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In this story, Andy and Luke have broken up but the feeling is mutual and they still get along (cuz I'm kinda sick of the 'Luke physically hurts her' stories - he's not a bad guy, he just doesn't belong with Andy).

Andy woke to the blaring of her alarm. She reached over and hit the snooze button. Then she moved closer to Sam's side of the bed. Realizing that he wasn't there, she sighed and curled up to catch five more minutes of sleep. There were times when he woke early and, not wanting to wake her, he would get out of bed and go downstairs. It meant she was getting a hot breakfast. With that thought in her mind, she fell asleep.

When the alarm rang again, Andy turned it off and got out of bed, yawning. She quickly made the bed and then headed to the bathroom to get ready for a new day, wondering why she didn't hear movement downstairs from Sam.

When she was dressed, Andy straightened up the bedroom. She began to pack her bag and realized that she had no clean shirts to wear under her uniform. All she had left was the white shirt she was currently wearing under her button-down shirt right now. She cringed as she realized that she had loaded the washing machine last night but had never turned the machine on. She made a quick stop in Sam's laundry room and saw that he must have started the washing machine when he woke up. She loaded the clothing into the dryer and started the machine, wondering why Sam was not looking for her yet. At the rate she was going, they were going to be late for work.

Andy quickly walked down the stairs and noticed that Sam's truck was in the driveway, not the garage. She was puzzled for a second and then grinned as she recalled what had happened the night before. Frank Best had called Sam into his office right before shift was over. Andy got a ride to Sam's house from Traci and was sitting on the front steps waiting for Sam when he pulled up. He killed the engine in the driveway and jumped out of the car, pulling her into his arms. The rest of the night had been pure bliss (which was why she had forgotten about the laundry).

She entered the kitchen and was surprised to see a plate wrapped in tin-foil and Sam nowhere in sight. Then she noticed the piece of paper on top of the foil. She picked it up, smelling the pancakes wrapped in the foil.


I should have told you this last night

but we got a little distracted.

Guns and Gangs is doing a major bust

within the next week in one of the areas

where I once worked undercover.

They asked Frank to loan me to them

for the day so I can help them lay

their backup plans in case their

undercover guy gets caught in the bust.

I got a ride with one of their guys

who lives two blocks away.

Take the truck and I'll see you tonight.

Love you,


Andy sighed. She would miss being partnered with Sam today. She loved it how Frank Best had decided that they were able to keep their personal life out of their professional life so they could ride together permanently. Besides, it was just as much her fault as his that Sam had not told her the night before and, he still made her a hot breakfast. Andy ate her breakfast and then poured a cup of coffee into a disposable hot cup before grabbing Sam's keys from the front hallway and heading to the truck.

Andy arrived at the station and quickly changed into her uniform. She had a few minutes before Parade so she saw that she was paired with Dov for the day in Sam's main car (1504). She smiled to herself, it was going to be a good day, especially with the fact that Dov was on a semi-probation for something stupid that he had done three days earlier. It meant that she got to drive and, if it came down to it, make all the major decisions.

She was about to enter the Parade room when Jerry stopped her. "Officer McNally, Officer Epstein" he waved Dov over. "You two have surveillance today at the warehouse." There was no need to say which warehouse, 15th division was currently doing surveillance on one abandoned warehouse near the beach that everyone was calling "the warehouse".

Andy bit her lip. "Detective…"

He rounded on her. "Is there a problem Officer McNally?" his tone daring her to question him.

"No sir" she answered quickly. Obviously Frank Best was not in the building or she would never have been given this assignment.

"Good. You two should get going now. You don't need to stay for Parade."

As soon as he walked away Dov looked at her. "Andy, you know…"

"Shut it Dov" she snapped.

"But Best and Swarek…"

"I said be quiet! Detective Barber gave us an assignment." She grabbed the keys to the squad car and headed out.

Dov grabbed the supply bag and headed after her, his gut screaming at him to stop Andy.

What's the significance of the warehouse? Why isn't Andy supposed to be there? Why is Dov's gut screaming at him to stop Andy? How's Sam going to react when he finds out? (Andy wearing a white t-shirt may come into play later, I put it in so I don't need to backtrack later if all of the details work out)

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