today its a specil day its my papa kiznos birdtday and becuz he loves tihs woman who is called beetrice an is mecixan i thihnk he wil have a mecixan party and he sent me to buy stuf for it

so i went to the mall with bren an we got sombrebros an taco sause an turtillas an tabacso an chilly peprs an fake mustachs an lots more stuf

tehn i returnd home bren went away bcuz she had to stop lamada from doin somethin stupid, i haet lamada she is a pain ):

but tehn i decoratd the mansion with cactses an cannon and the other srverants helped me so it wnet kinda fast an we sprinkld sand on the ground an godha made tacos an we all put on the sombrebros

tehn kizno came in an i shouted with evryoin else "surprise party padre"

an he was reli moved an he cried a bit and he sed it reminded him of beetrice so it mad him reli happy an we all ate tacos it was so much fun