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Naruto stared up at the ceiling and sighed. His team had got back today from the wave mission and Kakashi had given them the month off. Naruto thought back to the wave mission and how sloppy and bad his skills were. He could think of all the things he were out done at, and now that he thought about it Sasuke had him beat at just about everything. His taijutsu was better, his ninjutsu surpassed him by a mile, and he was pretty sure he knew at least one genjutsu. But all he had was his humongous chakra reserves, his stealth, and his wit.

This worried him a lot. He realized he could have easily been killed by Haku if he weren't holding back so much, and could he just rely on busting out demon chakra with anger and carelessness every time he got into a hard battle. He needed to improve a lot or he would never be taken seriously and would not survive and protect his loved ones. He needed to train, and not just train he needed to really train and improve. He had a long way to go and he needed to start right now.

Naruto got up out of the bed and got dressed. He needed to find someone to help him now! But who? Kakashi? No he has shown how interested he is in his improvement. Iruka? He had told him in the academy why he couldn't. The old man? Yes, he stays late this night every week. Naruto walked onto the balcony and jumped to the nearest building.

He arrived in front of the tower and walked into the door knowing it was open. The hokage locked up on this night. He walked up to the old man's office and just walked in. The hokage looked up to see Naruto standing there with a look in his eyes that he already knew meant he needed something serious. " What can I help you with Naruto?"

"Hey old man I need some help." Naruto replied.

The hokage looked with intent, "Well what can I help you with?"

Naruto sighed and began explaining, "Well I have been thinking about my team's last mission and I realized that I am to far behind in my ninja training and I really need to improve or else I won't be alive long enough to protect anyone."

The third sighed and gazed at the young ninja, "So what exactly do you need help with?"

Naruto sighed and began to think as he started to scratch the back of his neck. "Well my taijutsu is horrible, my ninjutsu is barely there and my genjutsu is well non-exsistent, so just about everything."

The third's eye's had narrowed during Naruto's speech. "Naruto, do you always scratch your neck when you speak?"

Naruto thought about it for a second and scratching harder as he thought "Yeah, as long as I can remember why?"

The third stood up and got behind Naruto, " Take off your shirt."

Naruto did so with no hesitation, he trusted the old man more than enough to not think twice.

The third said " Naruto how many hidden villages are there, and what are thier names?"

Naruto thought hard for a second trying to remember bring up information the third knew he did not know. He looked intently as Naruto thought harder and he saw it, a compuond restriction seal at the bottom of his neck and the top of his spine. From the looks of the seal it hindered Naruto's intelligence by a LOT, and made his body movements clumsy and horrible. It made his muscle memory damn near never exist.

While Naruto only named the five main villages Sarutobi began doing hand signs and grabbed Naruto's neck and yelled "RELEASE!" The seal on Naruto's neck disappeared and Naruto fell over.

He got up instantly feeling the affects. His mind felt clearer then ever and his body felt looser and way more powerful than it ever had!

"What did you do to me old man?" asked a funny feeling Naruto.

"Apparently someone put a seal on you extremely hindering your abilities. "

Naruto was shocked but happy as ever! This changed his life greatly, but he still came here for a reason. He looked at the old man with determined eyes, " Okay time to get to business, what do I need to do?"

The third thought and pulled out a scroll, "This scroll has two jutsu that you should learn, I also suggest you go and get some chakra books and begin working on improving your taijutsu."

Naruto thought for a second, " Okay old man I will but I need a lot of things, so tonight im going to do a little stealth training so be ready for a complaint or two." He grabbed the scroll and exited the tower intent on changing for the better.