Days Of The Silver Light

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Genre: Drama/Angst/Family/Tragedy

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MAJOR SPOILERS HERE! I MEAN BIG ONES! You've been warned. So don't complain, kay? Thank you for your understanding.

Note: I wanted to give a more dramatic and tragic feel to the relationship that Granas and Valmar probably shared but the game never implied or explained on. I hope you all like it. n.n

Summary: This is a tale from long, long ago, long before the journey of Ryudo and his companions to stop Valmar's awakening. A pair of ill-fated twins, Granas and Valmar once lived a peaceful and carefree life; however when a group invades their home and kidnaps Granas, Valmar will do whatever it takes to save him.

This was only the start of the sad story between these two young boys who would ascend to godhood and the slow corruption of Granas' brother, Valmar. Let us go back in time and witness the true story behind the tale of the two gods.

Chapter I: Paradise Lost

Seven years ago...

It was dark, raining night, the windmills of the small village that lived on the mountains of the Silesia continent turned slowly as the rain still pelted down from the heavens. Inside one of these windmills, however, was a young woman who had just passed away shortly after giving birth to two sons...

Little did anyone at that time knew just how important these two now-orphaned boys would be many years later. The heavens cried along with the two newborns at the loss, but thankfully, the matron of the small Orphanage here decided to take them under her wing along with the other orphans.

As the mother never had time to name her two sons, she decided to name them for her. She chose the names that would forever engrave the history of this world: Granas and Valmar...


Seven Years Later

A beautiful summer day shined down on the windmill village, the fields were blooming with an abundance of flowers, covering the green fields like a blanket. It seemed like a peaceful day, but this peace was shortly disrupted when a loud yell broke the air of tranquillity so suddenly.

"HEY! You hooligans! Get back here!" A seven year old boy chased after two slightly older boys near their home, the Orphanage. He had auburn hair that was short lengthen, with one strand of hair standing up like an antenna. He had matching crimson red eyes and his skin was slightly tanned. He wore ordinary clothes of thin brown shirt along with matching brown pants, he just wore worn out slip on slippers for shoes as it didn't matter how they looked as long as they could be used.

"Ahhhh! It's demon boy! Run!" One of the older boys ran for their life, even though the boy was younger than them, he was anything but a normal seven year old.

"He'll murder us!"

"You mess up the laundry! Do you realize how long it took to get them all washed? If you're going to run around like little imps then do it away from us!" The boy yelled out, swinging a wooden bucket around, before throwing it.

Meanwhile two children, who were still at the washing line, just witnessed the whole thing from afar.

"Valmar let it go already." A young boy of ten years called out, while picking up the now dirty blankets.

A much smaller girl, jumped for joy, encouraging Valmar on which the ten year old glared at the girl. "Don't encourage him, Samantha."

Eventually Valmar finally caught the two and towered over them menacingly. "Alright, punks. You're going to take full responsibility for this."

They both looked at each other confused and looked back at Valmar. "We are?"

"Yes, you're going to clean all those things you got dirty! By yourselves!" Valmar answered, pointing back to the laundry line.

"Yeah! Clean them good!" Samantha beamed. The other boy next to Samantha just sighed.

"B-but it was turn today!" One of the boys gaped in shock.

"Well," Valmar smirked evilly. "This is will teach you a lesson then, won't it?"

"Uh, hey, what happened to that bucket you threw, Valmar? The other boy questioned.

"Now that you mention it...Where did it go?" Valmar raised his eyebrows in realization.

"...! Valmar, over there!" The boy back at the laundry line pointed out with a panicked expression.

What Valmar saw made him cry out in horror, the bucket had struck none other than his own twin, it seemed to have landed on his head and now his face was covered by the bucket. "Granas! I'm so sorry, are you okay? Say something!" Valmar hurried over to his brother's side and shook him fiercely in order get a response from him.

Everyone had worried look on their faces about this turn of events. That was until they heard some giggling from underneath the bucket. Valmar went ahead to take the bucket off Granas' head, only to find that he was just fine and stuck his tongue out playfully. "Ha! I got you! I got you~!" Granas cheerfully cried out triumph. He had blonde hair that reached to his shoulders and sky blue eyes that contrasted drastically to Valmar.

Valmar's eyes widened when he registered in his mind that was tricked by Granas, of all people!

"You actually thought you had hit me? I never knew you were so gullible, big brother." Granas laughed.

"Granas...Yooouuuu..." Valmar growled in annoyance while blushing with embarrassment. His anger was soon forgotten when he heard Granas' laughs turn into a fit of coughs. "Granas? Are you okay? You didn't take your medicine, did you?" Valmar asked with a worried tone.

"I didn't it. I'm fine, really." Granas shook his head.

"You're a bad liar." Valmar rolled his eyes.

"...Can I just stay out a little longer today? Besides, it's a nice day! Please?" Granas pleaded.


Granas gave him his best kicked puppy eyes look; he knew that worked wonders on Valmar. "Damn it; don't look at me with those eyes...Fine...but only just for today." Valmar sighed in defeat.

"Thank you." Granas smiled.

"Well, since you're out, let's go exploring~!" Valmar cheerfully added, dragging Granas away from the Orphanage.

"...Did he just ditch us?" One of the older boys blinked.

"You mean you've known Valmar for this long and haven't caught on to it? Alright, you heard what Valmar said, you have to help us out in payment for pulling the laundry off the line." The ten year old shrugged.

"Do we have to?"

"I'll tell Valmar~" Samantha slyly noted.

"Alright! We'll do it! Just don't tell him!" The two were quick to comply at that reply.

"...That's quite sad." The ten year old commented, but the help wouldn't hurt.


Elsewhere, a distance away from the village that they had been born and raised in for the last seven years, Granas and Valmar sat on the balcony top of an abandoned windmill on a lone high hill. The twins had found this place on their own sometime ago, so they called their 'secret place', a little sanctuary that they both shared, and a secret that only they knew.

From what they knew from the Matron, their mother passed away shortly after giving birth to them and their father was unknown, as the mother never had time to reveal it. Valmar was the older twin while Granas was younger by a few minutes. They weren't identical, but they were still twins all the same.

While Valmar was healthy and always running around with energy, Granas was not so fortunate. He has had a sickly body since infancy, but his will was strong and had fought to stay alive. The twins had always be inseparable, even as babies, their powerful invisible bond was as strong now as it was the moment they were born into this world.

Valmar had always worried constantly about his brother and refused to ever leave his side when he was bed-ridden, Granas had always felt like a burden to his brother, he knew that Valmar could do much more if he wasn't holding him back. Valmar may not act or look it, but he was quite intelligent for his age, and he could become a prodigy if given the chance. However, he knew Valmar would never take it; he would rather stay with Granas than leave him.

In a way, Granas also knew that he was being selfish, as he didn't want Valmar to ever leave him. He was the only family he had left and loved him more than anything in the world, he would even gladly give up his life if Valmar's was threatened, of course Valmar would scold him for such a thing, but he didn't care. He couldn't bear to live on if anything happened to him.

"-anas, Granas! Are you there?" Valmar's voice droned in as Granas' trail of thoughts ended.


"You didn't hear a word I said, did you?" Valmar sighed.

", sorry." Granas smiled apologetically.

"Well, I said where do you think we'll be when we're older? You know, are we going to explore the world together or what?" Valmar repeated the question he had asked before.

"Hmmm...To be honest, I never really thought about it." Granas tilted his head as he thought about it.

"If you ask me, I think we're going to make history!" Valmar beamed.

"...Hahahahaha!" Granas bursted into laughter while Valmar pouted. "Don't laugh...I was serious."

"Valmar, do really believe what you just said?" Granas smiled lopsidedly.

"Of course, or we fail trying." Valmar smirked.

"Well, who knows? You could be right. As long it's with you, I don't mind where we go or end up." Granas answered.

"Well, I'll take that as a good enough answer." Valmar replied. He looked up to see that the sun has nearly sunken into the hills north of them. "Better go home; Matron will be mad at us if we stayed out any longer." Valmar turned to him, but noticed that Granas had grabbed on to Valmar's hand and held it tightly as he shivered.

"Granas? What's wrong? Are you cold?" Valmar asked.

"Can we...stay like this a little longer? I won't wanna go home yet, I like it this way, just the two of us." Granas sadly spoke.


"I'm scared..." Granas whispered.

"Scared? Of what? Did someone frighten you? I swear, you tell me who it is and I'll give him a lesson he won't forget!" Valmar punched his fist into his open hand.

"No...It's nothing like that. I've been having really horrible nightmares lately, the more I see them, the more I'm frightened. They feel so real that sometimes I think they're actually happening..."

"Nightmares? And you haven't told me about this until now?" Valmar frowned.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to worry you more than you already are about me." Granas apologised.

"Well...they're just dreams nonetheless, no matter how real they feel. That's just your mind playing tricks on you." Valmar said logically.

"You're probably right, but I still don't feel reassured." Granas sighed sadly.

"Well, what's so bad about them?" Valmar pressed on.

"Well...they're a little foggy but...I keep seeing a ruined island, scarred and torn by some battle that had probably taken place beforehand. It's raining and the skies were grey, I'm looking up to the sky but I also see a shadowed face looking down at me, with tears rolling down his face. I'm wondering...if that person whose looking up the me." Granas explained.

"Wait! Are you saying that you're having dreams about your death?" Valmar's eyes widened.

"Well...I don't know, I think it's me. I feel though that the person crying in my dream was you, but I don't understand why..." Granas added.

"...Granas. You won't die, I'll make sure of it." Valmar said with determination.

" can't stop nature from taking its course, Valmar. People die, that's how life is." Granas reasoned.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean you have to die young! You've managed to live this long, right?" Valmar argued.

"That's true...but for how much longer? I don't know when it will be my last day, so before that day...I want to spend as much time with you as possible." Granas countered.

"..." Valmar couldn't retort to that.

"If I could stop time, I want this moment to last forever...but I can't..."

"You're so stupid, Granas." Valmar tightly embraced Granas, as if he feared Granas would shatter into a million pieces if he let go. Granas just returned it, knowing all too well that life's sweetest moments are too precious to waste.

"I'm sorry, Valmar. I've ruined the cheerful atmosphere, haven't I?" Granas asked.

"Don't be silly. You think I care about something like that right now? Anyway, I have an idea of what might keep you fighting." Valmar answered, he released the embrace to look at his younger twin.

"What?" Granas looked confused.

"Let's make a promise! That way, we'll have to stay alive in order to uphold it." Valmar cleverly suggested.

"Huh, that sounds like a good idea! But...what kind of promise?" Granas asked curiously.

"Hmmm, I know! If we were forced to be separated, we will always try to find each other again. How about that?" Valmar asked thoughtfully.

"I doubt that will happen, but alright, that's something worth fighting for, it's a promise. Pinkie swear." Granas raised his small finger and hooked it around Valmar's own small finger, thus sealing the promise.

"I wonder if anyone's noticed how long we've been gone?" Valmar wondered.

"You're asking that now?" Granas smiled.

"Well, you're not the one who gets pinched by the ear when it happens." Valmar whined.

"That's because I'm special." Granas teased.

"Oh, is that so? It's not fair that I get punished for something that was entirely your doing this time. So I have no choice but to...torture you!" Valmar had an evil smile curl up on his lips and so suddenly, tickled Granas at the spots he knew were most effective.

"What? Hey-! Hahahaha! Valmar, noooo! Stop it, hahahaha!"

"Oh, you want more? Okay." Valmar played along.

The blue skies turned to an orange-pinkish hue, the laughter of the two children filled the air at what would otherwise a lonely hill with a lone abandoned windmill.


The two twins decided to return back to the Orphanage as it was now night-time and way past the time that the Matron would ask her charges to come back home at. They were still a bit giddy from their tickle-fest fight.

As they came closer to the village, a disturbing scent filled the air which made them more alert than before.

"Hey, can you smell smoke?" Valmar whispered to Granas.

Granas simply nodded, confused at why they would smell such an awful scent.

When they started to hear cries and screams coming from the village, their eyes widened in fear and horror. They both looked at each other before rushing all the way back, when they arrived, what greeted them was gruesome and horrible to witness.

The windmills and the small houses were burning like an inferno, even the Orphanage wasn't spared. Bodies littered the once white petals of the flower that bloomed here, staining them in dark red. One body in particular shook Granas' senses and took a few steps back in horror.

The body belonged to none other than little Samantha.

"Samantha!" Valmar bent down to check her pulse, but it had stopped beating a while ago. "...This can't be happening. How could this happen?" Valmar shook his head in disbelief.

"Who...who could kill a sweet little girl like Samantha? It's so...inhumane." Granas's voice shook in fear.

"Don't look, Granas...but...Samantha wasn't the only one..." Valmar looked down.

Completely ignoring what Valmar said, he looked further to see that all their friends from the Orphanage, even the most youngest weren't shown any mercy. Taking in a sharp gasp and covered his mouth with both of his hands.

"What kind of monster would do this much killing?" Valmar asked mainly himself.

"That would be us, little brat." A deep voice called out, making Valmar alert and stepping in front of Granas.

"You...were you the ones who did this?" Valmar roared.

"Why yes, we were. We were under the orders from our leader in Saint Heim to return with two children who were rumoured to possess...'special' qualities, shall we say? We were also ordered to leave no witnesses, so we killed everyone in this village. In fact, besides from you two, we just finished off the last one." The leader of the merciless group of soldiers explained, throwing the body of the last person they killed who was...

"Matron!" Granas cried out.

"You monsters! I hope you all burn in hell!" Valmar spat.

"Ooh, the little kitty has claws. How cute." The leader scoffed. "No matter, we got what we came here for, we were told by our Intel that a strong possible candidate for our new experiment lived up here. After seeing you in action, I know for certain it's you." He added.

"...! So you killed everyone just to find me?" Valmar clenched his fists.

"I already told you, we can't leave any witnesses, which means your friend here has to die too." The leader drew out his blade which had dried blood still stained on it.

"Like hell you will!" Valmar spat back acted as Granas' shield. "If you want to kill him, you'll have to run through me first!"


"Valmar? So that's your name is it? I admire your bravery, boy. Very well, I'll spare your friend for now. Arrest these two." The leader ordered.

"Yes sir." The nearest solider obeyed and tied rope around their arms, of course, they offered some resistance at first.

"Alright, mission accomplish boys. We'll go in two separate groups, my group will take the boy back to Saint Heim. And the other take that boy to some village and sell him off to someone."

"Yes sir!" The soldiers that held Granas hostage saluted before attempting to drag Granas away.

Of course, neither of the two were just going to let it happen. They did everything they could, digging their feet into the ground, trying to pull back on the rope hoping that they'll let it slip.

"Alright, this is just getting on my nerves. C'mere!" The leader got annoyed and picked Valmar up before putting him over his shoulder. The soldiers that held Granas copied their superior's actions, making it more easy for them to leave.

The home they knew for seven years, burning into the ground, started to fade away from their eyes as they were dragged further away from the only home they ever knew. It wasn't until they came to a fork road that they started acting up again.

"Granas! Let me go, you monsters! Granas!"


The twin's hands nearly touched each other but they were sharply torn away as the groups made a sharp turn going in different directions.

Soon enough, Valmar and Granas lost sight of each other, for the first time ever in their lives, they felt a part of them had died. But this was not the end for either of them, for their greater destiny...was only just beginning...


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And what I like in this fan fic it shows that Valmar was actually human once and not just the 'evil god of death' that everyone basically keeps saying throughout the game with no background done on either Valmar or Granas. After all, no one is born evil. =3

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