As I've said in the synopsis, this is the sequel to 'Let The Games Begin'. You don't have to have read it to enjoy this one, but it might help.


The young man screamed for the second time that evening, screwing his eyes shut as the metal bit into his side, drawing blood. He yelped in pain as he felt his blood being pumped out, could feel himself getting weaker and weaker, his blonde hair falling in his face as he shook his head from side to side.

'Oh please. It doesn't hurt! Your such a cry-baby!' the man taking the fluid jeered, his short, cropped black hair almost invisible in the gloom of the wooden shack, the low fire threatening to throw them into darkness.

Out of the shadows came the low laugh of another man, and as he came forwards, the man tied to the chair opened his eyes wider in shock.

'Don't insult our guest. It took a vast amount of courage to come here tonight, didn't it Tom?' he asked, but Tom didn't answer his question.

'No...No...PLEASE! I didn't know you were gonna do this...let me go!' he yelled, struggling against his bonds.

'oh no, we can't do that-see, your our test subject, our...guinea pig if you will- your very valuable to us' he insisted, patting Tom on the leg. Tom moved away, grunting in anger and pain.

'Go to hell!' he hissed.

The man stood abruptly, his cold grey eyes glinting through thick brown hair.

'Don't you worry about that Tom-I have a season ticket to a one way ride!' the man laughed at his own joke, shaking his head slightly as Tom turned away, growling in anger.

'What're you gonna do? People are gonna come looking for me!' he said, his blue eyes shining as he figured a way out.

'Not ...if they never find you' said the man, bending down and putting both hands on Tom's thighs.

'Hi, my names Dominic-and I'll be killing you tonight!' he grinned, watching as Tom turned deathly white and began to shake.

'No! No please...I'll do anything-please!' he begged, but it was no use, as Dominic stood up and brandished a long, silver knife, its edges sharp and ready.

With one solid, swinging movement, Dominic swung the knife in an arc, the blade biting into Tom's neck, tearing the skin, through flesh, muscle and bone, before it came sweeping out the other side, a wave of blood following.

The other man turned away as soon as it happened; the sight of blood made him feel sick, and he didn't want to puke in front of Dominic.

Dominic, however, smiled at his handiwork, wiping his face of the smudges of blood that had flown up at him.

'Well, that's that.' He stated, walking to the other man and putting a hand on his shoulder.

'You ok? He asked in a low voice.

'Yeah-of course, why wouldn't I be?' the man challenged.

'No reason Damon, I just wondered' he said, before looking back at Tom's body.

'We've got some digging to do tonight-and tomorrow, we go get them!' he said, eyes flickering with malice.

'Yeah, they got it coming to them!' grinned Damon, taking out of his pocket a large surveillance camera picture and holding it so they both could see.

The picture was of two men walking down the street. They were laughing together; there was a shorter one who was just about to punch the other one on the arm, a big grin spread across his face, eyes alight with fun and life.

There was a taller one next to him, with unruly brown hair, who was pretending to dodge, his mouth open in silent laughter.

Dominic chuckled dangerously.

'Live while you can, that's my motto...' he said, before taking the picture off Damon and rummaging in his pocket for his lighter. He flicked it on and held the corner to the flame, watching as the picture caught fire. He dropped it on the floor and just watched it, engulfing the men in flame, the picture melting and turning to ash in a matter of seconds.

'...because you never know when it's going to be snuffed out'

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