So I've decided that I'm quite fond of drabbles/one-shots, because they're quick and I have a short attention span. I thought I'd try writing a series of them, just because I can.

The reason the story is called "Four" is because I'm going to write them with themes that belong in groups of four. For example, A (which is this one), B, C, D; 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Etc. You get the idea.

In the spirit of Halloween (though I assure you, none of the chapters I've written so far have anything to do with Halloween; DUDE! I should write one!), I give you all my drabble/one-shot story thingy.

Disclaimer: Don't own Harry Potter. Duh.


Luna was horribly frightened. She couldn't understand why she was horribly frightened; all she knew was that the air was unsettling her too much, and that with every second that it lasted, it was frightened her. Horribly.

She shivered, frowning to herself as she stared into the petals of the white, violet, and pink clusters of flowers in her garden.

Something's not right…

That was when she saw him. She restrained from calling his name out at the top of her lungs (her fright had not decreased in the slightest), but instead, she spoke the word, "Draco," in the tiniest voice possible. She knew that he would hear even if she was whispering. He always did, whether he admitted it to her or not.

Draco stopped on the sidewalk and turned to her. He looked curiously at her pale face and blonde hair matted in dirt before barking out, "What?"

"Something's wrong," she told him sincerely, her eyes wider than saucers.

"Of course, something's wrong," he groaned, rolling his eyes. "You're gardening at night."

She blinked at him. "Come here."


"Why not?"

"Because I don't trust you."

"Yes you do."

"Like hell, I do."


The man slapped a hand to his face. Grudgingly, he stepped across the lawn till he was standing tall before her.

"What is it?" he asked, but unlike his normal tone of irritation, he merely sounded weary. Truth be told, having Loony Lovegood as a neighbor exhausted the living daylights out of him. Both he and Luna knew that he needed to learn how to better apply the word "No."

Luna took the clippers from beside her feet. She snipped the stem of one aster to a decent size. Then, she looked back up at him with those saucer eyes and held the flower out to him.

Not another bloody flower, he thought to himself. Draco observed the flower in her hand. It was tall enough for a vase but short enough to be used as a bookmark, should someone choose to use it as such. Luna expected that he would.

Sighing, he took the flower from her.

"Thank you, Draco," she said, smiling brightly, for she was feeling much less horribly frightened.

He grumbled something she couldn't hear and went back to her nighttime gardening. He, too, returned to his sanctuary, which was the wonderfully comfortable armchair in the corner of his library, right beside the table that held a vase of Luna's other flowers.

The "Not another bloody flower" line is kinda/sorta a reference to my other story, Painting Flowers. It relly doesn't matter if you've read the story before reading this one or not, I just wanted to add a slight connection for the heck of it.

Happy Halloween! Go crazy, get candy, and most importantly, do the Time Warp! (again, lol)