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Summary: Harry after training with the Flamel's for a year believes that he's found a way to send his soul back in time to his younger self to stop all the deaths he is so guilty for. But what he didn't expect was to end up in an alternate universe where Neville became the BWL and he has a family.

AN: Canon up to end of DH, really didn't like the way DH went. So basically this fic will be Harry an AU time travel fic, Harry will fall for an OC (Sirius's daughter). After reading similar fics that all turned out to be abandoned or harem's I decided to try my hand at it. I've decided to give Harry 3 siblings, twins (boy and girl) that are 2 years younger, and a sister that is 4 years younger. Sirius will have a daughter that is Harry's year, a son that is 2 years younger and a daughter that is 4 years younger (I'm a fan of Fleur/Gabrielle and Harry fics and after reading Harry Potter and the new life by silveraegis do you guys think Sirius's kids should be part veela?) Harry will go back to when he is 5, so he can develop decent bonds with his family and keep suspicion to a minimum.

AN2: Neville was struck with a sectumsempra after cutting off Nagini's head by Voldemort himself.

It was finally complete, a potion that he created with the aid of Nicholas and Penelope Flamel, a potion that he believed would send him back before his first year at Hogwarts. He would be able to change everything. He wished to save those that died for him, those that died because of him. Harry thought back to what led to this point, the major turning point.


Harry was under his invisabiltiy cloak observing the battle taking place in the Great Hall. Voldemort was duelling McGonagall, Kingsley and Slughorn at once. He looked furious that they were actually keeping him occupied. Harry knew they couldn't beat him but they could hold him off. So he turned away from that duel to look at another, Bellatrix was duelling 3 of his most important people, Ginny, Luna and Hermione. They were fighting hard, but nothing they did was able to do any real damage to the Lestrange bitch.

Harry was about to help them out when he froze and he swore his heart stopped... Bellatrix just fired the killing curse at Ginny. And it hit her square in the chest. Ginny was dead, he had tears running down his cheeks and his rage started to appear. He heard laughing around him, taunts such as "She got Potter's little bitch" and "She actually thought she stood a chance, hahaha". That death eater spoke last was faced with a reducto to the head via Molly Weasley. She had tears streaming down her face, all fighting seemed to halt besides Voldemort's. Harry froze, 'Mrs Weasley...she must hate me' he thought to himself.

"I'LL KILL YOU BITCH, YOU TOOK AWAY MY DAUGHTER" She screamed as she started firing curses and hexes at Bellatrix.

Bellatrix meanwhile was laughing manically dodging everything Molly was throwing at her, she began taunting Molly. "How many of your children are now dead, once I've killed you, I wonder..." But she was interrupted by Molly's screech as she spoke in between curses "YOU-WILL-NOT-TAKE-ANYONE-ELSE-FROM..."

Bellatrix shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA" It hit Molly mid rant. She began cackling loudly and thus missed Fleur sending a powerful cutting hex at her. Voldemort screamed in rage at the death of his most loyal death eater and began pushing back the 3 warriors facing him. Bellatrix's death seemed to kick start Harry. He saw Voldemort and rage once again took over 'It's all because of him, everything is because of him... I will not allow him to hurt anyone else'.

Harry threw off his cloak and shouted "ENOUGH". Once again the entire hall froze and everyone, including those fighting Voldemort froze and that was all the time Voldemort needed to finish his opponents. He sent a sectumsempra at McGonagall's head, the killing curse at Kingsley and a powerful reductor at Slughorn resulting in his innards flinging around the area. Voldemort screamed "YOU, HOW CAN YOU BE ALIVE, I KILLED YOU". Harry began his explanation (read ch 36 of DH)



The spells hit and a loud bang resulted and Voldemort dropped dead. The crowd was silent, than claps and cheering could be heard all around. Harry didn't pay attention though, his revenge was bitter sweet. He didn't feel relieved or happy, all the deaths that his rage had covered up hit him all at once, it was his entire fault, and everyone was dead because of him. People started to approach him when a loud bang was heard, Harry was too deep in his grief to notice or care. Two people appeared, two people the wizarding world had believed dead, Nicholas and Penelope Flamel.

They stood infront of Harry and Penelope spoke gently "Harry, death of loved ones is the hardest pain anyone has to face, don't hold back the pain, let it out" That was all he needed, Harry began crying infront of hundreds of people, the pain was unbearable. Penelope continued "Harry, we wish to train you, to help you to achieve your goals, will you join us" Harry looked up at her and anger took hold of him once again "ACHIEVE WHAT, I DID WHAT THAT OLD FOSSIL WANTED, I DEFEATED VOLDEMORT, WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WOULD I WANT TO ACHIEVE NOW..."

Nicholas stepped forward "That young man is why we want you to join us, we have lived centuries, watched loved ones die many times over, we want to help you overcome this, more importantly we want you to find your purpose". He contemplated his words before continuing "That old Fossil as you named him wanted you as a martyr, he wanted us dead to stop us from finding you and training you. This was why he set you up with the Weasley boy, he wanted someone to make you want to be a martyr. In your first year we gave Albus a fake stone to use as bait, why on Earth would we give him the real one when it is such a dangerous object. We can teach you many things Harry, all you have to do is trust us..."

Flashback end

Harry agreed to go with them after thinking about everything Dumbledore had done over the years, he realized just how far he had been manipulated, to the Dursley's to every event at Hogwarts. He had trained with the Flamel's over 2 years. Training in all brands of magic, he had become truly powerful. The 20 year old was able to cast almost all spells wandlessly besides the unforgivable since he was so in tune with his magical core (he believed he couldn't cast the unforgivable or truly dark spells since he did not want to cast them).

He discovered he had 2 animagus forms. His first form was a black lion with his green eyes, powerful and brave instincts, this form had been the easiest for him to obtain as it was what appeared to him during meditation. His 2 magical forms came only after he took a potion developed by the Flamels, they stated that only exponentially powerful wizards or witches (note: they each have a second form but they have lived for centuries and their magical core has grown little by little over the years) gained a second animagus form so when Harry gained another even they were struck speechless at how potentially powerful Harry could be.

His second form is a pitch black Hippogriff with dark brown wings, what surprised Harry and the Flamels however was when Harry first took this form he was able to see in the dark and his senses enhanced. These skills stayed with him after he took back human form. After many arguements, the Flamels decided to let Harry in on one of their greatest secrets, they were close to completing a potion that should direct a soul to another time and place. Harry initially didn't seem to care until he realized that with the right power he could potentially change the past. He also realized what a major factor in this would be, he would have to AK himself.

Harry and the Flamels argued quite often over the months on the fact there would be no way to test the potion but Harry just stated that he more than likely would have Aked himself if they didn't arrive when they did. Over his stay with them Harry had realized that he didn't truly love Ginny, yes he mourned her the most but he had never experienced love, Ginny who appeared to love him gave him what he craved most and he clung onto it.

It was finally time to take the potion, the Flamel's sat opposite Harry as he mentally prepared himself, this would either work or his soul would be torn out and he would die, so they couldn't help but be nervous for the boy they now considered a son. Nicholas "Harry, since this may be the last time we see each other we want you to know... we think of you as the son we never could have, we could stop you but we know how miserable that would make you, so all we will say is good luck"

Harry looked at these two people in front of him, two people who did what few others did, they gave him a home, they trained him, they kept him safe and sane, to Harry they were the parents he never had. "Thank you both... for everything, you may not ever know how much your kindness over these last few years have meant to me" Harry stated, tears threatening to leave those bright emerald eyes.

Penelope's eyes weren't so lucky, she was crying openly now, her "son" was now about to drink a potion that could potentially just kill him. It was painful but she knew she had to let the young man before her at least try, all their calculations and tests led them to this point, she knew it would happen someday, that didn't make it any easier. "Harry, know that we love you, even if we won't remember you where you end up, be safe..."

Harry just merely smiled at them, raised his glass full of the shining potion and stated "Goodbye" before swallowing the potion in a few mouthfuls. He immediately thought of everyone that had died because of him, all the pain he had caused, he silently wished subconsciously that he was never the boy-who-lived. Feeling the most self loathing he believed he could muster he muttered "Avada Kedavra".