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Pairing: Draco/Harry, some Draco/Cedric and Harry/Oliver

Rating: M (this is obviously a slash story – don't like, don't read)

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, violence; minor character death(s); infidelity; explicit sexual content

Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/Non-Magical

Summary: How a random meeting in a coffee shop can change everything.

Author's Notes: This story is completed and I should be posting new chapters every couple of days. I'm still breaking it up into chapters, but there should be somewhere between 20 and 25. Please enjoy!

Hands like secrets are the hardest thing to keep from you

Lines and phrases like knives, your words can cut me through

Dismantle me down (repair)

You dismantle me, You dismantle me

Dismantle/Repair - Anberlin

Chapter One

- March 12th -

Draco Malfoy did not usually frequent stores as…common as the one he was currently in, but a frantic phone call from his best friend's wife had led him on a wild goose chase to find the newest book in a series that said best friend was demanding for his 24th birthday. Draco had called around to every bookshop in the area and had finally found a place that was willing to hold their last copy for him. But that didn't mean he was at all pleased to be there.

Who demands a book for their birthday? he thought as he gripped the thick novel in his hands. He scanned the back as he walked; occasionally peeking up to be sure he didn't run over any small children or old ladies. He snorted softly to himself – must not ever make that noise again – as he finished reading the overly enthusiastic summary on the back cover. God…Blaise is a bigger idiot than I thought if he actually enjoys this drivel! Note to self…find better friends.

As he pushed his way through the crowd, he tried his hardest to keep his glaring to a minimum. Two months prior he had made a promise to his beloved mother that he would do his best to be a bit more polite to strangers. It had happened after a short shopping trip when she had pulled him aside and told him in her own words: "I am absolutely appalled that anyone could think that I would raise my child to be such an arrogant, disgraceful, egotistical person". She may have also used the words "crude", "abrasive" and "uncouth". Then she had gone on to tell him exactly how much like his father he was becoming and after recovering from the shock of her reprimand, Draco had instantly vowed to change his ways.

Lucius Malfoy was a force to be reckoned with. He was an astoundingly brilliant businessman and had one of the most intelligent, yet unethically deceitful minds Draco had known in his short lifetime. The younger Malfoy certainly had a fair amount of respect for his father, however, that in no way meant that he wanted to be anything likehim.

Still…despite his promises to his mother, he couldn't quite help his distaste with being forced to shop in a discount department store of all places. It had potential to ruin his entire day if he allowed it to, and three months ago it would have sent him into a week long bout of self pity. But this time, he was determined to be bigger than that, even if only on the outside. Thank God father can't see me here.

He jerked to a stop as a small child ran directly into his legs and he cringed when he felt what he was sure were filthy, sticky hands clutching at the material of his dark grey dress slacks. He glared down into big brown eyes and he felt his upper lip instinctively curling up into a snarl, exposing his perfect white teeth.

"Jacob! Jacob…say 'excuse me'." A young red haired woman grabbed the child's arm and pulled him back to her side. She smiled up at Draco, but her face fell when she saw the menacing look that the well dressed man was directing at her and her son. "I…I'm so sorry, sir."

Draco raised an eyebrow at her look of fear. Wow…so I really am that intimidating? And I thought mother was exaggerating. He forced his features to relax and gave the redhead a curt nod before stepping around them to continue on his way to the registers so he could just get the hell out of this God awful store.

But, before he could take another step, a soft, musical sound caught his attention and halted him in his tracks. He glanced around to see who could possibly be humming Christmas carols in March and his eyes fell on a black haired man who was currently leaning over a table, furiously scrubbing at a sticky spot while biting his lower lip and humming 'Carol of the Bells' under his breath. Draco was not one to stare (another lesson forced on him by his mother), but he found that his pale grey eyes were helplessly glued to the young man's profile.

He had shaggy black hair that was probably three to four months overdue for a cut, the complete opposite of Draco's slightly wavy, yet perfectly styled white-blond locks. The ends curled and stuck up in multiple directions, looking as if he had just rolled out of bed or had a good shag. His skin was a bit on the pale side, though not nearly as white as the blond's own alabaster skin. And the apparently second hand clothes the man was wearing… well they certainly left something to be desired. His jeans were faded and frayed and his tight red t-shirt had definitely seen better days, though it did cling nicely to his body. Draco's gaze fell to the man's feet and he cringed when he saw the scuffed and drawn on green converse high tops. There was a streak of silver around the toe of the right shoe. Is that duct tape? One shoe lace was green and the other one red and Draco wondered to himself if it was a continuation of the Christmas theme the boy seemed to have going or if it was merely a coincidence.

He found himself walking in the direction of the small coffee shop and wondered what he was doing. The café was very obviously getting ready to close, but the "open" sign still glowed in obnoxious red neon on the wall behind the register, so he sauntered over to the counter.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw when the dark haired man finally recognized that there was a customer waiting. He tossed the wet cloth into a tub of dirty dishes and started to turn towards the register where Draco was standing.

The blond set his book on the counter and tried to find a comfortable position for his restless hands. Why the hell are you so bloody nervous? He finally settled on resting them on top of the book in what he hoped was a casual manner. He heard footsteps behind him as the man approached and took a slow, deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

Concentrating on the soft squeak of the man's shoes, Draco was startled when the door to the back room suddenly flew open and a young boy of about sixteen stepped out and right up to the register. He waved a hand in the direction of the dark haired man. "It's alright, Harry…I've got it."

Harry. The name was a bit old fashioned and plain, but it seemed right. Draco forced a smile at the blond boy, trying hard not to show his irritation. He had only come into the café to speak with the dark haired man. Harry, he reminded himself. He didn't even drink coffee!

"Can I help you?" the blond boy asked as he ran his fingers through his curly, oily looking hair.

Yes, you can wash your disgusting hands before you touch anything that's supposed to go in my mouth. Draco sighed softly and looked up at the menu board. "Well…do you have hot chocolate?"

"All out."

Draco bit his lip, clamping down on the urge to curse at the teenager in front of him. "I suppose I'll just have a small coffee…black." It's not like he was going to drink it anyway, so why get all the frilly extras?

The blond boy nodded and turned to prepare his order.

Draco tried to maintain the casual act as he turned to the side and glanced over at Harry. He was still working on the stubborn sticky spot, but had moved on in his song selection and was currently humming 'O' Holy Night'. Well, at least he has good taste in Christmas songs.

"Do you want a lid?"

Draco turned to face the boy behind the counter, raising an eyebrow at him. "Pardon?"

The boy held up a black plastic lid. "A lid?"

Of course I want a lid you stupid git! He just nodded - politely - and reached for his wallet.

The teenaged boy snapped a lid onto the cup and slid it over to him.

Draco handed the money to him and watched in shock as the boy struggled to count out his change. Holy hell…what kind of imbeciles does this place employ?

As the boy finally handed him his change, Draco realized that the humming behind him had stopped. He glanced over his shoulder and his face fell when he saw no sign of Harry, though he wasn't entirely sure why he was so disappointed. He sighed softly and pocketed his change, then picked up his book and his unwanted coffee and spun on his heal, determined to get out of there as soon as humanly possible.


Draco slammed into Harry's shoulder causing the tub of dishes to fall to the floor and shatter. His eyes widened in horror as he stared down at the mess of spilled coffee and broken glass littered around their feet. Stupid fucking Blaise and his stupid fucking book demands!

Harry didn't even look at Draco. He just stared down at the mess and sighed heavily as he crouched in front of the basin and began to pick up shards of ceramic and glass. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Draco's heart was racing and he felt the unfamiliar flush of embarrassment burning his pale cheeks. He swallowed thickly as he stared at the top of Harry's head. "Um…" He cleared his throat and crouched down beside the smaller man. He picked up a couple of the larger shards. "I'm really sorry about that," he said softly.

Harry started to raise his head, but his eyes settled on the sleeve of Draco's suit coat. "No bother," he said with a shrug. When Draco reached for more broken glass, Harry waved a hand at him. "It's alright…don't want you to get your suit dirty."

Draco chuckled softly. "I have at least twenty more at home."

Harry's brow furrowed at that and he quickly stood, lifting the basin and holding it in front of him.

"Can I at least pay for the damages?" Draco reached for his wallet again.

Harry set the tub on the counter and grabbed the broom and dust pan that his co-worker held out for him.

Draco pulled a generous sum of money from his wallet and held it out.

"The store will pay for it."

Why won't he look at me? Draco opened his mouth to protest.

"It's alright…really. The store will pay." Harry turned away. "Out of my check," he muttered softly.

Draco felt his cheeks flush again and had to stifle his anger. Rude, ungrateful little shit! "But I insist."

"I don't need your charity," Harry snapped, his back still facing the blond.

Harry's co-worker took the tub of broken glass to the back room, switching the "open" sign off on his way.

Harry started to sweep up the rest of the glass then brushed it into the dust pan, stood and disappeared into the back room without another word.

Draco stood alone in the middle of the café, unsure of exactly what had just happened. He sighed softly, then took two fifties from his wallet and set them on the counter slightly under the register, secretly hoping that Harry's greasy looking co-worker wouldn't find and claim the money for himself. He grabbed his book and coffee and hurried away.


Draco was sitting in his car with his head back against the head rest as he stared out at the rain. He willed his heart to stop pounding, but none of his usual breathing exercises were working.

He had never been so humiliated in his entire life. Not only had he caused a scene in a public place, which in itself was enough cause for embarrassment, but Harry hadn't looked at him once and Draco Malfoy was not one to be ignored.

He jerked in surprise when his phone rang. After taking a moment to regain his composure, he pulled it from his pocket to see 'Blaise & Pansy' on the caller ID. He sighed and flipped it open. "Yes?"

"Are you coming or not?" Blaise asked.

"Of course. I just got a bit…side tracked."

"It's already after eight, Dray. Everyone is already here. We're only waiting on you."

"It's your birthday party, Zabini. Get started and I'll be there when I can." He flipped the phone shut, not waiting for a response from his friend. After all, it was his fault that he had been in that stupid store to begin with. He sighed heavily and pocketed the phone before starting the car.

As he was pulling out of his spot, he saw Harry exit the building, pulling a black jacket on and ducking his head from the cold rain. The boy seemed in no hurry though as he made his way across the parking lot to the bus stop bench where he dropped his bag on the sidewalk. He turned his collar up and dug his hands into his pockets before sitting down and tucking his chin in against his chest.

A small smile spread across Draco's face. Well, we can't have that now, can we? He pulled the car up along side the bus stop and rolled down the passenger side window. "Hey," he called out. "Would you like a ride?"

Harry kept his head down. "No thanks."

Draco sighed and leaned over closer to the passenger side window. "When's the next bus?"

"'Bout thirty minutes," came the reply.

"You'll get sick."

Harry laughed softly and shrugged.

Draco put the car in park and got out, all the while wondering why exactly he gave a shit about this boy who just continued to so blatantly ignore him. He sat down next to him, trying to ignore the rain that dampened his hair and suit, making the material stick to him uncomfortably. "Bad day?"

Harry shifted away from him and shrugged. "Could say that."

They sat in silence for a moment.

"Why do you care anyway?" Harry finally asked.

Draco shrugged. "You remind me of someone."


Draco laughed. "You know…I have no idea. Just…someone."

Harry turned to look at him, a small smile playing on his lips.

Draco's breath caught in his throat as he stared into the most intense green eyes he had ever seen. He swallowed and motioned to the car. "Come." He stood and grabbed Harry's bag which was lying on the ground by his feet. Without waiting for a response from the brunet, he tossed the bag into the back and climbed into the driver's seat.

Harry watched him warily for a moment before finally standing and climbing in. "Thanks," he said softly, staring down at his hands.

Draco nodded and slowly pulled the car out of the lot.

For the entire first ten minutes of their drive, Harry shifted nervously beside him.

Draco gritted his teeth. Will you please sit still! Fidgety people had always gotten on his nerves. "What?" he finally asked, masking his annoyance with a faint smile.

"Are you going to drink that?" Harry motioned to the still steaming cup of coffee.

"Help yourself."

Harry smiled gratefully and nodded his thanks as he took the cup in his hands.

"So…where do you live?"

The brunet laughed softly, but it faded quickly and was replaced with a frown. "Well…I suppose I should go to my godfather's house."

"You live with him then?"

Harry shrugged and looked out the window. "Hopefully."

Draco looked over at the smaller man, noticing the sad, haunted look in his eyes and the nervous wringing of his hands. "What happened?"

Harry cleared his throat and sat up straighter, but didn't say anything.

Draco let it go and concentrated instead on the road. "So…where am I going?"

"Well…he lives quite far from here, actually." A note of insecurity was noticeable in Harry's voice as he spoke. "It's about an hours drive. I understand if you can't take me that far. You can just drop me somewhere and I'll – "

"I'm not dropping you anywhere," Draco interrupted. God…Blaise is going to be bloody furious. "Just tell me how to get there."

A huge smile of relief spread across Harry's tired face and Draco felt his heart begin its fierce pounding once again at the sight of it.

After giving directions, Harry leaned back in his seat, trying to relax. "I appreciate this."

Draco nodded. "It's the least I could do after the mess I made in your shop."

There was no reply from Harry.

Draco sighed softly and reached for the center console and opened a compartment. "Smoke?" he asked as he pulled out a pack and a lighter.

Harry's eyes lit up. He let out all of his breath in one great whoosh and smiled in what appeared to be relief. "Oh my God, yes…thank you."

The nicotine seemed to calm Harry's fidgeting, and they drove in silence for a long while, both smoking and staring straight ahead. The rain had slowed and was now just a slight drizzle.

"We're getting close," Harry finally said, starting his nervous shifting again.

Draco handed the pack of cigarettes to the antsy boy. "Think he'll be happy to see you? You haven't said much about him."

"I don't know. I haven't spoken to him in months. Maybe I should have called first."

Draco saw the trepidation on Harry's face, so he pulled the car over to the curb and put it in park. "Here." He pulled out his cell phone and handed it over.

Harry's hand was shaking as he took the phone. He hesitated for a brief moment, staring blindly down at the numbered keypad before finally dialing.

Draco avoided looking at him. He could tell how nervous his companion was, so he averted his eyes, gazing out the driver's side window and trying to give him some semblance of privacy.

Harry cleared his throat. "Hey, Sirius," he said softly. "Yeah…it's me." There was a long pause as he listened to his godfather talk, then he relaxed a bit and slouched down in his seat. "I know…I miss you too."

Draco felt himself smile and a tension he had not previously been aware of vanished from his neck and shoulders.

"Oh…oh, no, nothing's wrong, I just..." Harry swallowed hard and, once again, cleared his throat. He shot a nervous glance at Draco before looking down at his lap and lowering his voice. "I was just wondering if maybe…well, I was hoping that you wouldn't mind if I stayed with you for a bit?" Harry closed his eyes and a moment later, Draco saw him tense up again. "We broke up." Harry sniffled and tried to hide it with a fake cough. "No, it just…it was time."

Draco lit a cigarette and gently nudged Harry with his elbow. When green eyes looked his way he motioned with his head that he was getting out of the car. "Take your time," he whispered.

Harry gave him a grateful smile and watched him leave.

Draco paced and smoked, occasionally glancing back at the car. He could see how agitated Harry was becoming. His hands waved about and his face was splotchy and red with anger. At one point he pulled the phone from his ear and covered his eyes with one hand, obviously displeased with whatever his Godfather was saying.

Draco felt the clenching in his chest return and once again found himself wondering why he cared. It wasn't like Harry had been all that civil to him in the beginning; though Draco was starting to think that there was a damn good reason behind the smaller boy's mood.

He stubbed out his cigarette and turned back to the car to see Harry sitting with his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking with sobs.

Draco stood frozen in horror for a moment, unsure of what to do. Comforting others was not something he was known for or had much experience with. In fact, it was usually his callous words that caused others to seek comfort elsewhere. Even before his mother's lecture, he had known that he wasn't the nicest man in the world. And he was well aware of his reputation for being a cold hearted bastard, but he couldn't very well leave Harry to cry in his car all night. Where else was he supposed to go?

With a heavy sigh, he made up his mind and headed back to the car, being sure to make as much noise as possible so Harry would have a chance to compose himself if he wanted to.

When he pulled the door shut behind him, he was greeted with nothing but silence. He glanced over at Harry, whose face was still buried in his trembling hands. His shoulders were still shaking, but he didn't make a sound.

Draco reached over and very carefully rested his hand on the back of the brunet's neck. The skin there was burning hot and clammy, but he forced himself not to pull away in disgust. He moved a bit closer to the boy and gently pulled him against his shoulder.

Harry let out a small whimper as he turned his face into Draco's neck. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to breathe, but ended up choking. He dug his fingers into Draco's jacket and held on so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

Draco sighed softly and rubbed what he hoped were comforting circles on Harry's back. He didn't think there was much he could say to make things better, so he just held Harry and let him cry.

The shaking stopped after a couple of minutes. Harry's death grip loosened a moment later. Finally, after the tears had stopped and his breathing had calmed, Harry lifted his head and looked up into Draco's pale grey, almost silvery, eyes.

Draco found himself drowning in green and he couldn't look away. His hand was still resting lightly on the back of Harry's neck and he was suddenly aware of exactly how close they were to each other. He should have been unnerved by the smaller man's intense stare, but he wasn't. Beautiful. He flexed his hand and his fingers ruffled soft, dark hair.

Harry sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, obviously enjoying Draco's touch. Then without warning, he reached for the cigarettes and sat back in his seat, breaking all contact between them.

Suddenly uncomfortable, Draco faced forward and put on his seatbelt, struggling to calm his frazzled nerves. "Well…where are we headed then?"

"He's in France with his friend Remus," Harry said, sounding as if nothing had happened. "They won't be home for two more weeks and I don't have a key to get in."

"Right." Draco started the car and checked the rearview mirror before doing a U-turn and heading back the way they had come.

"Where are we going?"

"My flat."

Harry froze.

Draco tried not to be hurt by the panic that the boy obviously felt. Can't say I blame him for being freaked out. He doesn't even know you! "I have a spare bedroom. You can stay over and decide tomorrow what you're going to do."

Harry tried to relax as he nodded slowly.

Draco drummed his fingers lightly on the steering wheel as he desperately tried to come up with something to talk about. He had never been good with silences. "So, why did your…girlfriend leave you?"

Harry laughed bitterly. "My girlfriend didn't leave me. I'm the one who left."

Damn it, he is straight. I knew it! "Alright. Then, why did you leave?"

"It was time."

"How long were you together?"

"Three years."

Draco was surprised. He couldn't manage a relationship that lasted longer than a week, but this boy had made it three years?

"What?" Harry asked when he saw the odd look on Draco's face.

"Oh, nothing." Draco smiled at him. "It's just…three years is impressive. I usually send them screaming within a week."

Harry laughed and Draco found that the sound of it sent a thrilling shiver up his spine. He wanted to hear more of it, especially if he himself was the cause of it.

"I find that very hard to believe," Harry said as he turned sideways in his seat to face the blond.

Draco chuckled softly. "You'd be surprised. The men I end up with…" Panic gripped him and he swallowed heavily when he realized what he'd inadvertently let slip. His long, white fingers clutched at the steering wheel and he looked at Harry out of the corner of his eye, trying to gage his reaction.

Harry's cheeks flushed and he turned to look straight ahead. "So…you're…gay?"

Draco nodded, but couldn't bring himself to say anything.

Harry was silent for a moment before finally speaking again. "So, is that why you asked me if I wanted a ride? Were you planning on…?"

"I wasn't planning anything," Draco insisted. "At best I thought I'd walk away with a phone number."

"Well, I don't have a phone," Harry said under his breath.

"Doesn't matter since you just broke up with your girlfriend, anyway. Obviously, you're straight."

Harry didn't respond. He started to chew nervously on his thumb nail and his leg started bouncing restlessly.

"Are you alright?" Draco eyed him carefully.

Harry managed a slight nod.

Stupid fucking Malfoy…don't know when to keep your mouth shut. Draco cleared his throat and pulled his car into the parking lot of a small diner. He shut the engine off and they sat there in silence for a while. "Listen…Harry…I think I've been rather patient with the mood swings and the crypticness – "

"That's not a real word," Harry said softly.

" – of this whole situation," Draco continued as if Harry had said nothing. "I'm trying quite hard to be nice to you…and believe me, being nice to anyone is not exactly high on my priority list, nor is it an easy thing for me to accomplish. It's not something that I normally even enjoy, but…you seem like a good guy and I promised my mother I'd try." He cleared his throat and silently cursed himself for saying that last part. "So…if my being gay means you're going to get all…homophobic on me, well, I would rather - "

But Draco didn't get a chance to say what he would rather do because at that moment, he found himself with a lap full of Harry, whose mouth covered his frantically and refused to let him continue.

Draco gasped in surprise and groaned deeply as Harry's tongue invaded his mouth. He grabbed a handful of dark hair and tilted his head a bit more, deepening their kiss. It was rough and passionate and Draco's head spun at the intensity of it. It had been a long, long time since he had done this sober and he was beginning to wonder why he had ever stopped in the first place.

Harry's fingers were knotted in Draco's no longer perfect hair and he pulled, forcing the blond's head back against the headrest. He attacked Draco's long, pale neck with his lips, tongue and teeth while he pressed his hips hard against him.

Never one to give up control, Draco grabbed Harry's hair and forced his mouth back to his. He nipped and sucked lightly at the brunet's swollen lower lip, then let his lips trail down to his neck, tasting the boy's slightly salty skin.

Harry moaned and ground his erection against him. "How far is your flat?"

"About forty minutes," Draco muttered, his lips still pressed to the smaller man's neck.

Harry let out a frustrated groan. "Can we get a room?"

Shocked by the request, Draco laughed into the boy's neck. He stopped kissing him and pulled back enough to look up at him. "Is that what you want?" He licked his lips at the sight of Harry's lust filled eyes and flushed cheeks.

Harry nodded and smiled down at him. "Unless you want to fuck right here in the car, but I'm thinking you're probably a bit too proper for that." He laughed at the affronted look on Draco's face before leaning in and capturing his lips in another kiss, this time soft and sweet.

Unable to think straight, Draco just kissed him back. He let his head fall back against the headrest and sighed when Harry's mouth found his collarbone. "I don't want to…take advantage of…someone who's hurting," he managed between moans and heavy breaths. He hissed in pleasurable pain as Harry's teeth bit down hard on his neck, though not hard enough to break skin, then relaxed again as the boy began to sooth the bite with his tongue.

"There's a motel right over behind the diner," Harry said before gently nibbling on Draco's earlobe.

Draco could hardly breathe. He nodded in response to Harry's statement, but made no effort to move away. In fact, he just pulled Harry closer to him.

Harry found the sensitive spot right beneath Draco's ear and sucked and licked softly while pushing his hips against Draco, grinding their erections tightly together.

"Christ," Draco moaned. He reached around Harry and started the car.

"Are we going?" Harry asked, finally pulling back with a playful smile.

Draco smiled back. "Well, we would be, but as fond as I am of this position, I can't very well drive with you sitting on top of me."

Harry kissed him again, but climbed off his lap. He sat close, never breaking contact until Draco suddenly threw the car into park in front of the motel.

"Stay here," the blond said as he jumped out of the car and ran inside to rent a room.

He rejoined Harry only minutes later and they drove to the room at the end of the building.

The rain had started again, but neither boy seemed to mind that they were completely drenched by the time they got inside. Wet jackets and bags were already being thrown to the floor before Draco could get the door shut.

He threw his keys on the dresser and switched on a small, dim lamp that gave off just enough light that they could see each other. Grabbing Harry by the collar of his shirt, he spun him around, pushing him roughly back against the now closed door. He licked his neck and pressed the entire length of his body against him, sliding a knee between the smaller man's legs and pressing it up against the hard bulge he found there.

Harry threw his head back and gasped as he rocked his hips against Draco's leg. "I'm not going to last if you keep that up."

Draco laughed softly. "Don't worry. This won't be the only time I make you come tonight. We can afford to be eager the first time." He took a step back and began unbuttoning his shirt, while at the same time, kicking his shoes off. "Take off your shirt."

Harry pulled the thin red t-shirt over his head and tossed it away, quickly followed by his own shoes.

As soon as they were both shirtless, Draco pressed himself against him again, the feel of bare skin and hard nipples against his chest sending his arousal into overdrive. He growled softly as he slid his hands down Harry's back and dug his fingers into the firm muscles of his arse, almost lifting him off his feet as he walked him back towards the bed. He stumbled slightly and reluctantly let go in order to regain his balance, but when Harry made to move away, Draco pushed him back into the dresser and pinned him there. He kissed him hard while quickly unbuttoning his raggedy jeans. As soon as the button was freed, he shoved his hand into the brunet's boxers, wrapping his fingers around him and squeezing tightly.

Harry moaned loudly and bucked his hips, his fingers pressing almost painfully into Draco's shoulders as he held on.

Draco ignored the pressure of Harry's fingertips against his skin and concentrated instead on stroking him fast and hard.

"I…fuck…I'm…" Harry whimpered softly as he gripped Draco's shoulders and pushed down, trying to force the taller man to his knees.

Draco laughed and resisted Harry's not so subtle signs as he drew a hard nipple into his mouth and sucked. "No," he said sternly, and then pulled gently with his teeth.

"Please!" Harry shouted as he thrust his cock into Draco's hand.

Draco laughed again; excited at the eagerness he was drawing from the previously quiet boy. Oh, how he wanted to make him scream. He stopped stroking him and took a step back.

Harry groaned at the loss of contact and sent a halfhearted glare in the blond's direction. "That's not fair."

Draco raised an eyebrow and smirked at the childish statement. "Is that so?"

Harry nodded.

Draco looked him up and down for a moment, his eyes lingering on his now exposed cock, the head shiny and wet with precum. He licked his lips as he brought his grey eyes up to meet green. "Get on the bed."

Harry hurriedly moved across the room and climbed onto the bed, pushing his pants and boxers off on the way. He toed his socks off then stretched himself out on the blankets, completely naked.

Draco's breath caught as his eyes moved over one of the most perfect bodies he had ever seen. He was painfully hard and growing even harder by the second as his eyes roamed over soft looking skin, small brown nipples and a firm, flat stomach. He unbuckled his belt and pulled it from the loops on his pants, throwing it to the side. His eyes never left Harry's as he undid his pants and pushed them down over his hips to be followed quickly by his boxers and socks. He took himself in hand and stroked slowly as his mind raced, trying to come up with what he wanted to do first.

Harry's eyes were wide as he stared at Draco's cock. His breaths came faster and he bit down on his lip and moaned at the site of the blond touching himself.

With a predatory smile planted firmly on his face, Draco moved to the bed and kneeled at the edge. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer, so he pounced on Harry, straddling his hips and pushing their cocks together, moving fast and hard and giving the brunet no time to adjust.

Below him, Harry's cheeks were flushed and his eyes half closed as he frantically thrust up against him, trying desperately to match the blond's rhythm.

Draco reached down between them and took them both in his hand, holding them together to create more friction. He moaned softly and leaned in to kiss Harry. He scraped his teeth over the other man's chin, and then licked a line down his throat and over his Adam's apple as he squeezed a bit tighter and pumped his hips faster.

Harry was panting heavily beneath him and his eyes were screwed shut tightly. Suddenly, he stilled and arched his back, his mouth dropping open in a silent gasp. His hand shot down between them to wrap around Draco's and force the blond's hand to stroke faster as he let out a choked cry and came all over both of them.

At the feel of Harry's release spilling over his cock and hand, adding to the slick heat and pressure, Draco followed quickly with a sharp cry of his own. Jolts of pleasure ripped through him and he couldn't remember when he had ever come so hard just from rubbing against someone. He let go of their softening cocks and lowered himself onto Harry, continuing to thrust lazily against him, drawing out the pleasure for them both. He looked down into dazed green eyes and smiled as he brought his hand to his mouth and began to slowly lick the come from his fingers, moaning at the mingled taste of himself and Harry.

Harry whimpered softly beneath him, and then raised his head to suck one long, pale finger into his own mouth.

Draco was amazed to feel a stirring in his groin so quickly after coming so hard only moments before. But, watching and feeling Harry lick and suck at his fingers was the most erotic thing he had experienced in a long time and he was glad that they weren't going to have to wait long for round two.

Harry finished cleaning his fingers, then lay back on the bed and smiled a soft, lazy smile up at him. "That was nice," he said quietly.

Draco couldn't help but return the smile. "You haven't seen anything yet." With a gentle nudge of his knee, he forced Harry's legs apart and settled himself between them. Now that his initial desires had been satisfied, he wanted to take his time with this. He leaned in and claimed Harry's mouth in a slow, deep kiss that only grew more intense as the moments passed.

Calloused hands moved slowly over his back, fingertips tracing muscles and bone and leaving a trail of heat in their wake that caused a pleasant shiver to run up Draco's spine. He pulled back from their kiss and sat back on his heals, examining the body that he was so anxious to bury himself in.

Brilliant green eyes were staring at his cock again. Harry's black lashes fluttered and his breath seemed to stop for a moment when he reached out a hand to touch Draco.

Draco stayed completely still, allowing the curious boy to run fingertips down his length and slowly back up again. He was already fully hard and he felt himself twitch when Harry's touches became a bit more forceful. Fingers wrapped around him and gripped him, causing what little blood was left in his brain to immediately head south. "Do you have anything…useful…in that bag of yours?" Draco asked with a cocked eyebrow.

Harry finally pulled his gaze from Draco's erection and looked up at him. He stared into his eyes for a moment before removing his hand and nodding slowly. "Front zipper."

Draco kissed him quickly, then jumped off the bed to grab Harry's bag from where it had been thrown by the door. Crouching beside it, he opened the front zipper and rummaged through a few items. Pens, a small notepad, receipts from the café, a few loose coins. He smiled when his hand finally closed around a few small, squishy packets that he recognized simply by feel. Pulling them free, he raised an eyebrow and smirked to himself, somewhat shocked, though mostly thankful, that Harry carried individual lube packets with him. I definitely misjudged his character. He straightened up and slowly made his way back to the bed, holding up the small packages and smiling down at the now blushing boy on the bed.

"In case of an emergency?" Draco asked as he crawled up next to him.

Harry gave a jerky nod and his blush spread from his cheeks down to his neck.

Gorgeous. Draco licked his lips as he leaned in for a gentle kiss. "I've wanted to be inside you since the moment I first laid eyes on you."

Harry's hands were trembling as they came up to rest again on his muscular back. His fingers gripped him, pulling him closer as he kissed him urgently.

Draco pulled away, ignoring Harry's mumbled protests, and straddled the boy's legs. He licked trails over his neck and throat, down to his chest where he spent a few minutes teasing his nipples. He loved the feel of Harry's hands in his hair, pulling gently and tangling themselves within the silky strands. With no warning, he bit down on a nipple.

Harry arched his back and groaned even louder when his erection pressed into Draco's stomach.

"Patience love," Draco whispered against his heated skin. He returned to his task, moving down further while simultaneously opening one of the packets of lubricant. He squeezed some onto his fingers and rubbed them together to warm it up. His tongue trailed down Harry's ribcage and to his hip, where he sucked and nipped until there was a small purple love bite. Feeling the brunet begin to writhe beneath him, he finally gave him what he so desperately wanted and licked a slow circle around the head of his cock.

Harry let out a harsh breath and dropped back onto the bed, pushing his hips up at Draco, silently begging for more.

Draco held him down with a hand on his hip, then wrapped his lips around him and slowly began to suck. He brought his lube covered fingers to Harry's entrance and stroked lightly.

Harry's breath caught and he stilled.

Draco pushed the tip of his slicked finger inside and at the same time, slid his lips down over the brunet's pulsing erection, taking him deep into his mouth. He sucked hard as he pulled back, until just the head was in his mouth. With a quick swipe of his tongue along the underside, he pressed his finger in a bit further.

Harry's hips gave an involuntary thrust and he let go of Draco's hair. Clutching tightly to the blankets instead, he tilted his head back, letting out a groan unlike anything Draco had ever heard in his life. The sound shot straight through him and made his cock throb painfully. He slowly thrust his finger in and out of the squirming brunet before adding a second finger.

A piercing cry, a combination of pleasure and pain, echoed through the room as Harry pushed himself down on Draco's hand. He held his breath, then let out a quiet whimper and took in a deep, stuttering breath.

"Relax," Draco whispered. He placed a gentle kiss on Harry's thigh and very slowly began to move his fingers. "You are so fucking tight." He growled softly to himself and closed his eyes as he imagined that tight heat finally enveloping his cock.

Other than the sounds of his rough breathing, Harry was silent for a few moments. His body slowly began to loosen and relax, but when Draco added a third finger, he hissed softly and clenched his muscles down around his hand.

"Fuck," Draco groaned at the thought of what those muscles were going to do to him. He pumped his fingers faster, getting impatient, and sat back on his knees to watch.

Again, Harry's eyes fell to Draco's cock and he swallowed convulsively. "You're really…big," he finally said, voicing the concern that had been written all over his face since the moment Draco took his pants off.

"I know," Draco said with a smug smile. He leaned over to kiss his new lover and pushed his fingers deeper. "I'll go slow."

Harry nodded frantically against him.

Draco finally pulled his fingers free and positioned himself between Harry's legs. He grabbed the open lube package and squeezed the rest into his hand. Being sure to coat himself thoroughly, he lowered himself, guiding his cock to Harry's hole.

Harry bit his lip and stared up at Draco.

Draco could see the slight look of apprehension on Harry's face and he leaned over, running his lips over his brow and his cheeks and his nose, trying to kiss it away. "Trust me," he finally whispered against his lips.

Harry nodded and settled back onto the bed, spreading his legs a bit wider.

Draco couldn't help the affectionate smile that spread across his face as he looked down at him. He reached out a hand to brush away the dark hair that had fallen over Harry's forehead, then he let his hand trail down to cup the brunet's cheek.

Smiling brightly, Harry turned his face to kiss Draco's palm.

Draco's breath hitched at the simple gesture. Harry turned back to look at him, his green eyes wide and sparkling with trust. Trust for him. He felt his heart swell.

Slowly, Draco pushed just the head into Harry's now relaxed body. His arms shook and threatened to give out from the almost painful tightness, but with effort, he held himself up.

Harry's emerald eyes grew impossibly wide for a moment and his whole body tensed.

Draco hissed as muscles clamped down around him. "Harry…you have to relax." He lowered himself onto his elbows and kissed him, trying to soothe him.

"Can't…I never…you're so fucking big." Harry pressed his face into Draco's neck.

Draco felt a sharp twinge of desire in his stomach and he laughed as he nuzzled Harry's hair. "Are you trying to make me come?"

Harry laughed softly as his head fell back against the pillow. "No."

"Then stop saying that." He kissed him slowly, his actions silently urging him to relax, and he pressed further into him.

"Shit," Harry whispered, pulling away from their kiss and burying his face against him again. His teeth gently bit down on Draco's pale neck and he moaned, sending vibrations running along the blond's skin.

Draco's eyes fell shut in pleasure and he continued to push slowly into him. Almost there…almost… don't rush…almost…

He inhaled sharply. "Fuck." He was in.

Harry was silent beneath him, his face still pressed tightly into Draco's neck.

"Breathe," Draco whispered, though he wasn't sure if he was reminding himself or Harry. He pressed his lips to Harry's sweaty temple and kissed him gently.

He felt the shaking of Harry's hands as they moved slowly up his back then down again. Warm breath was blowing in quick huffs against his neck and it took all of his control to stay still, giving the smaller man time to adjust.

"Alright?" Draco managed to whisper.

Harry nodded against him and sucked in a deep breath. "It's just…been awhile," he muttered softly.

Draco smiled in understanding, though the other man was not looking at him to see it. "Just tell me when you're ready."

Harry nodded again, his hands still roaming over his back. His fingers slid down and brushed lightly over the curve of Draco's arse then back up to come to rest at the small of his back. He sighed softly, then moved his mouth to the blond's and kissed him gently.

"You feel amazing," Draco said softly against his lips. He raised himself up onto his hands and looked down at the flushed and panting man beneath him.

A smile spread over Harry's face as he stared up at Draco in awe. "I'm ready," he said, his voice barely a whisper.

Draco nodded and almost sighed in relief. He very slowly pulled back, sliding almost all the way out, before pushing back in with an equal amount of care. Holy…fuck.

Harry let out a heavy breath, but made no sounds of pain or discomfort.

So he did it again, this time a little harder.

Harry's hands moved to his waist, his fingers clenching and unclenching in time with Draco's slow, easy thrusts. He was biting down hard on his lower lip and his eyes were shut tight as he breathed deeply in and out through his nose.

Draco was sure that he had never experienced such bliss. His hips moved faster, each stroke longer and deeper and it wasn't long before he was fully seated inside, swallowed whole by Harry's hot, tight body. "Open your eyes," he said, his voice low and husky.

Harry's long, thick lashes fluttered softly before he finally looked up at the man above him.

"Is it too much?" Draco asked, a hint of concern in his voice.

"No…perfect," Harry said with a breathless smile.

Draco smiled and eased himself down onto his forearms. They shared an intense, heated kiss, breathing in each others air and both of them moving faster, harder against the other.

Harry moaned desperately into Draco's mouth as his hands had made their way into Draco's hair and held him tightly to him. He wrapped one leg around Draco's waist, slightly changing their position and threw his head back with an ecstatic cry when the blond's thick cock suddenly brushed his prostate.

Draco chuckled softly and kept his thrusts steady.

"More," Harry begged. "There…harder…please."

Draco's hips moved faster, pounding almost brutally into the smaller man. He felt the tightening of Harry's muscles around him and knew that the brunet was falling swiftly over the edge. But he wasn't ready for it to be over, so he clenched his teeth hard and willed himself not to come.

"Oh God…" Harry's back arched and his fingers scrabbled across Draco's sweat slicked back, trying to hold on as his orgasm approached.

Draco licked a slow line from Harry's shoulder to his neck, then further up to suck lightly on his earlobe. "Come for me, Harry," he whispered.

Harry screamed. His legs locked tightly around Draco's hips and his nails dug into the hard muscles of his back as he shuddered violently beneath him, hot strings of pearly white come exploding onto their over heated bodies.

Despite his best intentions, Draco felt his own climax overwhelming him. Harry was so tight that he wanted to cry at the pleasurable sensation, but he never got the chance as he collapsed on top of the smaller man, pumping his hips faster and faster, fire burning through his veins. He buried his face in Harry's neck and cried out in ecstasy as he rode out wave after wave of bliss until all he could do was close his eyes and breathe.


Draco was lying on his back, breathing deeply and trying to calm his frantically beating heart. That was so much fucking better than some lame birthday party. He glanced over at the boy lying on his stomach beside him. Even in the dimness of the room, he could make out those eyes.

Harry smiled at him and reached over to rest his hand on Draco's chest. After a moment, his fingers began to gently tap out the rhythm of Draco's heartbeats. "Boom-boom, boom-boom," he said softly, the smile on his face growing as he stared into silver grey eyes.

Draco smiled back and rested his hand over Harry's. He tried to ignore the fact that he didn't do this. He couldn't remember the last time he had had sex on a bed. Shoving someone up against a wall, or bending them over a desk, or taking them on the floor…he was used to those situations. He was comfortable with those situations. Thinking about it, he assumed that he should be feeling very uncomfortable at the moment and was shocked to find that nothing could be further from the truth.

Harry wiggled his fingers until they slid up between Draco's, linking their fingers together.

Draco couldn't pull his eyes away from Harry's. "Harry," he whispered. "That was…" He couldn't even come up with a word to describe it.

Harry's smile grew into an ear to ear grin. "Yeah," he agreed. He moved closer to Draco and draped and arm and leg over him. "It's been awhile for me, but that was definitely worth the wait."

"Me too." Draco reached up and tucked a stray black curl behind his new lover's ear.

Harry captured the slim, pale hand in his own and turned to place a gentle kiss on his palm. "You are beautiful," he whispered before leaning down and placing a soft, chaste kiss on Draco's lips.

Draco blushed. He knew he was attractive, but he wasn't used to being told as such. His experiences usually involved a quick shag and very few words, if any. If there was a 'goodbye' he was shocked.

"So are you," he finally said.

Harry kissed him deeply, and then sat up. "I need the bathroom. I'll be right back." He turned to crawl across the bed and froze as his feet hit the floor at the same time that the bedside light turned on.

Draco was sitting, his hand still on the lamp switch, frozen as he stared at the large deep purple bruise on the lower left side of Harry's back. "Shit," he said softly. "Oh, Harry…I didn't…" He remembered roughly pushing the boy against the dresser just a few hours before, but he hadn't thought he was that rough. His stomach clenched and he felt sick.

Harry didn't face him. He was silent as he grabbed his jeans, pulling them on quickly.

"I didn't mean to…my God. I hurt you." Draco scrambled out of bed and gently took Harry's arm.

"It wasn't you," Harry told him, avoiding his gaze. He pulled his arm away and reached for his shirt.


Harry managed a small nod.

Draco took his hand, stopping him before he could finish dressing. "You don't have to get dressed," he said softly. "It's nothing to be ashamed of." This explains so much.

Harry stood still, allowing Draco to continue holding his hand, but he refused to face him.

Draco's eyes moved slowly over the expanse of Harry's back. Now that the lights were on and he was actually looking, he could see a few traces of yellow and blue, where bruises had almost healed, but not quite. His eyes narrowed and his grip on Harry's hand became a bit tighter when he took in the faint finger shaped marks on the brunette's upper arms.

Harry finally sighed and turned to him. "What are you thinking right now?" he asked softly.

Draco felt a frown take over his face. "I'm thinking that I'd like to kill him," he said as he let go of Harry's hand and stepped closer. He lightly rested his hands on the other man's hips. "You don't deserve that. Nobody deserves that."

Harry looked down and laughed softly when he noticed that Draco was still naked. His laugh faded though and he rested his hands on the broad white chest in front of him. "You have the softest skin," he whispered. He leaned forward and placed a kiss on Draco's shoulder.

Draco's eyes closed and he sighed in pleasure. "Are you trying to change the subject?" He ran his fingertips lightly up Harry's back and smiled to himself when he felt the brunette shiver.

"Just trying to forget," Harry murmured before pressing a hard, bruising kiss to Draco's lips.

Draco let out a soft cry of surprise and stumbled backwards, pulling Harry with him as he fell on the bed.

Harry straddled his waist and pinned his hands down against the mattress. He stared down into Draco's eyes.

Draco blushed at the intense gaze that was directed at him. He makes me feel like a fucking teenager. "What are you doing?"

Harry continued to stare at him for another moment, many emotions flickering in his emerald eyes, then he kissed him again. There was nothing rough or hurried about this kiss. It was slow and sweet and Draco felt every bone in his body melt.

"I've never been with anyone like you," Harry whispered against Draco's mouth before kissing him again. He ghosted his lips over pale skin as he continued to talk. "All I saw at first was an expensive suit and perfectly manicured hands." He traced Draco's ear with his tongue and smiled when the man beneath him began to squirm. "I never imagined what those hands could do to me." He laughed softly and moved his mouth to Draco's throat.

"Harry," Draco breathed as he flexed his hands, wanting desperately to grab the man's face and kiss him senseless. But Harry's grip on his wrists never faltered.

Harry ignored him as he licked a trail over Draco's chest, pausing to gently bite a pale pink nipple. "I could stay here with you…in this room…forever." He raised his eyes to look at Draco.

Draco's breath caught at the honesty he saw in the others eyes. This can not be real. I never get this lucky. He stared into Harry's piercing green eyes. "Harry."

Harry let go of Draco's wrists and started to sit up, but he suddenly found himself on his back, pinned by the weight of Draco's body. He couldn't help the ear to ear grin that spread over his face and he laughed as Draco's hands roamed down his chest and to his waist. "What are you doing?"

"Taking your pants off."


It was silent and dark when Draco opened his eyes. He could see through a crack in the curtains that the sun had yet to rise. He yawned heavily and reached for his watch on the night stand. He could just make out the time. 5:05 am.

He set the watch down and rolled over towards Harry, but was surprised when he found the space empty, the sheets cold to the touch. He frowned to himself as he crawled out of bed and switched on the bedside lamp.

Harry had obviously been up for some time and had done some cleaning. The ashtray that had been spilling over with butts and ash had been washed and set on the dresser next to a coffee pot that was currently full. Draco smiled to himself. He made me coffee. Too bad I loathe coffee, but I suppose it's the thought that counts. The clothes that had been thrown haphazardly around the room in their desperate struggle to get undressed had been picked up and were now draped neatly across the back of the arm chair by the window. And Draco found his expensive, Italian shoes sitting on the floor by the heating vent. He smiled again at Harry's thoughtfulness. This could really work.

He grabbed his boxers and pulled them on before pouring a cup of coffee, which he did not intend to drink, but which did wonders in warming up his perpetually cold hands. He made his way to the closed bathroom door and knocked softly. "Harry?" When there was no answer, he opened the door and was confused to find the room empty. What the fuck? Where the hell is he?

Draco backed up into the main room and glanced around, his sleep clouded mind slowly clearing and leaving him with a sense of dread as it came to some obvious conclusions. He set his coffee on the dresser and looked around slowly. All of Harry's things were gone. His confusion and dread swiftly morphed into anger. He fucking left? Well, of course he left, you bloody stupid sentimental fool!

He stomped over to his clothes and began to dress quickly, hating the ridiculous feeling of helplessness that was threatening to suffocate him. So this was why his father told him to keep a cold heart.

He roughly pulled on his pants and belt, angry at the shaking of his hands. Get a fucking grip Malfoy! He eventually got the button and zipper done up and grabbed his suit coat. A folded piece of paper fluttered to the ground.

Draco felt his chest tighten and he momentarily debating leaving it there and not giving Harry a second thought. But curiosity got the better of him, so he picked up the letter and began to read.

"I couldn't begin this letter with 'Dear _' because as I lay awake this morning, watching you sleep, it occurred to me that I don't know your name. How strange is that? We had (mind-blowing) sex three times, you held me and let me cry on your shoulder (which is not something I look lightly on, so thank you), and yet, I don't know what to call you. When speaking of you to my friends, I'll probably refer to you as 'the devastatingly handsome blond that pounded me into the mattress'. Hope you like that title. You certainly lived up to it.

"Anyway…I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed being with you. No one I've ever been with has been as kind and attentive with me as you were. No one ever said my name like you did. Being with you was an experience that I will treasure always. I'm fairly certain that no one will ever compare and I know that every time I see white-blond hair or silver-grey eyes or long, pale, slender hands, I will think of you and my heart will race. I look forward to it.

"I know you didn't feel it, but I kissed you goodbye this morning. I didn't wake you because I thought you might ask me to stay. And I knew that if you asked, I would have. But I couldn't stay, so I let you sleep. You're so beautiful, especially when you sleep.

"So, I'm sure you're waiting for the explanation as to why I left. Well, I snuck out and made a phone call this morning and as much as I'm sure you probably don't want to hear it, I'm going home. Things are going to be different this time. We talked for twenty minutes and he apologized and I really think that you've given me the confidence to stand up for myself should any trouble arise in the future. For the first time in a very long time, I feel hopeful. Thank you for that.

"Well…I have loads more that I'd like to say, but I can't really seem to put it into words. I hope your life goes well and that you're happy. Someone should get to bask in the glow of that brilliant smile. I just hope that whoever he may be, he deserves it.

"I'll see you in my dreams…Harry. xxx"

Draco just stared at the letter for a few moments before crumpling it up in a tight ball and throwing it across the room. He grabbed his shoes and pulled them on, then his jacket. He doesn't even know my fucking name? He slapped his watch onto his wrist and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. He settled his bill and pulled out of the lot, squealing his tires.

"Stupid fuck," he muttered as he gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his fingers cramped and his knuckles turned white. He took deep breathes, trying to stop the painful throbbing in his chest. Damn it…why does this hurt so badly? Finally, when he could stand it no longer, he did a u-turn and headed back to the motel.

"Oh, hello again, Mr. Malfoy," the desk clerk said as Draco stormed into the rental office.

"I forgot something in my room," he told her. He held his hand out for the key.

"I can retrieve it for you, sir." She pulled the key from the hook behind her. "Just tell me what I'm looking for and-"

"Can I just get it myself?" he asked, a deep blush staining his cheeks. "It's…it's private."

She gave him a funny look, but reluctantly handed the key over. "Of course."

He hurried out of the office and ran to the room he had shared with Harry only hours earlier. He threw the door open and sighed in relief when he saw the crumpled paper in the corner. He breathed deeply before picking it up and smoothing it out on the dresser. He reread every word and this time, when he folded it neatly, he saw the P.S. at the bottom of the page.

"P.S. You'll find the change from your generous tip in your jacket pocket. I only took what was necessary for a taxi and a pack of smokes. I told you I didn't need your charity. – H"


Draco braced himself as he knocked softly on the door frame of his best friend's kitchen.

Blaise Zabini looked up from his paper and coffee and narrowed his eyes at the blond. His dark eyes looked over his friend from head to toe, lingering momentarily on his neck, before meeting his eyes. "You're alive, I see." He turned back to his paper.

Draco sighed and ran his hand through his disheveled hair.

"Sit," Blaise said, still not looking away from the paper. "I'll have Pansy make you some breakfast."

"I'm not hungry, but thanks." Draco sat down on the chair across from this dark haired friend and folded his arms tightly over his chest. "I'm sorry," he mumbled.

Blaise just snorted and rolled his eyes.

"That was a charming noise, dear," Pansy laughed as she walked into the room. She stopped briefly behind her husbands chair and waited for him to tilt his head back.

"Morning, love," Blaise said with a warm smile. He leaned his head back and gave her a sweet, but lingering kiss.

Draco shifted and looked away. He had been watching Pansy and Blaise kiss for close to eight years now and he had never felt this jealousy before. Damn Harry. He had been perfectly content with his life of one night stands and living alone, but to his surprise and horror, he found himself suddenly aching for what his two best friends had with each other.

"And I'm not making you breakfast," Pansy said with a wink.

Draco forced a smile up at her. "I would never expect you to dirty your hands for me."

She went to the kettle and prepared two cups of tea. She brought them to the table and sat down beside Blaise before pushing a cup over to Draco. "Where were you?" Her smile faded and her blue eyes narrowed as she glared at the blond sitting across from her.

Draco fiddled with his cup and kept his eyes on the table. "I met someone," he said softly.

"So…you missed my birthday for the first time in thirteen years so you could go off and fuck someone that you'll probably never see again?" Blaise folded the paper and leaned back in his chair.

Pansy leaned against Blaise's shoulder and rested her hand on his knee. "At least that explains that disgusting mark on your neck."

"Huh?" Draco touched his neck and felt the sensitive spot where Harry had bitten him the night before. He blushed as he remembered exactly how the boy had driven him crazy. "Oh…well…he was… enthusiastic."

Pansy laughed.

Blaise snorted again and shook his head.

"It wasn't…planned." Draco took a long drink of his tea and tried to will away the heat in his cheeks.

"It never is with you." Blaise stood and went to the fridge. He pulled out the eggs and a bowl from the cupboards. "You need to settle down, Dray."

Draco watched his friend cook for a few minutes. "No. I don't want to be attached. Last night just reaffirmed that." He slouched down in the chair and began picking at his nails.

The kitchen was silent but for the sounds of eggs cooking and dishes clinking.

Pansy stood and began to help her husband. After a few long minutes, she brought a plate to Draco and set it down in front of him along with a glass of grapefruit juice and silverware.

Blaise brought his and Pansy's dishes to the table and they all sat down.

"I've never seen you look so…unfulfilled after a one night stand," Pansy said softly as she watched her friend pick at his breakfast.

Draco shrugged and stared down at his food. It was a perfect egg white omelet with onions, green peppers, mushrooms and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. It amazed him how well these two knew him. They were the only people in the world that he let into his heart. And they were the only ones who had never hurt him. At least not intentionally.

Pansy and Blaise shared a concerned look.

"Where's the spoiled, egotistical Draco that I love?" Blaise asked as he reached across the table and took his friends hand.

Pansy reached over and rested her hand on theirs. "Tell us what happened."

Draco pulled his hand away and began to eat in silence, never looking at his friends. Just thinking about Harry was making his stomach flutter and his hands shake. He couldn't do this right now.

Pansy watched him for a moment then sighed and began to eat. "At least tell us his name."

He set his fork down and picked up the napkin from his lap. He wiped his mouth then set the napkin on his plate to cover his barely eaten omelet. "His name was Harry." He looked up at Blaise, then at Pansy.

"Are you going to see him again?" Pansy asked.

He shook his head and pulled out the letter Harry wrote him. He hesitated then slid it across the table.

Pansy kept eye contact with him as she took the letter and unfolded it. She read the first line, then raised an eyebrow and glanced back up at him before continuing.

Blaise leaned into his wife and read along with her.

Draco watched their reactions. "His boyfriend hits him," he said softly.

Pansy pursed her lips as she let go of the letter, letting Blaise finish. She always had read faster than him.

Draco swallowed heavily. "He didn't even think to ask me my name," he said, his voice barely audible.

Blaise sighed softly as he folded the letter and slid it back to him. "I'm sorry, Dray."

Draco nodded as he took the letter and tucked it back into his pocket. The pain was returning and he suddenly felt the urge to get out of there. He stood. "I should go."

Pansy, who had always been able to read him like an open book, was at his side in a flash, wrapping him up in her arms and holding him close to her. "You did nothing wrong, love," she whispered. "Despite what your father says, opening your heart to someone you just met…it's brave. You are so very brave." She pulled back from him and cupped his face in her hands. "I am so sorry that it didn't work out this time, but I promise you, Draco Malfoy…it will be worth it when it does." She gently kissed his cheek.

"Yeah, mate," Blaise said as he placed a hand on Draco's shoulder. "Don't close up again. It's not good for your soul."

Draco squeezed Pansy, then let go before turning to Blaise. "I'm fine. I just…I need to go into the office for a bit. I think some mindless paperwork will help clear all these silly romantic notions from my mind." He flashed them a smile, though they both noticed that it didn't reach his eyes. "Thanks for breakfast." He walked out the door before they could say anything else.



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