Someone to talk to

Chapter 1

Synopsis: A Halloween fic for the awesome and talented Muffy Morrigan. If you haven't read her Custodes Noctis Series yet, then you must, her books "The Legacy" and "The Hunt" are available at Amazon. This is also a Birthday fic for her two wonderful characters, Rob and Galen Emry's.

Notes: It was a one-shot, but Muffy asked that I continue, so consider this chapter one :D She also did a quick beta for me, but any other mistakes are all my own LOL :D Hope you enjoy :D

Warning: Language.

Galen's POV

I slowly lift my arm, squinting at my watch. Finally. I can hardly believe it. 12:05 p.m.

"Happy birthday … Brat," I say in a low tone.

A gentle tingle through our bond, before ...

Happy birthday, Galen.

I don't know how many times I've thanked every deity that I know, that Rob and I have this connection, can talk to each other any time day or night if we choose to.

"I got you something …"

A frustrated sigh, I can almost hear him rolling his eyes.

Galen, you don't need to talk out loud … and besides, that's the last thing on my mind right now! But I got you something too.

I grin at his agitated voice, it's been a long week, I'm exhausted, Rob is stressed, neither of us can sleep, but just knowing that he's there helps me keep our dialogue open, sending calming ripples back to him through our connection.

"I need to talk out loud sometimes, hearing my voice ... it helps … it keeps me focused."

Okay, but don't turn it into a habit.

I can feel his concerned chuckled. Smiling. I know he's worried about me. I've been feeling his strong waves of concern continuously these last few days. I try to reassure him again. It's an older brother instinct.

"I'm fine."

You're not …

"I am, Rob … I can handle this."

Another frustrated sigh. I know he hasn't rested properly, he's probably buzzing on coffee right now, the way I know him. Our mission last weekend went bad, I blame myself, but some things you just can't plan for.

We got them, Galen. They won't hurt anyone again.

"I know. It's … just the waiting …"

I'll fix this, Galen. I've figured it out, I've found the place … just trust me.

I nod, stretching carefully. My eyes threatening to close at the incessant pull of sleep, but it's pretty cold and instead I glance up at the ceiling, imagining the dark sky with the millions of twinkling celestial bodies above. I long to be outside. It's a crescent moon tonight, marking the beginning of the Winter Solstice … the glowing light illuminating the whole interior. Halloween. Old Hallow's Eve, Samhain. A combined birthday for the Emrys clan.

A birthday. My eyes mist up, remembering my family. I haven't even seen dad, but I'm not surprised, considering.

He'll be here, you know he will, please, Galen, don't give up hope.

"I know, I just wish … he could be here… now."

Suddenly … like a breath of fresh air … I smell a faint whiff of cinnamon and pines and roses. Reminds me of mom. I feel a tear trail down my cheek at the memory. Mom. Haven't thought about her for a long time, even though I carry her in my heart every single day. I miss her.

I miss her, too.

"I know."

I try to conceal my sadness, but I know Rob can feel it. The connection dims for a second, but I can feel his presence, I know he's probably fighting back tears of his own.

I sigh. Suddenly sorry, sorry for everything that happened ... if I had only been faster ... I blink slowly. The night is eerily quiet, except for a siren far in the distance.

Galen, you still there?

I nod stupidly, no one can see me. "It's kinda cold…tonight."

'Kay, hang on, I'll bring you a blanket.

"Thanks, Brat."

You alright? Tell me you're going to be okay.

Everything is starting to catch up with me.

"I'm thinking I need to rest now… it's been a long … week."

No, not yet…please, Galen … just a few more minutes.

I think I drift off … because my eyes open wearily when I feel Rob enter the room. He rushes towards me.

"He's over here!"

He falls to his knees next to me, hands fluttering over me nervously and carefully, not sure where to touch, not sure which wound to take care of first.

"Shit, Galen …"

He sobs, tears shimmering in his eyes as Mike lands heavily next to him, a huge medical bag slamming down near my head. He digs in the bag, pulling out everything he thinks he'll need. A syringe clamped between his teeth as he reads a bottle. Shit. I hate injections.

"Knew … you'd … find me."

I'm starting to shiver again. Rob quickly tucks something shiny around my body.

"Here's that blanket I promised you."

"Thanks …"

Don't you die, Galen. You hear me?

I nod. Trying to swallow, my mouth is so dry. I want water, but a medic is attaching me to an IV.

"I'm sorry it took so long, I'm here now, just hold on a bit longer, okay?"

I can't feel Mike working on me. I know his hands are probing and testing, dressing wounds, injecting me with stuff. Luckily or unluckily I don't feel any pain. Haven't felt anything for over a day now. Probably not a good sign. My body is completely numb.

"Mike, how's he doing?"

"Not good. His pulse is weak, and he's hypothermic, I'm not sure about the other injuries, or the drugs they've been pumping into him … I'll know more when we get him to the hospital."

An oxygen mask is suddenly covering my face, I don't remember them putting one on. I blink slowly again, looking at Rob in confusion. His lip trembles, but he nods, letting me know that everything's okay.

They maneuver and lift me onto a gurney, I'm losing track of time, the shock starting to set in, knowing that someone is finally here, my body seems to be giving in …

"Okay guys, let's go!"

I glance at Mike, he's frowning, the usual Mike look, just a bit more intense.

I feel Rob's warm hand slip into mine. I move my eyes to lock with his. He smiles down reassuringly, running next to the gurney as we they rush me out of the abandoned salt factory.

The heavy pressure that's been hanging over me thankfully lifts as I try to leave behind the dark memories and bad energy. This is the place where they kept me hostage. The place they ransomed me to my brother. I still feel that fear, someone had been watching us for months, someone wanting our money ... and with a touch of bad luck, they put me in a place where my father couldn't find me, where I thought I would die. But Rob found me … Rob did …

People are fussing around me again as we hit the cold night air, and I manage to catch a shimmering glimpse of Dad and Bobby for a brief few seconds, Dad looking worried … mouthing the words … 'you'll be okay, son" … just before they lift me into the waiting ambulance.

"Happy birthday … Brat." I manage one final soft whisper.

A small bit of healing flows through Rob's touch as he gently squeezes my wrist, settling in next to the gurney and me. I sigh into the warmth of his strength, feeling Rob's relief and strong concern pulsing through our bond. I can here Mike shouting orders over the two way as I close my eyes, knowing that with Rob here, I'm finally safe. I drift away on his trembling words.

"Happy birthday, Galen."