Author's Note

Hello dear readers, as you may/may not know, I am NicoLetoX. This is my new story called Diplomacy, which was based off a game I played in History class (yes I am a nerd for writing a story off a game from school, wee~).

I'd like to address first and foremost this is a World War 1 story, thus some of the Hetalia information that is different. Such as:

-Austria and Hungary are "married" as Austria-Hungary, also known as the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

-Prussia, as in Gilbert Beilschmidt, was alive during the time (yay), as the Kingdom of Prussia, and is a part of the German Empire (so in the chapters, he will be with Germany)

-England will be known as Britain (yes there is a difference , Britain is the entire island that is made up of England, Wales, and Scotland)

-There are no phones or cars, back then (so do not expect Italy calling Germany for help, via telephone, at any point of this story)

-Canada was an independent country during this time, but he was under the British Empire

-and Liechtenstein was under Austria-Hungary (she didn't go with Switzerland until after the Great Depression)

Continuing on, this story is a twisted version with some of the true events of World War 1. Imagine how difficult it is to base 1 story from 3 different stories (Hetalia, Diplomacy game, and the actual WWI events) So the alliances will not be the Triple Alliance (Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary) and the Triple Entente (Britain, France, and Russia), or will they? I will be making references to some things that had happened during the war, but the alliances are probably the biggest difference.

The countries that will be taking part in the war will be as follows:

-Italy (Veneziano and Romano)


-Germany (and Prussia)



-and Russia

Also, I have decided to add other countries as a bonus.

Along with this story will come some original characters, who will be playing the role of the countries' diplomats. Why have diplomats when the countries can negotiate? Well because they will be meeting up in neutral Switzerland at the start of every year, and I would not like to imagine the Switzerland shooting at Italy halfway through the chapter. Also, I do not think Britain would negotiate very well with France...

I am open to including other countries, such as Canada. If you'd like a country to have their own chapter, you have to provide a certain situation that happened during the war. Depending, I may or may not add the country in (depending as in, if I've already passed the year it happened, I won't be able to add it in.) If I do not add in the country you want, please don't take it as any form of offense, I'm doing the best I can.

I am also open to ideas for the story.

Before I start putting up chapters, I want all readers to know, I am not antagonizing any countries! If it sounds like I am, although I've tried to keep it unbiased, please tell me, and I will fix it. If it's from a character's dialogue, for example Romano hating on Germany, I'm sorry, but that is not me, it's the character of Romano.

How this story works is at the start of every year, the diplomats meet up in Switzerland. They make sign alliances with other countries' diplomats, and they discuss their movement and battle plans. Then after the diplomats return to their country, the movements start and the countries move their troops to the desired places. If two countries troops met up in the same place, a battle will start (I still remember the outcomes of all the battles from the game, however, I will listen to other opinions if you'd like to see something else happen in the story.) After the movements and battle, is the growth. At the end of every year, countries receive a certain number of new troops (the numbers are fixed and cannot be changed.)

The main objective of each country to is to invade and capture all the objective countries that their boss has set up for them (You know how bosses are...)

One note, I do not know exactly what a real diplomatic meeting is like, I am merely basing the events of the story off the original game. As for the storyline, I understand war is not neatly proportioned, but as I just said, the story is based off the game.

If this is your first time reading Hetalia, and you know nothing about what Hetalia is, I will try to make it so that you can understand a bit of Hetalia when you read this story. If you'd like to know more about Hetalia, I'm pretty sure Wikipedia is not your best resource. I think there is a wikia for Hetalia, called Hetalia Archives, which has much better information. Check it out, if you want, it covers a lot of information, if not all.

One thing you need to know prior to read this fan story is the following: in Hetalia, the countries are personified as humans.

I will start uploading chapters next week, to give you time to send in ideas. If none come in... I will be a bit sad.

And I think that is it. I'd like to thank my History teacher for allowing me to borrow the game notes for the story.

I hope you all enjoy Diplomacy!

- NicoLetoX