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Jessie Wyatt James


Sam took off the blindfold and gasped at what she saw.

Sam was looking at a football field that her brothers had made her in one of their fields they weren't using yet. They even took the time to paint lines and everything.

"Thank you thank you thank you!" Sam yelled at her brothers pulling them all into a hug.

"Anything for our little sister. You ready to start training?" Kyle asked Sam who looked pumped up. When she nodded her brothers smirked.

"First Sam here is a bucket of football you need to throw. Every throw has to be a perfect spiral. For every one that isn't a perfect throw you have to run a lap around the field." Tristan told Sam who nodded her head looking at the bucket of footballs with determination clearly written on her face.

"On your mark get set start throwing!" Tommy yelled at Sam who quickly started throwing.

Everyone was watching Sam in shock. She was throwing not only perfect spirals, but also throwing a pretty good distance. After throwing all perfect spirals they all went to the farthest football to see how far she could throw. It turned out to be two hundred fifty feet. (That's what I was able to throw last year. I haven't tested it out this year. One thing that bothers me to no end is how guys can throw that far easily. Everyone says that is because their upper bodies are stronger than girls. I know that's true, but I will never admit it. LOL)

"Not bad Sam." Aaron told his sister smiling.

"Thanks bud. Now what are we going to do?" Sam asked her brothers ready for the next drill.

Just as they were about to answer hoof beats were heard seeming to be coming closer to them. Everyone looked up to see Jake heading there way on Witch.

"What are you doing here?" Kyle asked Jake trying to be friendly, but it came out more as a growl.

"I came to help. Wyatt told me where you guys were." Jake answered lazily sitting in his saddle watching them pick up the footballs, and put them back in the bucket.

After Sam and her brothers were done putting the footballs back in the bucket Jake dismounted from Witch.

"Sam next I think we should work on you throwing to people while they are running." Kyle informed Sam pretending that Jake wasn't even there which cause Jake to rub the back of his neck in discomfort.

Sam pretended not to notice how tense the atmosphere seemed since Jake had arrived. Sam nodded at Kyle who ran one hundred feet out along with her other brothers. Sam would have to throw them the football when they were running.

Sam picked up a football from the bucket, and noticed Jake standing behind her watching. The glares from her brothers made everything more awkward. Before Sam could say a word to him Aaron took off running. Sam's eyes instantly went to Aaron seeing how fast he was running, and then they moved forward to a point. They zoned in on that point and threw the ball right into Aaron's hands. (For all the people that play football and are like what the heck is she talking about in this drill I'm not insane. I just don't know how to explain it. Sorry guys. Ha ha.)

Sam did well in that drill, and they changed the pattern in which when the guys ran Sam had to throw it over their head, and they had to turn jump in the air and catch it. (By far the toughest throw to throw and catch.)

Sam threw it to Tommy, Aaron, and Tristan. All of those throws didn't go where they were supposed to. Sam was getting so frustrated that she couldn't even see straight.

Jake gently put his huge hand over Sam's tiny one so he could show her how to throw the football in this drill. Sam blushed a deep red, but allowed it since he was just trying to help. Jake also seemed embarrassed, but he helped her anyways.

"What the heck! Dude get your hands off my sister!" Kyle roared coming over to where Jake and Sam stood fists shaking.

"Kyle relax he is just trying to help. Go back out there, and catch the football." Sam ordered him chuckling to herself when he did as told.

After Jake showed her a couple of times how to throw that pass perfectly they switched, and Sam had to catch the footballs. When the sun started going down they called it a day.

"Thank you Jake for helping me with that one pass." Sam told Jake as he mounted Witch gracefully.

"No problem Brat." Jake told Sam doing his lazy tomcat smile before galloping away on Witch.

Sam went to the house, and ate dinner fast ignoring the looks from her brothers about Jake helping her with the pass. Since she was so tired from the day of hard work Sam went upstairs, and took a quick shower before bed. After she changed into her PJ's she climbed in her bed.

The last thought that ran through Sam's head before she fell asleep was 'those guys better be ready for me tomorrow.'

Hope you guys liked it. Next chapter will be more exciting. Thanks for reading!