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Kane drove around town, looking for a place to end his pain. He has been the butt of all jokes, lost his matches week after week, and lost most of friends all because of a controversial scandal that ended his career as a WWE Superstar.

"What the point of living life if I'm gonna screw up everyday"

It's bad enough that his parents rejected him because he was bi, but whats worse is that his so called friend recorded him having sex with another man on his webcam and post it on the internet.

Kane then arrive at bridge he thought would the perfect place to end his life. He got out his car and walk in the rain take a look at the water that would digest his body.

He cried to himself as he slowly took off every inch of his clothes and neatly arranged on top of the hood of his car.

He then climbed on the top of the bridge, ready to end his miserable life.

"Kane! Wait! Don't do it" He turned to see Big Show running after him.
"Don't do it. This is not the way to solve your problems" Big Show said.

"You don't understand. I don't have anything to live for. Where do I fit in this fucked up world? Tell mme!"

"This is insane! You gonna get hurt!"

"You can't make me. I already made my decision" He said sadly, turning away from his friend, ready to jump.

"Kane, wait! DON'T DO THIS"

He froze when he heard a familiar voice called after him. He turned to see his crush Tyler, running towards him with Cena right behind.


"Kane, please come down there. You gonna get hurt" Tyler pleaded.

"Why should I? Nobody cares about me"

"But we do care about you, and we love you no matter who you are" Cena said, trying to calm him down.

"Yeah right, who would want to love an ugly, disgusting monster like me?"

"I would"

He turns to teary Tyler, not believing the words that came out her mouth.


"I love and care about you. I was in love with you for over a year. I'm not gonna to sit there and watch you kill yourself and I'm damn sure that I'm not gonna bury the love of my life," Tyler confessed and cried.

"I was the love of your life?"

"You ARE the love of my life. Always had, always will be,"

Kane can feel the tears rolling down from his face. He never thought that anybody would care so much to actually come look for him.

"Kane, please get down there. You're gonna get hurt" she pleaded.

After a few moments and a little convincing, he gets down from the bridge and walks towards her.

"Tyler, did you really mean it? You really love me?" Kane asked. Without hesitation, she pull his head down and pressed her lips to his lips,giving him a pasionate kiss.

"Course I did. Life is gonna get better, I promise" she said, covering him up with a blanket.

"I don't want to go through this alone"

"You're not alone. We are all here if you need us" Show said calmly.

"Thanks, I really needed to hear that" Kane sobered

"C'mon, let's go home. You can sleep in my room" She smiled as she walks him back his car. "I'll drive"

Kane nodded and climbed to the back seat and fell asleep. He thought that no care about him and figure that killing himself was the only way to end his pain. But he never thought his friends and his new girlfriend Tyler would care so much that they came looking for him. Never in millions of years was that he thought that there was someone out there who really cares about him.