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"Viktor..." Her bottom lip trembled slightly as she pulled away, turning her chocolate orbs to my face, "I… I'm really really sorry… but… I don't… I think that…" I cut her off as I finished the sentence for her.

"You vant to break up vith me?" I asked, not really surprised.

"Oh… but it seems so unnecessarily harsh like that…. I… yeah, Viktor, I do want to break up with you. I… I don't think that we're… er… compatible. I mean… I just… we could just be… erm… friends…?" She stumbled her way through the sentence nervously, glancing sheepishly at me.

"I vould love to be friends. I alvays knew you vould end up vith your Ron anyvay." I replied matter-of-factly, trying to ignore the spasms of pain I was experiencing as her face lit up at the sound of his name. I always knew that this was going to happen in the end. Besides, it was good that she decided to end our relationship now rather than in a few weeks when I would be so much more tied up with her perfectness.

"Well…," She blushed furiously, looking down to glance at her wristwatch, "I have to go now, Viktor. I promised R… Ron that I would meet him and Harry at 4. I really am sorry…. I know how… well… keep in touch!" She finished hastily, standing up.

"It is fine. I vill owl you later, is that alright?" I questioned, trying not to notice how her brown eyes sparkled happily.

"Of course, Viktor. Bye!" She waved, a smile on her lips as she left the room.

"Good bye." I whispered, burying my face in my hands, when I was sure she left.

Good bye, my sun, my happiness, my light, my Hermione.


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