E/O Double-Drabble Challenge, "Sprained" and "Scary".

Set: A few months after John's death.

Summary: Sometimes you think you have to deal alone with the world. Until someone reminds you you don't...

Happy Halloween, folks!

When the happy crunching and giggling stopped dead, Sam tore his tired eyes away from the laptop.

The Simpsons Halloween Special had performed a miracle where Sam's usually powerful little-brother-magic had failed.

But now the laughter was gone and hadn't been replaced by the stony face Dean had worn for the last few months.


While Homer sold his soul for a donut on the screen, desperation, grief and guilt slid over his brother's features like fast drifting clouds.

And once more Sam wanted to throttle his dead-and-burned-father for having caused such sorrow while thanking him for having Dean back.

o - o - o

Dean limped out of the bar, blowing the busty winner of the scary monster contest a farewell kiss.

"Guess I sprained my ankle", he giggled.

"Dude, you sprained your brain", Sam snorted, steering his brother through the cold and rainy night –

"punching a giant and bad-tempered Clown wasn't exactly smart."

"Wan'ed to protect you"

"Yeah well... seems like it ended the other way around". Smiling secretly.



"You think there's a way to... get him out?"

He shivered.

"If there's a way, we'll convince ol' yellow-eyed to spill it out."

His brother nodded, moving closer.