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Magnus was staring out the window, watching snow flutter to the street below. A bell tolled somewhere far away, resounding over the snow. He and Alec would be heading to the Institute later for Christmas dinner. He snapped his fingers, watching blue flames dance in front of his eyes. He stared at it, feeling power he had lost course through his veins.

He'd come back stronger than ever, scars disappearing, eyes sparking with that unnatural light again. He was angry for some time, unbelievably angry. He wanted to find those boys and watch the life leave their eyes, feel blood pour from their throats across his fingers. Maybe that would get the awful images of Alec screaming his name and crying while they beat him and raped him out of his mind.

"Magnus, you can't," Alec had said, voice quiet. That's all he'd been was quiet. "They're getting what they deserve. Let the Clave sort it out."

His voice was so soft, eyes downcast. Magnus stared at him, wanting to make him feel better more than anything, but he didn't know what to do. So he did the first thing he thought of. He wrapped his arms around him, kissing his cheek and neck, fingers trailing on the nape of his neck. "You can't let them hurt you anymore, love. I'm here, I won't let them hurt you anymore."

Making love the first time afterward was hard. Alec trembled beneath him, holding onto him and trying not to cry. Magnus touched his cheek and kissed him softly, holding his back. "Shh, it's okay."

The passion intensified, breaths gasping. Magnus swallowed his fear and kept going. No one could control him anymore, no one. No one could make him do anything he didn't want to, NO ONE!

He didn't hear Alec's whimper. "Magnus, slow down." He was pushing lightly on his chest. "Please, Magnus, wait."

They wouldn't hold him down again, he wasn't weak, HE WASN'T WEAK!

"Magnus, please, you're hurting me!"

He froze. Alec was shaking, his wrists pinned under Magnus's hands, tears on his cheeks, lips trembling. Magnus released him as if he'd burned him, horrified at himself. Alec was scared…of him. He'd hurt him. Oh god, he was terrified enough already!

He shook his head. "No…" he breathed. "No…" Alec sniffed, still staring up at him. Magnus had gone pale, the deepest anguish in his eyes.

"Magnus, it's-"

He ran, his heart aching. He snapped his fingers, bringing his pants back to his body and ran out the door. Alec followed, hastily pulling on his own jeans.

"Magnus!" He called, receiving a slamming door as a response.

Magnus flew down the stairs and out into the frosty night, sprinting an entire block before collapsing, his lungs on fire. He sobbed, gasping and choking on frigid air, sliding down the brick wall onto the snowy sidewalk. He'd done the unthinkable; he'd hurt his angel.

God, and at the worst time imaginable. Alec needed to be handled gently. He needed to be kissed and held and told that it was okay.

But he'd held him down, scared him, his eyes uncaring, ravaging his body in his anger, bringing back those awful memories that reminded him of what they'd done.

"God damn it!" He spat, slamming his fist into the ground.

Alec skidded to a stop, chest heaving. He fell to his knees in front of him, wrapping his arms around him.

"No, no," he shook his head, trying to push him away.

"It's okay, it's okay," he assured, kissing his neck. "Shh, it's alright."

"Nohoh, I hurt you," he moaned.

"Shh, shh." Alec kissed him. "I'm fine, baby. I'm okay."

"You're shaking."

"It's below freezing," he said, smiling a little. "I'm okay. You were scared too." They held each other for a moment, shivering.

"Come back inside," Alec whispered, cheek pressed to his.

Magnus shook his head. He was still angry at himself for that, and he probably would be for the rest of his life. He sighed and turned around, looking at his empty apartment.

"Alec, we're going to be late!" He called. "I was going to help your sister try to bake!"

"I didn't give you you're Christmas present, yet!" Alec yelled from the bathroom.

Magnus sighed and shook his head. "Darling, technically tomorrow's Christmas. We're just eating tonight because your parents have to go to Idris."

He looked up when he heard the door open…and nearly fainted. It was like three months ago all over again.

Clad head to toe in brown leather that clung to him in all of the right places, hair slicked back, looking at him through thick black lashes, nervously chewing his lip. That only made him even more enticing.

"Alec," he gasped, almost salivating just from looking at him. He looked far more delectable than anything Maryse could cook. Hell, he'd forgotten where he was, what his name was and why he was there. All he knew was that there was this beautiful creature before him, telling him he could have him and do what he wished with him. "My…my god, you…what's all this about?" He forced his tongue to speak clearly.

Alec started to walk toward him. He felt his knees go weak and his cheeks flush. He absently backed into the wall, heart hammering.

"Well, I made you a promise, didn't I?" He whispered, centimeters from his mouth.

"Y-yes, but I didn't think you…" He trailed off, lost in his eyes. Alec smiled, moving ever still closer to him.

"I'm a Shadowhunter. I can't break a promise, can I?" He said, voice almost inaudible. Magnus heard every word. He slowly shook his head.

"No, n-no you can't."

Alec pressed against him, making his breath hitch in his throat.

"You want your present now, or when we get back?"

His breathing was shallow and hitched. God, he couldn't tell him no, not now, not when he was…

His satin lips pressed against the soft skin just under the corner of his jaw, just a breath. The warlock shivered. Heat rose through his body, burning desire and lust boiling inside him, starting in his stomach and working its way to eager lips. He didn't move, however. He waited to see what Alec was going to do to him.

He slowly put his hand on the small of his back, pulling him from the wall, giving him what he'd been silently begging for. He kissed him languidly, cradling his face in one hand, thumbing his hip in the other.

"D-don't we have to go to-" Alec pressed his fingers to his lips, feeling odd taking control like this, and wondering why Magnus was having such a hard time standing.

"Shh," he breathed. Magnus swallowed. "We don't have to be there until five. It's noon." He pressed against him harder, moving his hips just so, making Magnus-

"Guhuh!" He gasped, arching his back slightly. Alec kissed him again, sliding his tongue into his mouth. Magnus moaned, smiling when he felt Alec blush a little.

As the kiss deepened Magnus got lost in a haze, now buried in a world that was nothing but his and Alec's bodies, their lips tangled.

Alec pulled away slowly. "Come with me." Magnus nodded, letting him take his hands and leading him into the bedroom.

Magnus waved his hand, making a frame pop up out of nowhere under his bed, lifting it off of the floor. Alec spun him around, sending him onto the mattress. He lay there, propped on his elbows, waiting, watching.

Alec slid over him, kissing him briefly before standing again. He slowly undid the buttons on his vest, revealing his bare skin inch by inch. Magnus stared, wide eyed, shifting on the bed a little.

The anticipation of getting his hands on him was killing him. The leather slid from Alec's shoulders, fluttering to the floor. Magnus followed his hands with hungry eyes, wishing he were them as they trailed over his porcelain skin, the tips going just inside the waistband of his pants. Alec's eyes fluttered, lips slightly parted. The warlock moaned very softly. Alec took the cowboy hat off, hooking it on one of the poles on the bed.

The boy slid over him, marks striking against his white skin. It took everything he had to not take him right then and there. But he waited, it would be better if he waited.

Alec suckled his neck before undoing the buttons on his shirt…with his teeth. He kissed the skin he'd uncovered as he went, always starting back at the top before working his way back down. His lips pressed to the spot his bellybutton would normally be. Magnus groaned softly, breathing deeply. Alec's thin fingers went inside his shirt, slowly pulling the silk from his body.

He let him, putty in his hands. Alec could do whatever he wanted with him at this point, he didn't care.

"More, Alec," he begged. "I need more."

"As you wish," Alec whispered, kissing his ear. He hastily undid Magnus's zipper, tugging his pants and his boxers from his waist. He gasped, more than willing to take Alec's lips into his own. Alec ran his hands all over his body, over every muscle and defined line on him.

"Mmmn," Alec breathed, kissing him. "I love you."

"I love you too," Magnus choked. Alec buried his face in his neck, running his fingers through his hair, kissing behind his ear. He pushed the warlock's arms above his head, kissing him, tongue teasing his lips open.

Magnus whimpered, obliging to whatever Alec wanted. He kissed him deeply, hands thumbing his hips. "Nnnn," Magnus groaned against his lips, arching his body into the boy's. Alec gasped softly, then chuckled.

"You want more, baby?" He asked softly. Magnus nodded, still lost in his eyes, body tingling. "Alright, just close your eyes and relax."

He shut his eyes, but relaxing was the last thing on his mind. Alec kissed down his neck to his collar bone and even further to the sensitive buds on his chest.

Magnus keened, jerking off the bed, nails in Alec's back. "Alexander!" He gasped. Alec kissed his way to the other side, giving the other the same treatment. Magnus whimpered and writhed lightly, lust and want overflowing within him.

He dragged his fingers down the Shadowhunter's back, groaning. "Magnus," Alec said gently, smiling. "Breathe."

He hadn't noticed he wasn't. He took a few shaky breaths, shivering a little.

Alec kissed down his sweat slicked stomach, hands gently caressing the inside of his thighs.

Magnus's breath hitched in his throat, a strangled, pleasure-soaked cry escaping his trembling lips. He propped himself up on his elbows for a moment, watching Alec's head continually dip in his lap.

"Oh god, Alexander!" He cried, throwing his head back. "G-god, darling, you don't have to do, awn…"

His fingers tangled in his slick hair, doing his best to keep his hips still. Alec's fingers trailed down the curves of his butt and under his legs. He shuddered, lost in a state of intense pleasure that he never wanted to get out of.

His stomach was tightening, the air gaining heat, gasps and cries growing more intense.

Alec stopped. Magnus groaned at the loss, breathing heavily. "Oh, Alec, you can't do that to me. Not when I'm that close…"

Alec kissed him to silence him, hands pinning his wrists again. "Ohoh, baby…" Magnus choked. He kissed him again, longer. He pressed his hips down, making the warlock whimper. A light bulb popped out above their heads.

"P-please, Alec now. C-can I have you now?" He begged, his voice and eyes raw. Alec didn't get the entire nod out before Magnus's hands were all over him, touching, rubbing, grabbing, and mainly doing what he could to get those leather pants off.

Alec helped, gasping at the warlock's frantic touches and passionate kisses.

Magnus let his hands ravage every part of the young boy, touching every bare surface of skin that he could get his hands on. He snatched the cowboy hat off the post and set it back on Alec's head.

"Leave it on?" He grinned. Alec smiled back.

"It's your present."

Alec rotated his hips and Magnus cried out, swallowing hard. He moved faster and harder, slowing seldom. Magnus trembled underneath him, whimpering and yelping.

"Yes, Alec, oh, OH! Ohoh, yes…God, baby, I- Uh, uh, UHN!"

"Magnus," Alec breathed, kissing his lips and neck. "You're so sexy."

"You're beautiful," Magnus breathed. Alec leaned back, holding the hat in place, only making Magnus's lust for him deepen. "Ohuhn, guh, AH! Yehes, oh more, more, MORE!"

"Yes, baby, oh…oh, Magnus!"

Magnus's hands gripped Alec's thighs, tight, helping him move.

"Yes, Alec, YES, YES! OH! ALEXANDER!" Head thrown back, soaked in sweat, chest moving rapidly and his muscles tensing as he was thrown into a white light.

Alec's own scream followed.

They collapsed, breathing heavily, still tangled together.

"Merry Christmas, Magnus," Alec whispered, kissing him softly. Magnus hugged him, nuzzling his nose.

"You are going to be the death of me," he breathed, still gasping. "Where did you learn how to do that?" Alec chewed his lip, back to his shy and easily embarrassed self.

"Um, I didn't. I just, uh…ya know…" Magnus smiled, nuzzling his nose.

"There's my sweet little Alec," he cooed. He kissed him.

"Can everything go back to normal now?" Alec whispered. The warlock squeezed him tight, kissing him gently, cradling his cheek.

"If that's what you want, that's what it'll be," he assured. "We don't ever have to speak of it again."

"I'd like that," he said. He looked down. "But the nightmares…" Magnus frowned, sitting up to look at him.

"Nightmares? What…you've been having nightmares?" He asked quietly. Alec nodded, not meeting his eyes.

Alec had cried himself to sleep without Magnus knowing for quite some time. He let the tears roll without so much as a difference in his breathing. He just held onto him and cried.

Now he looked up at him, tossing the hat to the floor. Magnus kissed him softly, eyes sad.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He whispered. Alec stared at the covers, still chewing his lip.

"I…I didn't want you to have to think about it because of me," he said softly. Magnus hugged him, sighing of the soft feel of his skin against his.

"If you ever, ever have another nightmare about that you tell me, alright? I don't care what's going on, you wake me up, okay?" He said, gently but firmly. Alec nodded, forehead resting in the crook of his neck.

"I will," he said. Magnus brushed his hair back, smiling warmly.

"My darling," he whispered, almost inaudible. "My Alec." Alec blushed. "Let's take a shower and head to the Institute." He grinned broadly.

"What?" Alec asked, expression curious. Magnus kissed him deeply.

"I know what your present is," he smirked.

Alec gulped. This was going to be one hell of a night. He smiled up at the most beautiful warlock in the world.

"Oh, bring it on, baby."


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