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FYI, these are not Twilight vampires. These are the vampires I have in my head, the cooler non-sparkly ones.

A Dance With The Devil

Here I stand. Helpless. Left for dead.

They didn't know. They couldn't know. They would know. I'd show them. I'd creep into their homes, into their bedrooms and with my new found talents, I would terrify them. Torture them. Feast upon them. They'd be the helpless ones. I'd leave them for dead. See if they would like it. But I wouldn't. I wouldn't go back to that small town in the middle of nowhere. I promised that myself I wouldn't.

They didn't know I was one of the condemned before they had attacked me. They thought I was turning not turned. And that mistake will be their downfall. I'd never wanted to be like this, I never wanted to be a creature of the night, to be stimulated by the dark and all things evil. I didn't want to feel a need to bury myself in earth, to hide in cemeteries and stalk helpless humans. But that's what I'd become. This small town was infected with them. Hardly anyone made the change though. Our doctors and scientists, from their experiments on the dead, dying and the betwixt, they discovered that only certain DNA chains could support the change, the infection, and alter it to their own benefit. To mutate it.

You see, vampires are not one specific type of being. No, they are all completely different. They were all humans once, but once infected, each individual who survives awakens with a different mutation. One which differentiates them from all others. To be crude, you could say they were like dogs – one species, many breeds. But there was only ever one of each 'breed'. And they'd learnt this well, those 'breeds' with supreme intellect were able to figure out how to create vampires with specific traits such as magnificent speed, phenomenal agility, the ability to jump higher than most buildings, to be able to become one with the night... the list goes on. And just like their human counterparts, they experimented. I was one of those experiments.

It was a night in late June when I was kidnapped. I'd screamed but they gagged my mouth, those with eyes burning like fire and cloaked in the night. I'd been so careful; everyone knew that the young people of the town were being abducted... a single lapse in my carefulness and they snatched me. A whole month I was gone. A whole month. There was no search party, no posters put up, no police. The town never alerted anyone of the goings on; afraid they'd all be killed in case they were devils too.

I was bitten. Not just once like the usual victims. I was an experiment; I got different treatment. I was bitten over seventy times. I'd counted. Every piercing burn was worse than the last. Each infection different from the previous as my body tried to cope, tried to mutate each one to keep my human heart alive. You see, that's the only way to kill a vampire for sure (bar removing its head), to put a stake through its heart. It's because the heart remains human. It alters, yes, but the muscle itself is not 'vampiric' for lack of a better term. No one could figure out why, it just happened. It was the only connection a vampire had with the human world, what allowed them to blend in more.

When I awoke from my change, I was in the woods near my home. I didn't know I was turned, I didn't feel much different. I thought it was just a bad dream, so I ran home. I barely noticed that I was home in mere seconds. I went straight to the house I shared with my parents and found the door locked, I knocked on the door and it flew off its hinges and shattered inside the house. My parents and sister ran to see what had happened and found me stood there. I grinned and went to hug them but found I couldn't get in... It was like some kind of invisible glass was in the threshold.

My sister, bless her, she tugged on my mother's sleeve and asked why I was acting funny. That small movement of hers awoke my senses. I could smell her. I could smell the delicious fluid coursing around her tiny body. It awoke strange sensations within me. I found myself running my tongue around my mouth. I felt sharp incisors reaching down and poking into my bottom lip. It grew uncomfortable and I had to open my mouth slightly to accommodate. The three of them jumped back at the sight and I cried. I saw in their eyes; the fear. I knew what I'd become and I cried.

"But... the other vampires don't cry mummy," I heard my sister whine. I looked up at her, and much to my surprise she wandered closer to the threshold. My mom fainted and my dad reached for her to catch her before she fell, allowing my little baby sister to walk right up to where the door was. I crouched down and pushed my hand against the invisible glass. She did the same and I felt her warm hand against mine. I knew I could lull her out, I could easily devour her. But I just cried. "They kill the other ones... they chop off bits of them and they don't cry. They kill their own families, they don't cry. Why you cry?"

"Because I know I want to hurt you," I told the sweet little six year old girl, her long blonde hair so like mine, hanging down below her waist. "But I feel like I have the strength to stop it."

"You sure?" she said and I shrugged. "Let's see," she said suddenly and jumped into my arms. Normally I'd have been thrown back from the action, but I didn't move. Not one bit. It was like she'd jumped into a brick wall and she pulled her head back and her nose was bleeding where it had connected with my chest. I tore off some of my sleeve and gave it to her, the blood having a surprisingly minimal effect on me.

"Look Heather, she... she didn't go into bloodlust." I heard my father say. I could smell it, yes. It smelt delicious. But I didn't want it. Is this what they wanted? Is this the outcome of the experimentation? For a vampire to be able to walk amongst man without being thwarted by bloodlust. It would be the perfect tactic – its how so many vampires were captured. Humans would slay an animal and wait for a vampire, sick with bloodlust to come feast on it... then they'd capture, torture, maim, (occasionally experiment) and kill it.

" baby," my mother cried, crawling along the floor to hug me. Soon all four of us were hugging, the fear they held before gone.

"I have to leave, don't I?" I said and I pulled back. We all had tears down our faces and I could hear sadness in their hearts. I could actually hear it. The subtle difference in their heart rate signified their emotion, and I could smell it too... they gave off different emotions. Pain, sadness, grief and loss. I also smelt admiration and I knew it came from the little girl hugging around my waist. I crouched to her again. "You," I smiled and gently touched her cheek, being so very careful knowing a mere knock on a door sent it flying. I controlled it well and she smiled, pushing into my hand. "You better not be thinking what I think you are,"

"What?" she said, a curious eyebrow raised.

"You want to be a vampire." I said simply and my mother took a sharp breath in, her hand going to her chest. "This isn't cool Sarah; this isn't something I want you to wish for. They'll hear your thoughts and come take you, you know that. You need to fear them, you need to fear me. They're more likely to leave you alone if you're scared, if you're careful. Promise me?"

"I can't fear you, you're my sister." She smirked and hugged around my neck now. I stood, and she still held on, the weight not bothering me – it was if she were merely a pendent around my throat.

"I could make you fear me," I warned. I looked to my mother and father. "I need to leave before they find me. I don't want you to watch them slaughter me."

They held back tears and I could hear that they were only trying to be strong, that they smelt like pure sadness. A raw distraught. I tried to smile at them and they recoiled slightly and I realised that my incisors were still abnormally long. "I'll have to get used to that," I tried to joke. "I'm not quite used to it,"

"Be careful, won't you?" My dad said, placing his hand on my shoulder. "And know that we'll never forget you."


I span my head around, searching for the one who called my name so softly yet so loudly at the same time. There was no one around. I could hear the soft beating of the neighbour's hearts but it wasn't them who had called to me.

"Lilly?" My mom said quietly, worry evident in her voice and scent. I turned back to her, thinking it must have just been my imagination. "What's wrong?"


I span quicker, releasing Sarah and moving into the street searching everywhere, finding my eyesight was so much better and it was like I had telescopic vision too as I could focus in on specific places with a mere thought. Even with this ability, I found no source of the sound.

Lillian. Run.

I gasped then. The force of the voice in my head was like thunder but quieter than a whisper. That's when I saw them spot me, the Vampire Hunters. Their trained eyes could spot a vampire from a mile away. I was merely a few hundred yards away. They ran at me. Both the voice and instinct told me to run but my feet were glued to the floor. I glanced back and forth from the hunters to my family, who huddled close together, terror emanating so fiercely from them that I swear I could almost see it.

Anger and fear were heavy in the air. I still couldn't move. It was almost easy for them to capture me. They were mere inches from me when I finally made a dash to leave but they threw a stake at me, their experienced skill caused the long, sharp wooden implement to sail through the air directly at my still human heart. I heard it as it grew closer and shifted my weight onto my right foot to push myself effortlessly into a dive to the left. The stake ripped through my clothes and scraped across my thigh, taking some flesh with it. I screeched out in pain, the sound so high pitched even the Vampire Hunters had to cover their ears.

No one knew why wood effected vampires so. Religious people say it's because we shall one day burn in hell and wood is the kindling which will burn our flesh to ash. The scientists say it's the medicinal properties of certain tree barks which counteracts the infection. A vampire cannot become human again and the counteraction of the infection is merely killing the vampire. They can survive being cut with wood but it pains them, can scar them... it can only kill them once it enters the heart.

I lay on the floor, clutching my leg. It bled but not much and very slowly. The cut wasn't deep but it burned, it burned so bad; maybe there is some truth in the religious man's theory. I was so engrossed in my pain I barely noticed them tie my wrists and ankles and wrap a noose around my neck, the rope laced with strong garlic which made my nose feel like it was on fire. My eyes watered not from fear but from pain.

They tried to hang me that day. Tried. I was bound and gagged and they dug small wooden things in my flesh and watched me writhe. The whole town watched, including my family, as they beat me. They tried to cut off my hand too, but the metal wouldn't even pierce my skin. For some reason, they announced that I wasn't fully turned. That I wasn't yet a fully turned vampire. That my death would free me of the curse. Yes they would still kill me, but it would be out of mercy, not for extermination.

Lillian. Escape.

I sobbed. It was like the voice was taunting me. How could I escape when I was bound and had a stake hovering above me?

Lillian. Escape.

"Shut up." I muttered behind my gag.

Escape, damn it!

I was shocked at the emotion in the voice, it was like they were right next to me yet miles away but I heard every decibel clearly.

I'll hurt her.

"No!"I tried to yell as the voice threw an image of Sarah, mangled and bloody into my mind. How was this happening? I found Sarah in the crowd, her bright green eyes fixed on me as she cried. The voice threw another image of a dark cloaked figure stealing her away, feasting on her blood. "No!" I yelled, the gag snapping and I wriggled and writhed, the ropes falling away as if they were made from nothing but mere string. They all gasped and I received a stake in my back, it just missed my heart and I screeched.

Pretend they killed you. Pretend they got your heart.

I didn't have to pretend I was in pain. It did feel like I was dying. I staggered around, heading backwards towards the river before 'falling in' with a screech. I was taken by the current and thrown against the rocks. The impact would kill any human instantly, but I barely felt it. I lay there, letting the rushing water flow over me as I was pushed against the rock, the stake still embedded in my back. I could hear them perfectly from here.

"Is she dead?"

"She will be. It takes some time for the ones who haven't turned yet,"

"Lilly!" I heard Sarah's cry and I wanted to jump up and run to her.

You can't see her again. You can't see any of them again.

"Who are you?" I asked. Was this voice to be trusted? How could I even hear the voice? Was I insane? Had the experimentation altered my brain function so much that I was hearing voices? Or was this normal for a vampire? Did they all have a voice speaking to them? Or was this a bad omen, something dangerous?

I'm you.

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