A.N: A little Halloween piece loosely connected to "Something 'bout his woman" and "Of Frontierville and Tattoos" but you don't have to read those two to get this one. I hope you enjoy and now on with the show.

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Part one:

"But handsome please," Penelope begged giving him her best puppy eyes she could while batting her lashes. "You'd look so sexy in the outfit I chose for you."

"You know I hate Halloween baby girl. Why can't we just stay in and watch a bunch of scary movies that way I can cop a feel whenever I want," Derek answered with a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows.

Penelope crossed her arms over her ample bosom a scowl marring her features her red heeled foot beginning to tap in impatience's. "That won't be happening either Derek Morgan cause I won't be home," she growled lightly turning from facing her fiancés.

She'd had such big plans for Sunday night ones she hoped Derek would enjoy and want to share in. She knew he never cared for the holiday all that much but it was just one night after all did he have to be such a spoil sport.

"Come on Penelope it's one night," he groaned echoing her thoughts but not wanting to disappoint his future wife.

However the thought of having to get dressed up in some stupid costume he'd never wear again never appealed to him. Only as a child had the holiday brought any joy which changed after his father's death.

"Exactly one night Derek that's all I'm asking for," Penelope exasperation coloring her voice as she turned back around a peevish look in her eyes. "It's not like I'm asking for the world stud muffin just one night. I don't beg for much."

"I wouldn't go there woman I had you begging last night if I remember right," he answered with a smug smirk sliding in place as he took a step forward.

Penelope groaned but couldn't help the dreamy smile from ghosting over her lips. Her thoughts were brought back to the present when Derek slipped an arm tightly around her waist hauling her close.

"I know you remember Goddess," he breathed against her ear feeling the shiver run down her body. "Had you pinned to our bed, while I drove into you so slow and hard. You enjoyed begging just as much as I loved hearing you beg and scream."

"Derek," she drug out his name eyes closing as lust and passion started to fill her body. "That may have been a few nights Sugar daddy but today is totally different. You won't get a second chance," Penelope said while extricating herself from his arms with difficulty of course.

He tried to hold tight but she managed to wiggle free. Her body setting his a flame with the simple caresses and brushes that would glance off his with every movement she made. Once she was free his arms dropped to his sides knowing that when she was like this it was no good to turn on the charm she wouldn't budge one iota.

"Sweetness please," it was his turn to beg. "I'll do anything else."

"Na uh my chocolate drop," she answered waving a finger in the negative in front of his face before turning to finish closing down her babies. "No go with me then no nookie for you Mr. Cookie."

"Penelope," he whined plying her thickly as his winning smile ghosted over his lips.

"Not going to work cupcake," she tossed over her shoulder her hips swaying from side to side trying to entice him. Knowing he couldn't resist her temptations for very long and he'd cave.

"Won't work you evil vixen," he whispered coming up behind her pressing his front into her back picking up the sway of her hips while wrapping his arms around her waist. "You can entice me all you want," Derek said hands ghosting over her hips sliding up her side and brushing just barely underneath her breasts. "But I have will power gorgeous."

He felt her melt against him in response, a sly grin pulling at his mouth thinking he'd won her over. He kept inching his hands higher till they grasped her large warm globes into the palms of his hands giving a gentle squeeze.

Her own wicked grin sliding into place as she put a little more into the sway of her hips grinding back into the burgeoning bugle she could feel on her ass, knowing she had him right where she wanted him.

Placing her hands on top of his, she pressed the large callus palms into her flesh just a bit more hearing a sharp intake of air from behind her. "You think you're irresistible don't you?"

'Will power, will power,' he kept chanting in his mind trying to ignore the heat flooding his body as she moved back into him.

"Cat got your tongue hot stuff?" Penelope giggled dropping her hands from his to reach behind them both and squeeze his firm ass.

"More like an evil tech kitten," he hissed slipping his hands down from her breasts to her waist and started to gather up her skirt in his hands.

Penelope shook her head spinning around to face him. "Well this tech kitten happens to be going home to a nice hot bubble bath and bed," she stated linking her arms around his neck leaning in to whisper, "alone since you don't want to play," and she slipped out of his embrace grabbed her purse, lab top bag and left.

"That's just plan mean Goddess," Derek called after her turning to sag against the desks edge. He looked at his right hand, "I guess it's just you and me pal," he stated with a shake of his head knowing he'd just lost a battle, but he'd be damned if he was going to lose the war.

A sly grin spread across his lips as he pushed away an idea forming in his mind one that would make her, his by the end of the night.


He'd beg but only if push came to shove after all Derek Morgan had to save some of his dignity right. There for with a quick stop at the corner convenient store on the way home to pick up a pint of Rocky Road ice cream and some whip cream. He wasn't so sure it would work but hell he had to try something. He didn't want to readily agree to something especially when he wasn't to keen on the holiday.

After all driving home with a hard on was almost impossible and all he really wanted was to take his woman in his arms and ravish the living day lights out of her for hours on end. But no she was being impossible on just one little matter.

After unlocking the door and rearming the alarm Derek tossed his keys on the dark pine wood table at the back of the couch, toed off his boots and padded sock footed towards the kitchen to put away his goodies. Quiet encompassed the apartment only the sounds of night broke the eerie stillness, till Clooney came padding into the kitchen tail waggling high a slight whine slipping from his doggy mouth.

"You need to go out boy?" Derek asked his four legged friend giving the shaggy light brown head a quick scratch.

Clooney cocked his head to one side as if thinking over the question then gave a short bark.

"I'll take that as a yes," Derek said a slight groan falling from his lips. "All right boy come on."

Grabbing the leash, slipping on a pair of black Croc's©, disarming the system and stepping out the door, Derek looked down at his companion. "You make this quick."

Half an hour and many trees sniffed later both master and pet came back through their apartment door, Derek grumbling under his breath about how Clooney never listens.

"Have fun Mr. Tall dark and handsome?" came Penelope's voice a sultry note in the cadence.

Derek glanced in her direction starting at her feet bare, toes painted a deep red, the pale white flesh of her calves exposed up till mid-thigh were a blood red satin fabric covered the soft expanse of skin he knew by heart but at the moment was hidden from his view. His eyes continued to travel up her satin incased body, caressing each spot with those deep chocolate eyes that started to darken with passion. He paused for a few minutes to drool over the ample bounty of creamy white skin pushed up till almost over flowing the red lacey cups of the bra holding them hostage. Yet he didn't tarry, his eyes kept traveling up the smooth column of her throat finally settling on her smirking sinfully red painted lips.

"Eyes up bad boy," she softly chided a chuckle escaping.

"Damn mama you don't play fair," Derek groaned making eye contact for the first time since he returned home.

She shook her head, red locks flowing around her, "Of course not stud and neither it appears," she paused to pull the carton of frozen decadence from behind her back, "do you."

"Now Goddess that's not what you think," he tried to reason yet knew he was caught out.

"Or really," she asked with an arched eyebrow. "You sure you want to stick with that answer?"

"Yes," he weakly returned watching helpless as she opened the pint one finger dipping into the semi frozen sweet mixture.

"Still keeping to that super fox?"

He nodded but swallowed passed the lump of desire while his jeans grew tight.

"All right then," she sighed with a shrug of her bare shoulders. "I guess then I'll be enjoying this little treat all on my own," Penelope pouted bringing her finger towards her lips and slipping the single chocolate covered digit inside swirling her pink tongue around to grab every last lushes drop.

"Penelope," Derek groaned watching his vixen finance moan and suck on her own finger.

His resolve to not fall for her ticks started to crumble while standing there and watching her drip a finger back into the ice cream and grab another finger scoop full and passing it into those plump sexy red lips

"You sure I can't temp you stud muffin into giving in to what mama's got planned. I promise I'll make it worth your wild," Penelope cooed dipping back into the carton and grabbing another glob of sweetness.

However she brought this bit of sweet treat to her lips a touch slower, chocolate dripping off her finger to slide down her cleavage.

Derek watched on pins and needles wanting nothing more than to follow that single line of chocolate as it slowly slipped down the slope of her right breast.

"Why the hell not," he ground out tossing the leash over his shoulder and stalked forward arm wrapping around her waist and tugging her body against his.

Lowering his mouth to the chocolate ribbon his tongue slipping over the soft flesh nibbling gently and catching every last drop. Hearing Penelope's sharp intake of air smiling against her skin he knew she was just as turned on as he was.

"Derek," she gasped one hand barely holding onto the carton as the other grasped the back of Derek's head holding him to her like a life line.

"Yes baby girl," he mumbled against her skin.

Penelope groaned when his skilled tongue slipped beneath the fabric of her nightie and bra flicking over the nub of her breast then circling receiving another sharp gasp. "You mean it?"

He grinned again but didn't have the heart to brag things out. Instead retracted his tongue from her cleavage and tracing fiery open mouth kisses up her collarbone, then her neck towards her ear lobe taking the slim flesh between his lips and tugging.

"Whatever my woman wants," he growled into her ear giving it a firm nip.

Penelope giggled, wanting nothing more than to toss the pint of ice cream towards the kitchen and have her very own life size piece of chocolate, but decided to play naughty. As she slides the hand from around his neck down towards the buttons of his dark red dress shirt that he hadn't taking off from work. One by one Penelope popped the buttons of his shirt revealing hard mocha colored skin to her starving eyes.

"You know handsome," she bragged out using her forefinger to barely brush the bare flesh she uncovered eliciting a throaty moan from Derek when she parted the shirt and using the tip of her finger circled his nipple then sweeping over the growing bud. "Chocolate ice cream away tastes better with a little something added."

Derek cocked an eyebrow trying to keep himself from tossing her over his shoulder like some wild caveman and rushing from their bedroom. "And what my beautiful imp would that be?"

Instead of answering Penelope dipped her finger back into the rapidly melting sweet cream to retrieve more tasty goodness and with a slight smirk on her face brought the same digit to the side of his neck letting the cool concoction slide down his skin.

"Opps look at the mess I made."

He tried to hold back the grin, "Then you better clean it up love."

"On I plan to sugar lips, I plan to," she answered drawing the last few words out slowly as her lips inched closer to his skin.

Using the flat of her tongue Penelope slowly licked at his skin retrieving every last drop. She pulled back an evil lust filled smirk on her lips as she pushed the fabric off his right shoulder. "You know I don't think I got it all lover boy."

He couldn't help it a sexy smile passed over his lips as he answered her, "Then by all means sexy," and to prove he was serious Derek yanked off the rest of his shirt, standing there bare chested waiting for his woman. "Just don't eat every drop Goddess I want my fun to."

"Oh," she shivered in anticipation "I wouldn't dream of depriving you my Big Hunk of chocolaty deliciousness of all," and she took a step back ghosting her free hand down her body, "this fine delectableness."

"Good," he answered reaching out to dip his own finger into the melting sweetness just getting the chocolate cream to coat his finger before spreading it all over her ruby lips. "Now there's something I can devour," Derek growled retaking her into his arms and crashing their mouths together.

Instead of the normal slow nibbling kiss he'd usually would have bestowed Penelope not this time he ate at her lips licking and biting the tender flesh passively drowning in the sweet heavenly taste of her lips and the ice cream but more so from her. For while his lips took control eating, tasting trying to sate the hungry he'd felt licking at his gut the moment they'd gotten back from their last case and he'd got to see Penelope, having missed her all too much over the last four days.

But she'd denied him the privilege of a simple kiss in lieu of asking her question which started the whole mess. Yet Derek Morgan wasn't one to complain not when he had such a willing sexy Goddess of a woman in his arms. Hell he'd go to the blasted costume party just to please her, which was something he'd never done for any woman who wasn't Morgan, but then in his heart she was already a Morgan and had been for a long time.

"Humm taste so sweet baby girl I just want to eat you up," he groaned against her lips when oxygen became an issue.

"Well stud," she purred smoothing her free hand down his bare chest, "we have all this melting ice cream and I can only think of one way to eat it."

Raising his head eyebrow cocked questioningly, "And what way would that be?"

"Why ala Morgan of course," she answered and processed to raise the paper carton to his shoulder and let a few cold drops slip out and down onto his skin, followed closely by her hot rough tongue lapping up the sweetness. "Humm I'm not sure which tastes better," Penelope stated an impish grin on her face. "I guess I'll just have to keep sampling till I figure it out."

"You do that mama, but I get my own licks in," Derek said leaning in to run the flat of his tongue up the column of her throat.

"Oh it's gonna be a long night," she said sighing in contentment.

"Damn strait baby girl," he growled grabbing her hand and tugging her along towards their bedroom.


"What'd mean you're going to JJ's to get ready?" Derek demanded from the doorway of their bathroom.

"So you won't know it's me silly," Penelope replied as if it was the most widely known fact.

"You don't think I won't know you woman?" Derek asked taking a step forward.

Tossing her head back laughter floating from her lips. "Oh I can count on it handsome."

"A challenge then?"

"What will I win?

"Three months' worth of breakfast in bed when I'm in town of course and foot massages for a year," he answered taking another step. "And if I win?"

"Humm a hard decision to make," Penelope grinned tapping a finger to her chin. "How about same terms but I'll throw in something extra that you'll only find out about when you win."

"Evil woman," Derek growled lowly accepting her out stretched hand pulling her body against his. "And when I win you will be mine."

"I'm always your hot stuff," she grinned leaning up to nip at his bottom lip.

"Damn strait are you," he grunted sweeping in and taking quick possession of her lips in a mister full, but short kiss. "Now go since you want to torment me before I forget all about the stupid party and toss your sexy ass on that bed."

"Promises, promises big boy," Penelope chided but yelped when he stepped up and grabbed for her.

"No promise woman."

"Gotch sexy," she waved grabbing bright blue dress suite case and flying out the door.

A touch late I know but hopefully the writing fairy's will be with me and it'll get finished tomorrow. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween.