The Emerald King Part Three: Tai's de…de…dead?

A Taiora Saga


After a few minutes of explaining the seriousness of the situation to Mimi, and a few minutes of 'private time' *Cough* for Sora and myself, we returned to the campsite. Since it hurt to walk, Mimi and Sora had to carry me back. That let Sora and me get close without the rest of the gang getting suspicious.

"Hey, I just had a thought," I said, after we had gotten back. "Whoever sent the evil digimon probably knows where we camp. We should move before it gets too dark to see."

"Good idea. Until we defeat this new enemy, we probably will have to move around a lot." Matt added.

"Hey, the first digimon came from the direction the cliff is in. Let's camp out there." I said

"It might work. And we can move in the direction of the evil digimon until we defeat their master." Izzy said.

"Yeah!" We all said. So we packed up what we had, and moved it. Except me. Sora carried my stuff, then came back to help me to the new campsite. T.K. and Kari quickly settled down afterwards. Leaving us older kids to talk. We talked for a while, but I soon got drowsy. I tried to act like I was wide-awake, so that Mimi wouldn't let me and Soras' secret slip. But, I kept yawning, so Sora helped me off to bed.

I don't remember much after that, until I woke up. I was over the shoulder of a large, horned, knight. It was dark, so I guess he took me once every one was asleep, that or he…he…no! I can't think like that. I know my friends will come and rescue me. Then the Knight realized I was awake, and knocked me unconscious.

"Ah, you are awake now." The voice that spoke was very unfamiliar. It was soft, like velvet. And as smooth as silk.

"Who…who are you?" My head was spinning. I couldn't see very well either. My head hurt so bad. But I knew I would survive. I knew Sora would come for me.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Emerald King!" He spoke louder, but still with the same smooth voice. "You are injured. Let me heal you." I felt a cold finger touch my head. My body started tingling. My head and side started to burn but then all the pain and dizziness was gone. I could see better, but I couldn't stand up. Then I realized I was chained to the wall.

"Why am I chained up?"

"Because we can't have you running away. I need something of yours." I looked up and saw the cruel smile on his thin, shadowed face. He was wearing long, green robes and an emerald crown, studded with gems. He appeared thin and frail. Oh no, was he going to steal my life!? Was he a vampire!?!

"I can tell by your facial expression that you're wondering what I am." I slowly nodded. "Not in the mood for talking, eh? Well that's good, because I am. I am a digimon. Former partner to an ancient human king. I do not remember my digimon name, for I have been called the Emerald King for so long. I am one of the DigiRoyals. Three Mega digimon that had royal human partners at one time, and have taken the roll of royalty. Are you following?" I nodded. "Good. As I said there are three of us. Myself, the Emerald King, the Scarlet Queen and the Diamond Emperor. We each dominate a third of the digital world. We once ruled it together, but know we are bitter enemies. Sworn to destroy the other two, and conquer the rest of the digital world. We each have weaknesses preventing us form conquering. Mine is that I lack Courage and leadership skills. That is why I need you! When I sent the first digimon, Hygudokamon, I meant to destroy you. But then I saw how you saved that girl, Sora was it? Anyway, I knew you must have courage, virtues, compassion, leadership and love. I have no use for virtues, compassion and love. But the courage it took to do that! And the leadership I've seen! I had to have it. So I sent Geradimon to capture you, and you only. But your accursed friends stopped him. Which was actually a good thing, considering he could have killed you, squeezing you like that. Now a few broken ribs I can heal, as you found out, but I can't raise the dead damn it. Oh, pardon my language. So lastly I sent Khareemmon to kidnap you once you and all your friends were asleep."

"I'm sorry to interrupt but, who are the Khareemmon?"

"Ah, those. They are some creations of mine."

"You can't just create digimon!" I was angry at that. He might be a digimon, but that doesn't mean he can create others.

"Ah, that is were you are wrong, Tai." When he said my name, he spat it out, as if something disgusting was in his mouth. "I can create digimon. So can the Scarlet Queen and the Diamond Emperor." He looked angry after my outburst. His eyes looked fiery, his bony face was fleshing out a little, and two green bumps were protruding just below his crown. He pointed a gnarled finger at me. "There will be no farther outbursts, understood!" The fires in his eyes flashed and he clenched his slightly more muscled fist. "Now Tai, you shall not anger me or I shall cause you more pain than you could ever imagine!"

"You wouldn't hurt me, you need me!"

"Wrong again boy! I can cause you untold amounts of pain, and heal you up in an instant! I can be your friend, your foe or absolute pain!" He grew larger, more muscular and the bumps on his head grew into short green horns.

"You fit the foe part!" I lost control. My anger at this being for taking me from my true love, dragging on about how he needed my power, and then yells at me for nothing, grew very intense.

"So your choice is foe, eh? So be it!" His voice grew deep and gravely, his eyes turned into green embers, he grew so large, his clothes tore apart, and the two short horns grew into ram horns. His mouth was filled with dagger-like teeth, his long gnarled fingers were now tipped with deadly claws, and the arms supporting them were rippling with muscle. "If I didn't need your courage and leadership so badly I would kill you now!" One of the two guards at the main doorway tried to sneak off. "Were do you think you're going!" He said to the guard. Following his words, he shot a beam of green energy at the guard. The guards armor fell to the ground with a metallic *clank*. He was about to say something to me when there came shrieks of terror from outside the window. He rushed over, and so did I. "No! How can this be!" He yelled. Outside my friends and their digimon, all ultimate level, except Gabumon who was Metal Garurumon, were outside wasting the Khareemmon. Garudamon and Sora crashed in through another window. Garudamon let Sora down and I rushed over to her.


"Tai!" We hugged. "Wait a minute, Tai. How come you aren't hurt anymore?"

"Because that evil digimon healed me so he can steal my courage and leadership!"

"I'll stop him!" Garudamon yelled as she dashed across the room. She flew up into the sky and used her wing blade attack on the Emerald King. He merely shrugged it off.

"Ha! You are but a mere Ultimate. I am a Mega!" With that he blasted Garudamon with a green beam. She devolved into Biyomon and fell out of the sky. Sora dove to catch her. The Emerald King jumped over them and grabbed me. "Now, to drain your courage and leadership!" He shot me with a powerful beam of green light. My body started to tingle, then the room began to blur. The last thing I saw was a jet of fire blast the Emerald King and Sora looking down at me. With my last ounce of strength I told her, "I love you." And I passed out.

I woke up to a similar scene as the last two times I passed out. My friends were sobbing. Sora was wishing me to come back, while tears cascaded down her cheeks. But she didn't say the same thing as before. And this time she spoke aloud. "Tai, please wake up, please. Tai, quit kidding. Tai, please. *Sob* Mimi, he told me…he told me…*sob* that he loved me."

"And I always will." I said to her with a weak smile. She looked at me, still crying, but she was smiling. The grabbed me and hugged me. And unlike the other times, it didn't hurt, because my side was healed, and I hugged back. And then we kissed. A kiss so deep, so passionate, it couldn't be outdone. Then she hugged me again. She let go after a little while. She didn't want to, but Kari wanted to hug her big brother, me, and she was able to get Sora to let go, for a little while.

1 A Few Days Later

Once we got back to camp. Me and Sora told everyone about our love. And then they told me what happened. I found out that Biyomon had warp digivolved because Sora had seemingly lost two loved ones. And that love allowed Biyomon to become Phoenixmon, her Mega form. That was the jet of fire I saw. Me and Sora spent the rest of the day alone. I had to go to the spring, 'cause I still felt woozy. We finished the day by watching the sunset from the beach. She was resting her head on my lap. I was stroking her hair.


"Yes Tai?"

"I love you. I always have, I guess. From the first time I saw you."

"Same here Tai."

"Will you always love me?"

"Of course Tai. I promise I will love you forever." We kissed passionately. And it was the best kiss of my life.

Well, that was the Emerald King Saga. I plan on making ones about the Scarlet Queen and the Diamond Emperor. Oh, and please don't steal those names. I worked really hard to come up with them(. I hope you like it. I think the ending was a little corny, though. Email your thoughts at Bye;)