Logan woke up with a crick in his neck, springs digging into his ribs, and the smell of eggs and bacon wafting through the whole cabin. Sitting up and stretching, Logan let out a pleased growl, working the kinks out of his back and neck before turning to look into the kitchen, where Remy was cooking breakfast, standing at the stove as he flipped the bacon with one hand, stirring the eggs with the other.

Coffee was bubbling merrily in its percolator, and there were sausages and pancakes on the stove as well. Logan eyed the display hungrily, deciding that anytime the Cajun wanted to come up to the cabin, he'd be more than welcome, as long as he cooked like this every morning.

Remy must have sensed his stare, because the other man turned around and looked at him, his face carefully neutral. Logan frowned, realizing that Remy was trying to hide something from him, but not sure what it was. "Somethin' wrong, Cajun?" he asked gruffly. He almost blushed in embarrassment, but Logan had never figured out how to use tact.

Shaking his head, Remy offered him a charming smile, but Logan wasn't fooled. That smile was as false as the cheerful tone he adopted when he replied. "Non, cher. Remy jus' t'ought he'd make some breakfast before leavin''." Logan blinked, surprised. Gambit was leaving? But why?

"Ah, it's not fair t'at Remy takes Wolverine's bed a' nigh'," Remy spoke, and Logan realized he must have asked out loud. "So Ah'll leave after breakfast, and go back to de Institute." His Cajun accent was thicker than usual, and suddenly the pieces clicked. Remy thought that Logan was rejecting him, because he had taken the couch last night, instead of sharing the bed.

Logan dropped his head between his hands with a frustrated growl, not sure how to explain himself without scaring the Cajun off. It hadn't been anything that Remy had done, but was rather Logan's own instincts and desires that had resulted in such a dangerous situation.

Logan heard the clink of pans as Remy turned off the stove and left the food to cool. Moments later, he felt the air currents move around him, displacing the warm air as a body settled in front of him, kneeling. "Wolverine? What's wrong? Did Ah do somethin'?" Remy asked, and Logan's heart ached for the uncertainty and sorrow in the other man's tone. For being such a self-confident person, Remy was really vulnerable, wasn't he?

Logan shook his head, sitting up with a sigh as he met Remy's eyes. "It's not you, Cajun," he huffed. One of his hands reached down and cupped Remy's cheeks without any input from Logan's brain, but he didn't pull back, forcing Remy's head up to meet his eyes. "It's me. Or rather, it's what's inside of me." Remy's crimson eyes crinkled in confusion, and Logan huffed impatiently, not sure how else to explain. After a moment of debate, he finally decided to be blunt.

"I'm not a gentle lover, Cajun. I like things rough, and I like to dominate. You've been vulnerable for a long time now, ever since you came back to the team. That vulnerability…appeals to me. I want to take you, and watch you writhe and struggle, fighting even as your body craves mine. Last night, it was worse. If I had climbed into that bed, you would not have had a choice. Do you understand?" he asked, his eyes searching Remy's for the loathing and fear he was sure to see in them.

Remy blinked, taken aback by Logan's outburst. Then it was Logan's turn to be confused, as a small smile appeared on Gambit's face, which widened into a grin, and finally he just gave in and threw his head back, laughing as he collapsed to the floor, tears rolling down his face. Logan just stared at him, wondering if he'd lost his mind, or if he was having a nervous breakdown. Perhaps the stress had finally gotten to the other man.

Remy's laughter slowly settled into chuckling, and he wiped at his eyes with his hands, still smiling. "Ah, cher, dat's what had you worried? Remy wouldn't a minded if you wanted to play a li'l bit." Then he looked up, and the laughter was wiped from his face as if it had never been. "De Wolverine was really worried," he stated, the wonder evident in his tone. Logan just growled in response, angry that all of his fears had just been dismissed so lightly.

"It's not a game, Cajun!" he snarled. "When I take a lover, it's permanent. I don't do one night stands. I don't do pity fucks. And I don't take a reluctant partner. Not even if he doesn't realize that he's unwilling!" By this point, his growl had morphed into a full-out howl, his eyes flashing furiously as he invaded Remy's personal space.

The Cajun didn't back away, staring back at him seriously, calmly, and completely unafraid. It was that lack of fear that finally calmed Wolverine, allowed him to collect himself and sit back with a heavy sigh, rubbing a hand tiredly over his eyes. This was not how he had wanted the morning to go. Not at all.

Reaching out, Remy captured Logan's hands in his own slender ones, and Logan allowed it, swallowing and waiting to hear what Remy had to say. Instead of speaking, Gambit's eyes crinkled as he smiled flirtatiously, and he lifted one of Logan's hands, brushing his lips across the back of his knuckles. "Remy don't min' belongin' to jus' one person," he murmured. "Remy don't even mind bein' on the bottom. And even animals can learn to be gentle, if taught properly," he smiled, his voice and posture radiating assurance.

Logan shuddered, feeling his body respond even as his mind ran rampant with all of the protests and refusals that he couldn't voice. Gambit didn't know what he was getting himself into. It would only be right if Logan warned him, but right now, he couldn't bring himself to do it, to turn the other man away. He knew that doing it would hurt Remy, regardless of the reasons and logic behind his decision.

"Ah, Cajun," he breathed at least. "Do you even realize what you're askin' for?" Remy just smiled up at him, standing and pulling Logan to his feet at the same time, so that the front of their bodies brushed up against each other. Logan's body shivered at the long-forgotten feeling of a warm male body pressed against his own, however briefly.

"Breakfas'?" Remy asked, turning and heading for the kitchen area, tugging on Logan's hand. Logan allowed himself to be led into the room, but paused a moment before sitting down. Remy felt his hesitation, because the other man turned around to stare at him quizzically.

"Are you still leavin'?" he asked gruffly. "'Cause you're more than welcome to stay here for as long as you like." Remy's expression gentled into something that was more affection and sweetness than seduction, and Logan felt his breath catch, his body growing aroused without any input from the rest of him. If Remy didn't stop that soon, he'd forget about breakfast and just take him there on the table.

Remy shook his head. "Ah'll be around as long as you'll let me," he replied. "Gambit's not goin' nowhere, not now that Ah know how ya really feel." With that, he yanked hard on Logan's wrist, pulling him hard against his body, where Logan could feel that he was just as happy to be there as Logan was. "You're stuck wi' Remy LeBeau now," he grinned mischievously, tilting his head and capturing Logan's mouth in a rough kiss.

When they broke apart, Logan was growling with pleasure, and Remy was practically glowing, his entire face lit up with laughter, his eyes darkened with lust, the black of the pupils dilated and leaving only a trace of crimson at their edges. It wasn't enough, Logan thought. Breakfast could wait. With that, he fisted his hand in Remy's hair and pulled him down into another kiss, moving back towards the bed. And if they missed breakfast, well, there was always lunch. Or dinner. Yeah, he thought, grinning as Remy moaned wantonly into his mouth, dinner sounded good. After all, they were on vacation.