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Warnings: Nothing but a swat

Severus Snape smirked when he heard the door inch open. He really did almost feel sorry for Caius. Had they really believed for one second that Harry would stay where he was told? The boy-who-now-lived-to-bite-his-neck? He listened as the boy worked himself around the room. The silly little child, did he really think that it would be that easy? "It isn't polite to sneak up on a person."

Harry grabbed hold of the table. He wasn't going to answer that question. Of course he knew that it wasn't polite. That did let him know that biting his neck was out of the question. Now, he wasn't sure what to latch on to, his arm maybe? Perhaps his ankle, but that would be more like a puppy than a mouse. A puppy could take a much larger bite. Harry had to shake those images out of his mind. He was neither a puppy or a mouse. Perhaps a cat...Snape could be the mouse...he pounced.

Severus gave a wry smile then threw up a shield. He heard the boy hit the floor before he turned back to the table. The instructions were already wrote for someone to finish the potion. A letter addressed to Caius asking him to go easy on the boy-who-bit-him-before-Caius. Honestly, he'd rather Harry bite him simply because he knew that Harry wouldn't accidentally kill him. Caius, very well could and Severus knew that. Taking one final check over his instructions, Severus dropped his shield.

Harry bounced once more. This time he managed to bite down on his wrist. He moaned as the sweet filling liquid slid down his throat. It tasted even better than he had dreamed. It was just...wonderful.

He pulled back and frowned down at the sight of Snape in pain. Snape was twisting in a way Harry knew was not normal.

He pulled his cloak tight around him as the door flew open. Moving closer to the wall, he watched Caius walk with Alec over to Snape. Caius found the bite quick enough and glanced around the room.

"The ghost of Vernon Dursley strikes again." Alec muttered also glancing around the room.

"I told that child NOT to bite," Caius growled turning to Alec. "And look what he does."

Alec nodded thoughtfully, "you told a newborn vampire, which happens to be a child, not to bite? Children bite all the time, vampire or not."

"He is to old to be biting. At least, I think he is. I don't know that much about children." Caius glared down at the suffering body of Severus Snape. "Have them move him before he knocks down these tables."

Harry inched closer to the door watching Caius read over what Snape had been writing. Looking down once more at Snape he sighed. He remembered the pain of his turning. It hadn't been that long ago really, but remember it, he did.

Caius heard the sigh. He even smelled the child. The child was still in the room, he knew it and Alec had known it. Neither was sure how the boy managed to do it. Caius did plan on putting a stop to it.

Harry inched around most of the guard while mentally promising that he would learn all their names. He had to get back to his room before Caius came to find him. He tiptoed back up the steps and back into his room. Placing his cloak back inside his bag he sighed once more. It had been worth it for that little nibble.

Harry moved to window and was surprised at all the stars that were twinkling in the sky. He wasn't going to get his hopes up about going back to school. Not if all of them tasted as yummy as Snape had. He thought about Voldemort a minute. Seeing him would be bad. No, he couldn't bite the bad man. He couldn't really bite him. Bad man or not, he didn't have a body. Then there was the Malfoy's. What if he bite one of them?

Harry wanted to think on that. Petunia had told him a few things he hadn't known. The Malfoy's were part of his family. They would had to have know that, wouldn't they? Family or not, that didn't mean he had to like them. Aro would, Harry was sure of that. It seemed Aro would love anyone that would either amuse him or give him more power.

"We must have a word." Caius called out for the doorway.

"About?" Harry asked turning around.

"You disobeyed and bit him. I'm not going to ask why you did this. I don't care why or your reason for doing so. I will teach you that I am to be obeyed."

Harry didn't know what to say. "Why are you so mad? You were going to bite him anyway."

"I am not mad, he will be more useful now. He will no longer be a distraction for you. I am upset because you disobeyed." Caius took a step into the room and grabbed the boy by the arm. Turning him around, he landed one good swat to his backside. Turning the child back around Caius looked down into the emerald eyes. Now, he had the child's attention. "You do not want to disobey me again!"

Harry hissed at the fire that quickly spread through his bum. He swallowed hard, that had hurt. It felt like that bloody snake attacked his backside. He took to rubbing it hard while Caius seemed to be looking him over.

Caius watched the child until he stopped the eternal rubbing to his hind parts. "Now, you will tell me how you were in the lab. I wouldn't bother lying and telling me that you were not. I know for a fact that you were."

So that was what they were calling that room. It didn't look like any lab he had ever seen. Then again, he had never saw a lab, not really. Just a potion's classroom.

"I will not wait for an answer young man." Caius warned taking another step forward.

"My cloak, I did it with my cloak. It makes the person wearing it invisible." Harry announced taking a step backward.

Caius eyed the small boy in front of him. "A cloak that will turn the person invisible?"

"No, it doesn't turn the person invisible. WAIT! I will show you." Harry murmured as he went to get his cloak. He pulled it back out and turned to Caius. "It belonged to my father. It is all I have of his." He pulled the cloak around him once more. Carefully he pulled it off and handed it over to Caius.

Caius didn't find himself in the state of surprise often. He examined the cloak before looking at the child once more. The cloak was a find and most likely older than Caius. "This is a treasure, you should be taking care of it instead of playing in it."

"I wasn't playing." Harry stated.

"You were and nothing more." Caius muttered before he handed the cloak back to the child in front of him. "You will not wear that. What if you damaged it? How would you repair it?"

"There are spells." Harry hugged the cloak to his chest.

"Can these spells fix it?" Caius asked crossing his arms.

"I don't know." Harry answered honestly. He had never thought about it before.

"I will leave you to think on it. I also want you to be thinking about how we knew that it was you inside the lab. The day might come when your life depends on it. You do not leave this room until I personally tell you that you may." Caius gave one more nod before walking out of the room.