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Warning: Character death in the second chapter, but I don't think many of you will mind. Lets not forget the blood. Please watch for my warnings.

Well, I have put this up sense you all don't seem to like Wishes. This story is also very AU. Harry is turned at the age of thirteen and raised by Athenodora and Caius.


Chapter One: Vacation

It had been on a Tuesday, one of the hottest days that Harry had encountered when he heard the conversion his aunt and uncle seemed to be having. The thoughts of going for water changed as he stayed under the window to listen. He never really cared what they had said before, but this time his name kept coming up.

It had to do with the trip his uncle had won to Italy, not that Harry really cared, he wouldn't be going. Strangely neither was Dudley, he had flat out refused to go. Dudley would be staying with Marge for the two weeks, Harry wished him luck. As he pulled a weed, Harry heard the name 'Ms. Figg' come up time and time again. Harry knew what the problem was now.

Ms. Figg wouldn't be back for another week, she had told him that much herself. His aunt and uncle had two days before they left; meaning Harry had nobody to stay with. Harry smirked, he couldn't help it, Marge wouldn't keep him, and they already tried that. They wouldn't leave him home alone either; they were too afraid that the ones from his school would find out. Thirteen was too young to leave a boy alone for three days, Harry thought different, but that didn't matter.

Harry pulled himself away from the window and from the weeds, it was just to hot. He stood at the door; he really didn't want to go in either. Maybe, if he slipped in, he could work his way upstairs without them knowing.

He opened the door only to face a purple face Uncle Vernon; there went the slipping upstairs un-noticed. His aunt didn't look any happier, maybe they had decided she would just stay home. Like that would happen, she wouldn't miss this trip, even if she had to drag him with her.

Vernon had his meaty finger pointed in his face, "you, will stay in the hotel, you will not leave the room, you will pretend that you don't even know us, do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal," Harry whispered glancing over to his aunt. He was right, she was dragging him with them. Not that he minded he could pretend he didn't know them, it wouldn't be that hard. It would be nice not to know them.

"We leave tonight," Vernon muttered stomping up the steps.

Harry watched to see if he would fall through or not. It would have been funny to see him go through the steps.

"I stopped and got you a set of good clothes, one should do," and she murmured taking off after Vernon.

Harry just stood there, he, Harry Potter was going to Italy. His aunt had bought him clothes, not Dudley's castoffs, which also must be the reason he hadn't heard from Dudley, she had taken him to Marge. None of that mattered, he was going to Italy. He wasn't going to stay in the hotel room either, after all what they didn't know, wouldn't hurt either one of them.

Harry finally followed them up stairs as well; he could hear them talking about clothes and what they should take. He went to take a shower; being covered in dirt and sweat just didn't make a person feel well. He was sticky and still hot, so he let the water run until it was almost cold, they didn't like him using the hot water anyway. Today was one day he didn't mind; instead it felt really good.

Harry found the clothes easy enough, still in a bag on his bed. They were nothing special, not that he thought they would be, black trousers with a white shirt. After changing, he looked in the mirror, his hair had gotten longer, and it still stuck up, what got him the most was he still looked like a kid.

Harry turned Hedwig loose, he should have at least sent a note but figured he could do that later. Next, he gathered his cloak, wand and his picture album. He wouldn't leave them behind, he couldn't.

"Boy!" Vernon shouted while banging on the door.

Harry stuffed his things into his school bag, it didn't look much different really, and nothing anybody would notice. "Yes, Uncle Vernon," Harry finally called back.

"Let's go, if we don't leave now, we'll never make it!" Vernon announced before stomping back down the stairs. "We've got us a special plane waiting on us boy!"

Harry picked up his bag he hadn't known that. He had thought they had won tickets or something. Why would someone think they were that special? For some reason, Harry had the feeling Dudley wasn't so stupid after all.

[] [] [] []

Harry found he was the only child among at least thirty people, all which said they had 'won' this special trip. He saw nothing special about any of them most was overweight. He and his aunt were the thinnest of the group. She wasn't looking to pleased either, Vernon on the other hand, seemed pleased as he entered the blood red airplane.

"Something isn't right," Harry murmured to himself as he took a seat in the back by himself. He knew it wasn't, it wasn't Voldemort, that much he was sure. What ever it was, it wasn't muggle either. He also couldn't help but notice that the one directing people to their seats kept a watch on him. They were almost dressed like wizards, some even wore cloaks, how had Vernon missed this? Vernon wasn't upset at all; none of them were, but maybe his aunt. Did she feel it as well?

They sure wasn't wizards, he did know that. Their eyes gave that much away, he watched them walk the aisles between the seat, they hadn't even bothered having people to buckle. They were to busy laughing, drinking and having a good time in general.

Harry had been to busy watching everyone else that he didn't notice when his aunt took the empty seat beside him. One look at her told him that she knew, and what she knew, he didn't.

Her lips frowned as she took to patting his hair down. She had never willing touched him, not that he could remember, unless it was to hit him.

"Do you remember your favorite story when you were a small boy?" She asked sweetly.

Harry looked as if she had lost her mind, he had no favorite story, well, he did but she sure didn't know it. Then he saw it, the smallest wink, she was trying to tell him. "I had so many, why don't you remind me?"

She gave him a smile; "it was one of Lily's, her creature book, with trolls, pixies and flying bats."

Harry smiled; he had no clue to what she was talking about, other than creatures. He would have to guess it was a creature, one maybe from his world. The flying bat made him think of Snape and how everyone thought him to be a vampire.

It hit him then; they were in the mist of vampires, there would be no vacation, and they were going to be eaten or drained of all their blood. Harry took her hand, but she was the one that squeezed his. "I liked the pixies, I do remember it, how the princess got away under a cloak nobody could see, only she couldn't tell the world what had happened or death would fall upon her."

"I need your names please, there was a mix up." A sweet voice spoke softly.

Harry looked up into the blood red eyes. "This woman is my aunt, and my name is Harry Potter."

Harry didn't think it possible, but the woman looked surprised for a split second, she knew of him, he was sure of that. She didn't bother to write anything down either, not that she had anything to write on. He knew what she was doing as well, what ever they were using on the rest wasn't working on him and his aunt. Even Harry didn't understand why it wasn't working on his aunt. And for the life of him, he didn't know what they were doing.

He watched Vernon laugh until he turned red in the face, he turned to his aunt did she think Harry would get them out? He planned on using the cloak to at least try to get Petunia out, but he didn't know if it would work. If they couldn't get away from the watch eyes of the ones roaming, he wouldn't get the chance to use it at all.

Harry felt his stomach sink once the wheels touched down. Time was running out and it was running out fast.