This isn't a full fanfiction, it's a journal-type story about my adventures in my Pokemon SoulSilver Nuzlocke challenge. If all goes well with this journal, I will write a full fanfic story about my next Nuzlocke attempt. These are the rules I am following in my challenge-

1. Whenever a Pokemon is knocked out it is considered dead and must be released (I'm placing any 'dead' Pokemon in a PC box and not using for the remainder of the game, so I can keep track of them).
2. I may ONLY catch the first Pokemon you encounter in each new route (if I fail to catch it, I may not attempt to catch another from the same route).
3. No healing items outside of battle (Pokemon Center and in-battle items only).
4. I must nickname my Pokemon (I always nickname my Pokemon, anyway- it makes it much more personal, and it\'s fun to nickname them).

I will be writing my updates in a 1st-person journal style, as told from my character Danny's point of view (I always play as a boy named Danny in my games). Feel free to contact me through this site or deviantART (Delthero) if you have any questions.

And without further ado, enjoy!

Danny's Journal, Part 1- Starting Out

Well, I finally started my Pokemon journey today. After getting some stuff from my mom, I went over to Professor Elm's lab so I could run an errand for him to go see his friend in Cherrygrove. He gave my my first Pokemon, surprisingly- a Cyndaquil whom I named Vesuvius. She's got spunk, that's for sure. My friend Lyra thinks she's cute.

Wild Pokemon are hard to deal with, they're all over and like to attack at the most inopportune times. I had to rush back to Elm's lab a couple times to heal because poor Vesuvius kept getting picked on by Pidgeys. After leveling up a bit, though, she had no problem and we made it to Cherrygrove City.

After getting a tour of the town from a nice old man (I learned about the Pokemon centers, I have a feeling I'll be using them a lot) and getting a new pair of running shoes, I set off for Professor Elm's friend's house. After fighting my way through the wild Pokemon in the area, I got to Mr. Pokemon's house and received a strange egg from him. The famous Professor Oak was there as well, so I received a Pokedex from him. Sounds like he thinks I have potential.

After leaving, I received an urgent call from Elm to head back to the lab immediately. I ran there as fast as I could, but was stopped by a red-haired boy who claimed to have a stronger Pokemon than mine. He then challenged me to a battle- turns out, he has a Totodile! Even though its type was better against mine, Vesuvius was at a higher level, so she beat him easily.

After kicking the ginger's butt, he claimed he would one day be the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world, then stormed off. He dropped his Trainer Card in his haste, though, and I glimpsed his name before he snatched it back...

...What the heck kind of name is Silver?

Current Team:
Cyndaquil 'Vesuvius' Female, Lv.9