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The Ultimate Betrayal

Lost, but Not Forgotten

Princess Raisa groaned as a few small raindrops dripped onto her tired face. She slowly opened her eyes and rolled onto her stomach and yawned. The grass was wet with the morning dew and she recoiled away from its cold touch. She slowly stood up and brushed the dirt off of her cadet uniform. The world around her was still dark, but Raisa could tell it was morning. She had survived another night, she thought somewhat happily.

It had been nearly a month since Raisa had escaped from the grasps of Gerald Montaigne and Micah Bayar. Now she found herself alone, cold, and fairly lost in the middle of nowhere. A month ago she had been 'kidnapped' by Micah Bayar, his sister Fiona, their cousins the Manders, and family friend Wil Mathis. Then, they had been ambushed by the newly crowned King of Arden: the ruthless Gerald Montaigne. And then, the Tamron army has attacked Gerald's invading army and Raisa found herself free, but alone.

"Oh, what I would do to have Amon Byrne here," she muttered sadly to herself as she mounted the pale white horse named Ghost. Ghost had been Fiona's horse that Raisa had managed to capture and escape with.

Amon Byrne had been Raisa's best friend from childhood. They had grown up together back in the Fells, doing whatever dangerous and reckless things they wanted to. Amon was the son of Queen Mariana's captain, Edon Byrne. Queen Mariana was Raisa's mother.

For the past three years Amon had been away at Oden's Ford learning how to be a soldier. When he returned home for the summer he and Raisa had become close again… and maybe a little too close. Then, to avoid an illegal marriage to wizard Micah Bayar, Raisa and Amon had run back to Oden's Ford where Raisa assumed the name of Rebecca Morley—a new soldier recruit.

Amon had been her rock. He'd always been there for her—even when she didn't deserve it. And, now she felt utterly and depressingly alone. Amon would know what to do, Raisa thought dejectedly as she led Ghost alongside the Delphi Road.

Raisa's plan was to travel alongside the Delphi Road and back into the safety of the Fells where she could live with the clans until her father could plan her return to the throne. Raisa reached into her saddle bag and pulled out a rather detailed map of the Seven Realms. She wrapped the reins around the pommel of the saddle and let her fingers trail across the soft cloth. Her index finger stopped when she reached the Demonai camp. Suddenly, she turned Ghost left with her thighs and headed into the thick forest.

"I should be parallel with the Demonai camp by now," Raisa muttered reassuringly to herself. "If I'm right I'll reach the camp by mid-day tomorrow."


Han Alistair shuffled his feet uncomfortably as he stared at the tall and dark Averill Demonai, the patriarch of the Demonai warrior clan. Averill paced angrily back and forth as the light morning rain hit off the small tent. He ran his left hand through his wet hair and swore quite loudly. He glanced over at Han who held his gaze.

"Are you sure it was the Bayar's who took her?" Averill asked hastily.

Han nodded. "That's what Corporal Byrne believed… and it just makes sense. I mean, she went missing when the Bayar's cleared out. Who else could it be?"

Averill shook his head and Han could have sworn he saw a teardrop fall from the hardened warrior's face.

Han frowned, why was the patriarch of the Demonai clan so worried about Rebecca? He knew Rebecca was half-Demonai… but why was the patriarch so damned worried about her? Was he her father?

No, Han thought. Lord Demonai is the father of Princess Raisa… could Rebecca be…? No, there's no way that she's the princess. Not Rebecca.

"Sir," Han asked hesitantly. "I know that Rebecca used to work for the Bayar's… but what do they want with her? Did she do something to them?"

Lord Demonai frowned. Raisa hadn't worked for the Bayar's… what was the boy talking about? Demonai shook his head. The answer was still the same. "I don't know," he finally replied.

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