, "You haven't been sleeping, you're jumpy, you're so down, I want to see my favourite aerialist smile again."

"I'll be ok," Evan repeated, almost as if he was trying to convince himself. He turned around to face the champion, looking up at him with a half smile.

Randy nodded and stood awkwardly looking at Evan, wanting to pull him into a hug but not sure that the younger man would welcome the physical contact. Evan recognised and appreciated this, and moved closer to Randy, resting his head on his chest and closing his eyes as Randy reacted to this by pulling his tattooed arms around him, hoping that he could at least provide some comfort and respite from whatever torment Evan was currently suffering.

Evan relaxed into the touch, the first time he had been relaxed for longer than he could care to remember. Randy's arms were strong and comforting, and he felt safe. He was so lost in his own head that it took a while to hear Randy's soft murmured words.

"I worry about you, Ev. I want to make things right and I want you to be ok, you mean a lot to me and I'll always be here for you, nothing is so bad that would ever make me think different of you. Whenever you want to talk I'll be here, I promise."

Evan felt so close to breaking down and telling Randy everything, but he couldn't. There was too much at risk. Instead he just pushing himself closer to Randy, feeling the older man instinctively hold him tighter, and he allowed the contact to soothe and relax him. Eventually he pulled away and turned back to the mirror, again catching Randy's eyes in the reflection.

"Thank you," he whispered.

Randy smiled, "no problem." He knew now was not the time to push, so he changed the subject quickly, "you got plans for tonight?"

"Nothing special, why?"

"Me and John were going to get a takeout and some beers and chill if you wanna join us?"

Evan nodded, "I'd like that," it would keep his mind off other things, at least. He'd distanced himself from his friends recently, and had missed the company. He'd missed Randy especially, more than he would even admit to himself. They'd always been close since Evan had joined the Raw brand, sharing childhood memories of a shared city even though they'd not known each other at the time, and there was a connection between them that they both ignored, too scared to fully confront what could be if they gave their feelings a chance.

"Good. We'll wait for John and as soon as he's done we'll get the hell out of here, ok?"

"Sure. I'd better get dressed," Evan grabbed his bag and pulled on some sweat pants over his ring gear, and threw on a t shirt. "I'll shower when I get back."

Randy nodded. At least he'd got Evan talking to him and spending time with him again. Even if he didn't get to the bottom of what was bothering Evan, they'd reconnected and that was the main thing. Evan's friendship meant too much to lose.