Everyday is Halloween

E/O Drabble Challenge, "Sprained" and "Scary". Happy Birthday, Madd Aless.

Set: Pre-series, Sam's second year in Stanford.

Summary: How can you let your children run from door to door on Halloween, knowing what's out there?

A/N: BarbaraGER, baby, to fit your "invocatio" in this already overcrowded drabble was a reeeeeeally huuuuuuge challenge, but hey, nothing can creep me out, as long as someone watches out for us :-) Glad to have you back by my side.

It was a scratching sound, like talons, leaving traces in the wood.

When he opened the door, the witch leaped in with a triumphant cry, her wand pointing at him.

"Invocatio te, Lucifero, venite..."

"Jess, wow – you look beauti-ah-scary."

"And you look... utterly normal."

"Yeah, uh..."

"Sam, honey, Brady and the others are waiting for us."

"I – sprained my ankle."

And I hate Halloween, knowing my brother is out there, fighting real monsters, shedding real blood, watching out for me. And for all the people who don't have the slightest idea what's lurking in the dark.

"Perhaps next year, love."