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Harry woke up and the four friends once again went to the Room of Requirement. He was impressed they were able to do better than the day before but asked them to keep the pace up for the next three days and they would use the weekends as relaxation days. They headed down ate breakfast while chatting to the other Gryffindor's First years before as a collective group heading down to Herbology. Spotting Susan and Hannah he smiled and waved at the two who responded in kind.

"Susan, Hannah, how's your house treating the two of you? Do I need to have a word to any of the boys?" As he glared at Zacharias Smith, he never did like him. The girls giggled at him and Neville rolled his eyes, Ron was staring at him in disbelief for wanting to aid another house. Seamus looked in awe at his ability to be friendly with any girls while Dean seemed to be taking mental notes. Susan spoke "It's fine Harry, everyone has been if anything extremely nice to me, they don't want to upset the niece of the Minister or her best friend." As she rolled her eyes at the idiocy of it

Harry laughed before getting a cheeky grin "Aww I'm sure you're exaggerating a bit Susan, they'll get over it after a while. Look at Nev here, they all still gawking at him like he's going to attack some new Dark Lord that'll miraculously appear" She sighed "I know Harry it's just annoying, you don't have to deal with it." Harry's mind flashed back to when he was the boy-who-lived at that overwhelming feeling when everyone gawked at you, turning their backs on you instantly to just come back to gawking. Simply put he hated the attention and he had no doubt Nev and Susan probably felt the same, but he couldn't say why he understood so well so he gave a cheeky grin.

"Sure I do Susan, I mean look at all my fangirls" As he flashed grins at every girl he could make eye contact with in turn until he got a blush out of them. He burst out laughing at how many he actually managed to get to blush. Susan glared at him "As if that's the same" Harry grin widened "Why Susan are you admitting you're a fangirl of mine since you didn't deny I have them?" She blushed a deep red before stuttering out "N-No, don't twist my words Harry"

He just laughed again at how easy she was to tease "Just joking Miss Bones. How about we head to herbology now, don't want people thinking I kidnapped the Minister's niece. The other girls might get jealous" She merely huffed and started walking to the greenhouses ignoring his roaring laughter as he followed. Alyssa shook her head at how like her Dad Harry was sometimes. The class was pretty boring in the end, just a talk about what they would be covering that term and their first practical class on Thursday afternoon. Harry smirked when he saw Neville didn't ask what this class would be like since he looked quite excited to be there.

They headed back to the castle to eat lunch once class was dismissed making small chat once again before heading to their head of house's class. Walking in the group of 5 sat in the second row knowing that Hermione and Padma would want to sit in the front. Everyone arrived and Harry was intrigued by the fact Ron didn't turn up late 'Seamus and Dean must have refused to listen to him' Harry mused to himself. Harry was tempted to turn into his Lion form and leap at the tabby cat at the front and a mischievous grin came on his face.

Alyssa saw it and quirked an eyebrow from him and the cat at the front. Suddenly the cat jumped and turned into Professor McGonagall. "Thought so" Harry stated and people turned to look at him curiously "Thought what Mr Potter?" Professor McGonagall asked. "That it was an animagus on the table. I was about to come up and start petting and smothering you." Minerva shivered remembering the last time a student did that. "Well I'm glad I returned to normal when I did then Mr Potter"

Looking around the class she began her speech "Now then, Transfiguration is one of the most complex and dangerous magic taught at Hogwarts. Many of you might not believe this, but transfiguring an object during battles ages past have saved their lives and many others. Anyone who doesn't behave themselves-" She sent a glare at Harry at this point which caused his grin to reappear "-will be removed from my class immediately. Is that clear?" The class nodded, she then turned the desk behind her into a lion and back again.

Harry raised an eyebrow at that transformation. He distinctly remembered a pig in his first lesson. She then had them copy long detailed notes on the theory behind transfiguration before issuing them homework "I want you all to read the first two chapters of your assigned textbook to answer questions in next week's class. We won't have a class on Friday due to all first years having flying lessons in their first week. Dismissed" The class filed out but Harry managed to catch Daphne's eye before she got out the door and he offered her a smile. She tilted her head for moment before her lip twitched a bit. That got Harry's grin wider before the Slytherin turned away and walked off with Tracey."

Alyssa noticed the exchange and couldn't help but smile at how Harry was able to get a reaction out of any girl once they caught his interest. "Hey guys, what should we do now? We have a free period" Harry took at thinking pose before stating "Well we could go for a walk around the grounds. Maybe explore the castle. Create a prank for dinner" Alyssa retorted "I thought you promised Aunt Lily no pranks Harry" He scoffed and said "No, I said I wouldn't do them on innocents" She just rolled her eyes "Yet you know who are innocent and who are not from one day?" Harry was about to retort 'yes' but the look in her eye stopped that train of thought.

Sighing he stated "Fine, alright let's see some of the places Dad told me about" Smiling she took his hand to walk around the castle. All 5 of them were surprised by some of the places they walked around, the castle was massive yet so much of it wasn't used or visited. He was quite surprised of exactly how much of the castle he didn't know about, thinking about it he only stuck to the main areas he needed to be at and Ron was in charge of the defences during the final battle. Every time he used the Marauder's map he focused on the task at hand and didn't really appreciate the detail the map had. "Hey Harry" Harry turned around to look at Parvarti who spoke the question. "How come you know the castle so well?"

Harry turned around and shrugged "My Dad and Alyssa's Dad were part of a prank group at school. Basically they made a map that showed many of the castle's rooms and secret areas. I've grown up hearing the stories and I've committed them to memory. Now I'm just figuring out where everything actually is for my own reference" Parvarti, Lavender & Neville nodded obviously believing his half truth. Alyssa however saw it as a half-truth though but she decided not to question it. Harry must want them to know the castle in detail for a reason after all, frowning when she considered it was to attempt to make them the new Marauder's of the school.

Finally their little adventure ended and they worked their way back to the Great Hall for dinner "Hey guys, we have tomorrow morning free. So I was wondering whether you want to sleep in and start training at 9am, do a longer session. Or do something else during our free?" Alyssa thought about it for a short moment before saying "I think we should do what we normally do then relax either in the common room, or out on the grounds." The other 3 agreed and Parvarti stated she would meet them after their workout.

Wednesday passed uneventfully, they spent their free period sitting in a clearing near the great lake, struggling through another History lesson but without any embarrassing sleeping positions. Defence once again proved to be pointless, since they hadn't had the charms wand movement practice class Quirrel had all of them read the next few chapters of the required text. The Ravenclaws, Hermione, Padma and Alyssa were not too impressed since they had already read ahead. Harry remembered this from his world so he wasn't fussed, he ended up playing Hangman that his mother had showed him with Neville.

Thursday came around and their first class was charms. Professor Flitwick was intrigued at Harry's and Alyssa's wands plus very impressed with their perfect wand movements, he knew to expect great things from these two. "Mr Potter, Miss Black, 10 points to Gryffindor for not making a single incorrect movement of your wands. Speaking of which are they custom made?" Harry nodded "Yes sir" The small Professor bounced on his toes joyfully before nodding and dismissing the class.

Once the class was over Alyssa asked "Hey Harry, is having custom wands that special?" Harry laughed "You could say that, nearly every wizard or witch can use any wand but the effects of a wand not suited to you are incredibly weaker spells." Alyssa nodded to show she was paying attention "Now the opposite is true to a wand that is suited to you, in our cases we actually got a bond formed between our wands and ourselves so other wizards and witches can't use them. I don't know much about true bonding but my guess is our spells will be more powerful since we are in sync with our wands"

Alyssa thought a moment "But why was Professor Flitwick excited when he heard you tell him our wands were custom made?" Harry smiled at her "Simple, a custom made wand is one that is made of materials specifically suited to that wizard or witch, usually rarer materials for people with naturally higher magical cores. The fact we had to have them made shows we are more powerful than most students our age but it shows we also have a wand that's very in tune with our magic. Meaning now only are our spells strong on their own but with these wands they will likely be more powerful. Professor Flitwick was a duelling champion which means he has probably seen what such combinations can do."

The young Veela went from curious to shock "You mean that we are already more powerful than the other's in our year?" Harry shook his head "No Lyssa, it just means we could potentially be, we don't know if others have custom made wands or being forced to use a wand not completely in tune with them. Our magical cores are never measured. They are only detected by the Ministry so they can give Hogwarts the information on new students. So there's no way to know for sure."

Herbology was pretty dull in Harry's opinion. They just learnt how to care for a pretty mundane Wolfsbane, Harry couldn't believe his stupidity in his old life. Snape's first lesson asked a question on Wolfsbane and he couldn't answer it even though he would have learnt about it the day before. Just how bad of a influence was Ron in his Hogwarts years, without him he probably would have been top of the year with Hermione.

The next day Harry awoke and smiled. This was one day Harry had been looking forward too for quite some time. Flying lessons as well as his first lesson with Snape, as much as the man hated him he still risked his life to honour the memory of his mother, how would Snape act in this world where his mother still lived? Would he hate Harry even more looking so much like the man he lost his love too? Harry also wanted to see Snape's reaction to his occlumency shield of course. He woke up as usual ignoring Ron's snores and he and Neville headed down to meet Alyssa and Lavender.

A few hours later had him sitting in the Great Hall eating breakfast, the first years were excited, scared or acting like nothing was bothering them at all, ie. Daphne, but if you looked closer you could notice a glint in her eyes. She caught Harry glancing at her curiously and he gave her a large grin which caused her to narrow her eyes and turn away. "You probably shouldn't keep doing that to her you know Harry, she might think you like her" Alyssa stated, Harry looked at her curiously "Really, I've just been trying to get a reaction out of her" She merely huffed muttering about 'boys' while Harry turned to Hermione.

"Hermione, you can't learn how to fly by reading a book" She just gave him a hard glare "It says right here what you have to do. How is that not learning Harry?" He merely ran his hand through his hair and stated "Because flying is like learning to ride a bike in the muggle world, you might know how to do it from reading and seeing others do it. But it doesn't give you the coordination, reflexes to be able to actually do it yourself. As I said you can't learn how to fly by reading a book, you might get suggestions from it but you can't actually learn to fly from it, so stop reading it like it's got some secret formula to how you fly." She glared at him even harder than before but didn't retort knowing he was right but she wouldn't dare admit it.

Harry once again pondered the sanity of himself in his old world. Now Hermione's habits were driving him insane and he wasn't even that close to her. Then it hit him, it's because he's not that close to her anymore. Now he's seeing her as an outsider rather than a best friend or sibling who he'd protect no matter what. Sighing he stated "Look I'm sorry Hermione but your faith in books is annoying, let me guess you believe exactly what was written about Neville in those books that mention the boy who lived?"

She kept glaring "Of course, it was documented after all" He sent a glare right back that startled her, those stupid books with absolute bullshit facts is what made his life so hard in his old world. People thinking they know you before they've met you, awed at you because of the night your parents were murdered and Voldemort failing to kill you. His anger was starting to show himself and all the first years that had so far only seen a cheerful and happy Harry Potter were surprised by his sudden change. Alyssa sighed, every time someone Harry considered himself on good terms with stated they believed that rubbish Harry would always get upset. If anyone should she thought it would be Neville but he didn't care what random people thought, he only cared for those closest to him and their opinions.

"Harry calm down, if she wants to believe that rubbish let her" Harry calmed slightly at Alyssa's words but a slight glare remained, it returned when Hermione retorted "Rubbish, it is documented what happened, how can that be rubbish." Looking at her coldly once again he stated "Complete bullshit, no one was present when Neville's parents were murdered by Voldemort. Unless you're trying to say Ministry officials were spying on the Longbottom's illegally before their deaths and didn't try to save them from Voldemort. Who's to say he's really dead, all they found were his robes and wand."

Everyone gasped when he said the name, Hermione looked torn. She could see the points in what Harry just said and no matter how she tried to twist the words either the books were wrong or the authorities were. There was no way to make them both right, she looked visibly upset by the news that either or both of the two things she held in such high regard could be wrong. Tears were threatening to leave her eyes and only now did Harry realize the impact his words may have on the narrow minded girl.

"Look Hermione, I'm sorry for being so harsh, I can't stand people who disregard what happened that night. Yes Voldemort may have been defeated, but it was also the night Alice and Frank Longbottom were murdered. People forget the fact that made Neville an orphan, they just think of him as a hero, not a victim. No offense Nev" Neville chuckled "None taken, look Hermione, Harry's right, I've read those books myself and nothing in them I have done or even contemplated doing. I mean duelling Voldemort. I couldn't even talk."

Feeling pity for the girl now Alyssa also inputted "Look Hermione, the wizarding world went through dark times, people were getting murdered everywhere than all of a sudden Voldemort drops dead. An infant does what thousands of wizards and witches failed to do and all Nev got from it was a scar. The Ministry didn't want to admit a toddler did what they couldn't so they bended the truth to make Nev out to be a hero."

Their words however were having the opposite effect, Hermione was looking more and more distraught. Their words had shot down both book knowledge and accused the highest authority in the wizarding world of being corrupt. Harry noticing the girls distress said "Guys leave her, she obviously is distraught over the fact both books and authority could be wrong, give her time to think it over." He noticed people beginning to leave the hall so said "Hey guys I think it's time to go to the flying lesson"

The other first years and anyone else eavesdropping on the conversion for soon snapped out of their musings hearing it was time to leave the hall. The first years all followed Harry and Alyssa out of the hall and to the grounds where the flying practice would take place. Harry was currently in a dilemma, he wanted to play Quidditch again but he couldn't think of a way to get onto the house team. He figured he could cast a wandless confundus charm on one of the Slytherin's brooms and when Hooch takes him to the infirmary then he could show off hopefully letting McGonagall see.

Unfortunately the chance of being caught was too high, he sighed out loud and Alyssa gave his hand a slight squeeze before asking "What's with the sigh Harry, you're not still worried about what you said to Hermione." Harry scoffed, he felt she deserved that at least. "Nah Lyssa, I just want to play Quidditch but you can't sign up until second year" Alyssa rolled her eyes, of course he was more concerned about Quidditch then the girl he just upset.

"Well stop worrying about what you can't control and focus on what you can" Alyssa stated, Harry quirked his eyebrow at her "But that's the issue isn't it Lyssa, we both know this will be the basics of the basics and we've been flying since we could talk. How can I control myself from not showing off my awesomeness on a broom" He finished with a big grin plastered on his face. Alyssa couldn't help the giggle that came out when she remembered their first flight together when they were 5 and the stunts they pulled.

"What are you giggling about Lyssa?" Neville asked as he and Lavender caught up to them, said girl had decided the thought of flying was another reason to latch onto Neville's arm. "How Harry and I will prevent ourselves from showing just how skilled we are on a broom." Alyssa stated. Neville smirked at them, he was an average flyer at best but the two in front of him were monsters on brooms. Harry especially showed in his opinion skills that rivalled some of the professional Quidditch players he had seen play over the years.

"Yeah I can see what you mean their guys" Harry smirked back when he saw Lavender "Hey Lavender, are you planning on getting on the same broom with Nev? You don't look like you want to get off his arm anytime soon" Lavender went bright red at the thought of flying on the same broom as Neville and he just started laughing nervously when she started looking at him with pleading eyes. "I don't think they'll let us do that Lav" She then activated her full power puppy dog eyes which caused Harry to burst into laughter and Alyssa to giggle once more.

"Lav, that's not fair, Harry if I take Lav with me you take Lyssa" Harry just said "Sure Nev, can't have you being the only one with a girl riding on your broom" Both girls turned red at the comment leaving a confused Neville and a shocked Harry who hadn't expected them to react to the comment like that at their age.

They finally arrived at the clearing opposite the forbidden forest to see many broomsticks lined up. Harry noticed the Slytherin's were already there, feeling eyes on him he turned to the source to see Draco Malfoy glaring at him. He just gave the git a friendly wave and a smile leaving the confused boy to his thoughts as he turned back to look at the brooms opposite the Slytherins. He took a position with Alyssa on his left & Neville on his right. Madame Hooch than arrived and stated

"Alright then, you will have me for an hour today before you leave to allow the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuff students to arrive. Well then hurry up, stand next to a broomstick those of you standing around." Once everyone was positioned next to a broom she called out "Now place your hand above the broom and command it by saying up" The class all called out "UP" and not surprisingly only Harry's, Alyssa's and Neville's brooms came up on the first call. Soon enough most of the group had called their brooms to their hands. Hermione was standing there talking to the broom like a teacher politely asks a student to do something and Harry merely shook his head at it but a glare from Alyssa who had followed his eyesight stopped him from saying anything.

After a few more minutes Hooch then roared "Alright those of who can't don't know how to command please pick up your brooms so we can start the next phase." Hermione looked devastated that she couldn't do something right in a lesson. Hooch then got onto her broom and said "Now I want you to position yourselves onto your broom like this, DO NOT take off yet until I'm sure everyone has the correct positioning." She walked around correcting peoples positions. Draco was loudly saying "This is easy, I've been flying for years." Every time Hooch stopped to correct someone.

When she got to Draco she narrowed her eyes "Mr Malfoy, if you have been flying for years then why exactly is your grip wrong?" Draco went red with either embarrassment or rage, he was abort to retort but thought better of it and changed his grip accordingly. He caught Harry sniggering and looked even more furious but when his cousin smacked him it went away instantly.

"Alright now I want you all to kick off the ground and hover a few feet." The group did so and the only around 6 of them still had nervous looks as they floated there. "Good, usually there is one student who tries to show off. Now I'm going to fly around and I want you lot to follow, I'll start off slow for the first lap, each lap that passes I will speed up, those who don't want to keep going after the first lap may sit out the rest."

Some of the group sighed in relief while the other half looked excited, then you had the few Slytherins who didn't seem to care. "Alright then follow me" She took off and the group followed suit, Hooch took them up to around 100ft and the nervous flyers were lagging behind, Lavender even though she was one of the most scared was trying to best and kept up with the other three. The first lap ended and Hooch waited for them all to arrive and called out "Alright those of you who don't feel up for more please fly down now and wait until we're finished."

9 of the 19 students began to fly down leaving the boys and Alyssa still with Hooch. They were about to start their second lap when they heard a scream, Harry spun around and saw Hermione falling towards the ground, not even thinking he shot off towards her. He ignored the spell that hit the ground under him which was a cushioning charm and the loud yelling of Hooch, his focus was only the falling girl. He reached her at 40ft and grabbed her arm but the speed he was travelling at was difficult to slow them down, he let go and shot down underneath her and slowed down slightly.

Hermione hit his back at 20ft and he yelled out "Grab hold and hold on tight Hermione, I suggest you also close your eyes" She didn't question or argue just grabbed onto his waist tightly and screamed still. At 15ft he pulled the broom as hard as he could, Hermione's and his feet were 1ft from the ground as they levelled out and he slowed down. "It's alright Hermione, we're on the ground now, and you can open your eyes."

The girl did so and sighed in relief at seeing they were just above the ground. "Harry, thank you" Harry just grinned at her "It's what I do, save the damsels in distress" Causing her to blush slightly. "What happened up there Hermione? You were doing well throughout the lesson" She was about to respond when they heard two shouts of "HARRY JAMES POTTER" Coming from ahead of them and above them, Harry paled but not because of Professor McGonagall.

Said Professor blinked when she heard the second yell and looked over to see Alyssa Black coming towards the ground fast, she gasped when she pulled up inches from the ground. The professor was struck speechless for a moment, two displays of amazing flying by two first years.

Alyssa however didn't have the same problem "YOU SHOWOFF" She roared, getting off her broom and marching over to him, Harry had already abandoned the broom and was starting to back away slowly from his approaching doom. He put up his hands "Lyssa, calm down, I'm fine see, no scratches." She narrowed her eyes "Pulling up at 15ft, are you crazy, you could have done serious damage. If you had I swear..." She left the threat hanging, Harry thinking quickly just opened his arms which said girl rushed up to him and pulled him into a tight hug and cried into his shoulder. He merely whispered "But nothing did go wrong Lyssa, I pulled up alright and Hermione is fine too, now just calm down."

While she was trying to calm herself down again he looked over to see the absolute awed faces of the other first years and Madame Hooch. "Mr Potter, Miss Black please follow me please" Professor McGonagall told the two. This was of course met from protests from the other Griffindors and surprisingly Daphne and Tracey. "Enough, they are not in trouble so don't concern yourself with that, I merely wanted to talk to them about their amazing flying ability. Oh Mr Potter 50 points to Gryffindor for attempting to save another students life but 10 points each from you and Miss Black for doing such dangerous moves."

Harry beamed and said "Thanks Professor" He turned back towards Alyssa "Come on, let's see what she wants then" Placing an arm around her waist to show he wasn't going anywhere and he followed Professor McGonagall into the school. "In all my years of teaching I don't think I've ever seen such skill in fourth year students let alone first years. Merlin, Lily must have heart attacks whenever you get on a broom Mr Potter." Harry laughed "I think she nearly did the first time I showed off when I was 5"

Minerva froze and looked at him in shock "Do you mean to tell me that you have been able to fly this well since you were 5 years old?" Harry ran his free hand through his hand "Well I like to think I'm better now but I can easily say I probably could have outflown the other first years minus Lyssa here at 5." That caused Minerva's gaze to switch over to the other extraordinary flyer who was currently blushing from her best friends praise, or maybe it was the young man's arm position. "Miss Black, you also showed amazing flying skills, as such I want you both to meet someone now" With that she turned and began walking again.